Yahoo Finance: Hot Financial Slices Is A Better Alternative

Yahoo Finance: Hot Financial Slices Is A Better Alternative

Yahoo Finance

 Yahoo Finance:  Focus on the  Better Alternative

Looking for thought-provoking information minus the idle chatter, then you have come to the right place.  Hot financial slices provide you with the data you want and seek minus the “Nonsense factor“. The advent of the internet was supposed to put actionable and valuable data within the reaches of everyone. Yahoo Finance is good for general news and maybe the gossip factor, but for actionable advice, it’s only good for contrarian view points

Instead, the media outlets found another way to market Junk and sell it as Gold. The “Hot financial slices” section is our way of providing an alternative venue for those who are seeking a new source of information that is not loaded with garbage. Hot financial slices will fill that void by providing you with the necessary information without having to seek through reams of confusing unnecessary jargon. Subscribe to our free newsletter will receive these updates at a faster pace; we will publish them here on a delayed basis.

Our goal is to provide insightful commentary minus the rubbish factor.


Fiat Currency: Instruments of Mass Destruction  (June 18)

Stock Market Crash Opportunity: Buy The Fear & Sell The Noise  (Jan 16)

The New Norm: Fake Financial News & Data Manipulation  (Jan 14)

Bull & Bear Market 2019: which one will prevail  (Jan 14)

Stock Market Crash-Media Lies And Ignorant Experts  (Jan 11)

Market Correction Vs A Back Breaking Market Correction (Jan 3)

Bitcoin Crash: Is Bitcoin Bull Dead Forever (Jan 1)


Quotes From Warren Buffett On Stock Market Investing (Oct 26, 2018)

China Panicking As $200B Tariffs Near (Aug 31)

List Of Experts That Were Wrong On Trump’s 4 Percent GDP Target  (Aug 2)

Stock Market Bull Still Healthy in 2018; follow the trend  (July 20)

What if any are the Economic Consequences of Trump’s Trade War  (July 19)

Trump to Unveil $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan (Feb 18)

Oil majors strike it rich on rising crude prices (Feb 12)

When Will The Bull Market End? (Feb 10)


How geopolitics can balance tensions between peace and war? (Sept 8)

China is secretly infiltrating Australia election interference (Sept 8)

Malaysia Eyes Starring Role in Islamic Finance (Sept 8)

BlackBerry Stock Is Testing a Very Important Price Point (Sept 7)

Snowflake boys: Grow up and be a man (Sept 6)

Fewer Millennials Thinking About Finances: Navy Federal Credit Union (Sept 3)

Millennials’ Questionable Relationship with Religion (Sept 2)

Millennials Will Outnumber Boomers at the Ballot Box (Sept 1)

Shrinking School Districts in NJ a Sign of Millennial Shift? (Sept 1)

The Millennial Debt Crisis You May Not Have Heard Of (Aug 30)

Hollywood liberals deliberately denigrate rise of conservative millennials (Aug 30)

0.7 percent of terror victims in Western Europe (Aug 28)

U.S. Millennials Outvoted Baby Boomers In 2016 Election (Aug 26)

Millennials Are the Biggest Public Library Visitors (Aug 24)

Thanks to Central Banks, saving rates are declining worldwide (Aug 22)

‘I hope Trump is assassinated,’ Missouri lawmaker writes, and quickly regrets (Aug 21)

Artificial intelligence set to replace all Financial Advisors & Fund Managers (Jul 12)

Chinese millennials twice as likely to be homeowners than Americans (Jul 12)

Sol Palha’s Financial Insights into Trading and Investing

Dow Could Trade to 30K But not before This Happens (Jul 12)

Cisco Drops 8% -Time To Buy for Dividend Investors or Value Trap (May 23)

Most Americans Retire Too Early Despite Low Savings (April 27)

Have millennials lost faith in the financial system?  (April 25)

Saving Rates In Greece Are Negative 17 Percent (April 24)

Bearish spell sets in on stock market (April 22)

Why Contrarian Stock Market Investors nearly always lose (Mar 13)

Investors chase UK warehouses on China e-commerce trade (Mar 10)

Could Trump’s economic Policies Propel Hated Stock Market Bull Higher  (Mar 09)

Stock Market Crashes-Is Panic Warranted (Mar 07)

May’s tough search for trading partners (Mar 06)

Seven finance predictions for 2017 (Mar 03)

Whither the jobs?  (Mar 01)

EU looks to China amid transatlantic trade uncertainties (Feb 28)

Greek Debt And European Disorder (Feb 26)

Introduction to Stock Market Trends and Fake News  (Feb 24)

What a cut to its UN funding does to US leverage in the world (Feb 10)

The power of Trend investing-catch mega trends before masses  (Feb 10)

