US Education System:Today’s education On Par with Garbage

US Education System

US Education System on par with garbage

Today’s education is on par with garbage, you enter the institute sane and walk out insane.  They control who you are, and how you think; in other words, be a good robot. Apps such as Facebook or face-crack sedate individuals even more and then you have reality shows which have nothing to do with reality and are more in sync with insanity and the masses seem to lap this crap hand over fist. The fact that people can watch what the Kardashians or what any other insane person is doing with their time speaks volumes of the overall IQ of any nation. 

This provides those who break free from the boob tube and their smartphones with an incredible opportunity. The internet has provided corporations with the ultimate venue to manipulate the herd. And if you can see this, then you can profit immensely from this as you will be in a position to act well before the herd does. This applies to all aspects of your life and not only investing. Most people cannot act alone, they need to belong to a group or a crowd;  they must act in unison and those follow the herd will always be slaves.  Mass Psychology clearly indicates that following the herd is a recipe for disaster. 

Schools in America were purposely targeted; the curriculum is designed to produce inferior students 

Finally, as most individuals can only work together and have a hard time doing anything alone the concept of misery is easy to understand. Think of the phrase misery loves company. We have modified it to this “misery loves company, and stupidity simply adores it”.  Misery makes most individuals happy, look at how energetically you can get someone to discuss a miserable event, and how few to talk about a peaceful or happy event. Peace and happiness even though everyone claims to be seeking it is not highly sought after, it’s misery that everyone gravitates to without knowing it. If you understand this, it is a powerful weapon that you can utilise to improve your life on all frontiers.

US Education System Churns out Robots

For the masses the coming years are going to be both painful and miserable; you, on the other hand, have a choice to join the club or ride solo. Having said that for the individuals that opt for the solo journey, there are going to be an immense number of opportunities that will show up in the months and years to come. Opportunity knocks when you least expect it, and it usually does so under the guise of disaster.

US Education System one of the worst in the world

Schools in America take a back seat to Schools in other countries; take a look at the table below

Schools in America can't compare with schools overseas

Schools in America will not improve your kids, but these suggestions might 

In order to be free, you need to understand what freedom means. Take a look at Plato’s allegory of the cave and you immediately find out that most individuals do not even understand this concept anymore. Schools in America are the main reason for this problem; the education system is so destructive that it seeks to pollute a young child’s mind as soon as possible. The agenda is to produce slaves and if people are allowed to think and explore they won’t make good slaves.

Hence schools in America have a hidden agenda; in fact, one could argue that is their only agenda.  They push the idea that to be a success in life you need to get a good education and you need to dedicate so many years of your precious life, learning concepts that you will never put to use in real life. What they forget to tell you