Brain dead expert states Millennials should prepare for Dow 50K (Feb 10)

Economic recovery is nothing but a joke so why did Yellen Hike rates?   (Feb 09)

Trump Announces Strict scrutiny of visitors from Pakistan  (Jan 27)


The end of Factory Jobs-China building Fully Automated Factories  (Dec 20)

China’s UnionPay surpasses Visa-become world’s biggest credit card firm (Dec 18)

Central Bankers Weapon-Inflation Kills Middle Class-Here’s the solution (Dec 2)

Serendipity-Fortune favours the Informed (Nov 23)

Pension Crisis intensifies-35K New York Teamsters Face pension cuts (Nov 15)

Timeline of How America Provoked Russia & More  (Sept 23)

Alternative View Points- Stories Mass Media Hides From You  (Sept 23)

Compelling news-Stories Mass Media will never let you hear (Sept 23)

Donald Trump would return compliment to Putin (Sept 18)

Insanity prevails-Auto Loan Defaults Spike & Ford offers longer Financing (Sept 18)

It’s not time to sell the DAX; in fact it’s time to buy  (Sept 17)

A step back in time; Stock Market Corrections-Nothing but Buying Opportunities (Sept 17)

John Oliver on the Dangers of Sub-Prime Auto Loans (August 21)

On Fraud, Lies & Corruption Hillary Destroys Trump (August 9)

Currency devaluation wars & officers getting shot for nothing (August 9)

Fed’s War on Cash; Germany Joins Negative Interest Rate Club  (August 8)

Goldman Obtains information Illegally & Fined only 36 million (August 7)

Pope Francis States Islam should not be Identified with Violence (August 5)

Media & Market Manipulators over exaggerate Brexit Effect (August 1)

Mugabe’s misdeeds & Zimbabwe’s Path to Hell (July 29)

America Fighting Bin Laden War Not Islamic State Terrorism War (July 29)

Zero Percent Mortgage Debuts setting next stage for Stock Market Bull  (July 27)

Long Term Stock Market Bears Always Lose   (July 27)

Putin Crushes CNN Reporter Fareed Zakaria Biassed Question on Trump (July 13)

Negative rates will fuel the biggest Bull Market rally in History (25 May)

Media Manipulates Financial Markets via Good & Bad News (21 May)

Negative rates in Denmark means banks Pay you money for taking a mortgage (20 May)

Good Money management-Better Solution than Gold Standard (14 May)

Most Hated Bull Market ever not Ready to Crumble (May 10)

$1 trillion worth of shorts set to drive Dow higher (May 5)

College Graduates drowning in debt refuse to give up luxuries (May 1)

China launches civilised tourist program (April 29)

Alibaba poised for Strong growth & continued success (April 28)

Innovations Key Growth Driver for China’s new economy States Brookings (April 26)

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor moving forward (April 24)

Cooperation essential for Nuclear Security (April 23)

China takes pragmatic approach to Green Energy (April 22)

Report by CSIS on China Belt & Road worthless (April 20)

Foreseeing stable economic growth ahead (April 18)

Superpower endgame: More businesses dying than being created first time ever (April 16)

Are precious metals ready to explode in 2016? (April 13)

Perception Wars; You see what you are directed to see (April 12)

Federal Reserve existence based on Deception & Fraud (April 12)

Central bankers use Monetary Policy as weapons of Mass Destruction (April 11)

Treacherous Ukraine Govt Accepted Toxic Monsanto For 17 Billion IMF Loan (April 8)

Russia Bans Monsanto & Takes strong stance against all GMO Products (April 8)

F-35 Flying Rust Bucket No match for Russia T-50  (April 8)

The Hidden Agenda, Rob, Poison, & Control the Masses (April 7)

Most Americans Cannot Retire; insufficient funds top reason (April 6)

Syrians Thank Putin For Freeing them; Sadly, the U.S did nothing (April 6)

Wall Street Experts Know Nothing except Fleecing the Masse (April 5)

Yuan passes Yen to become 4th most used currency (April 5)

$400 billion Corporate Tax forgiveness could trigger massive rally in the markets (April 4)

Government education a secret form of brainwashing; Aim is to produce Good Robots (April 3)

Margin trading comeback could propel Chinese Markets Upwards (April 1)

Yuan surges past Canadian dollar for Global Payments (April 1)

Central Bankers Declare War on Cash; Time to Act (March 31)

Federal Reserve existence based on Fraud (March 30)

Economic Crisis; Subprime Auto Loan disaster ready to strike (March 28)

China Punishes 300,000 Officials for corruption & U.S.A punishes none  (March 28)

Fossil Fuel Era over; End of Crude Oil (March 25)

Cheap Alternative energy will replace oil & other Fossil Fuels  (March 25)

China Next Super Power boasts Most billionaires in the World (March 25)

Negativity Equates to Stock Market opportunity; embrace it & win  (March 25)

Global warming Game; The Hidden Agenda (March 22)

Record share buybacks will propel market higher in 2016  (March 18)

Foreign governments dumping U.S Debt like never before (March 17)

RSX: Great Play on Russia’s Improving Economy (March 17)

Russia’s inflation tumbles down 50%: Economic outlook improving (March 17)

End of US Superpower Status propels Russia to hoard Gold  (March 11)

Muslim Migrants unleashed make Sweden Rape Capital of West  (March 9)

Mass Psychology and Stock Market Losses  (March 8)

Experts know nothing & why team players always lose  (March 7)

Top Gold Stocks to Invest in 2016  (March 5)

Central Bankers World Wide embrace Race to the Bottom(Mar 3)

Fed’s out to destroy Middle Class with negative rates (Feb 27)

Can India surpass China: Crowd Psychology & India’s brain drain says no (Feb 24)

Market Crash: Best time to buy stocks (Feb 23)

China’s Rural Transformation creating Boom Towns (Feb 21)

Top 10 investment resources for Novice Investors  (Feb 20)

Masses struggle while Fed Pays Banks 7 billion to do nothing (Feb 17)

Where is Gold Heading: Sinclair States 50,000 per ounce  (Feb 16)

One chart illustrates economic recovery 100% fiction  (Feb 7)

Currency Wars Intensify: BOJ stuns markets with negative rates  (Feb 5)

Ticking Time Bomb:Student debt increasing 2800 every second (Feb 3)

Vitamins & Dietary supplements laced with dangerous Ingredients  (Feb 3)

Sanctions Payback: Russia wants firms to default on Western Loans (Feb 2)

Double dealing Cruz: Conservative or NWO Insider  (Feb 2)

Overcome and profit from Market Manipulation (Jan 29)

China’s Fast & Furious corruption crackdown creating opportunities (Jan 28)

The Big Picture: Lower oil & energy prices (Jan 28)

Marc Faber wrong: Stock Market crash will not rival 1987 (Jan 27)

Raytheon Company setting up bullish pattern (Jan 27)

what’s behind crash in Crude oil prices? Mass Psychology  (Jan 26)

Economic Illusions: Economy Improving but wages dropping  (Jan 25)

Median Household Income declining: Obama Economic Recovery a sham (Jan 24)

Deadly Conflict In Syria: Blood, Guns and Money  (Jan 23)

No U.S Economic Recovery:1 in five children on food stamps (Jan 23)

Crude oil Market Crash: Technical Outlook for 2016  (Jan 21)

Belt & Road Initiative: Taking China’s culture beyond borders (Jan 15)

EU stands to benefit by Granting China free market status (Jan 13)

Made in China Chip technology challenging Current market leaders (Jan 13)

China cuts rates to boost green energy demand (Jan 13)

China showcases its culture to the World (Jan 13)

Go west young man; China developing west to encourage migration (Jan 13)

Oil Tankers trading higher: NAT & FRO TOP Tanker stocks (Jan 10)

Dow Jones Industrial’s, Fed Rate Hike & Dr Copper (Jan 06)

Russians show patriotism on nuclear bunker tours (Jan 6 2016)

Chinese firms extend Moscow’s rail networks (Jan 6 2016)

Swedish Police covering up Sex crimes committed by refugees  ( Jan 6)

Remaking Moscow lures more Chinese investment (Jan 6 2016)


Syrian war profiteers: 15 companies that benefit (Dec 31)

Despite Challenges and Sanctions: Russian oil & gas remain profitable

China overtakes U.S. Now world.s largest Economy  (Dec 20)

Americans favour coffee to stock market investing  (Dec 17)

Sexy stocks beat boring bonds: suggested strategy (Dec 10)

China & South Africa Friendship with trade benefits  (Nov 30)

The Business Model of Wall Street is Fraud (Nov 26)

Turkey, Russian tensions, good for defence industry  (Nov 26)

predictions for wild weather, end of Multiculturalism & religious wars ( Nov 14)

When will the Fed raise interest rates (Nov 11, 2015)


Other Articles You Won’t Find on Yahoo Finance 

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Oops we did it again- The Fed is setting up the masses for another stimulus program (Nov 9)

Palladium Bulls are getting ready to sprint  (Nov 7)

Dow industrials set to defy naysayers and trend higher  (Nov 6)

Dow continues to soar, doctors of doom wrong, what’s next (Nov 5)

Dr Copper time to buy, markets & psychological warfare  (Nov 3)

World’s only Adult Index predicts rise in immoral behaviour (Nov 2)

Death Cross is not a bearish Omen for the Stock Market  (Oct 30)

Market Timing Does it work  (Oct 28)

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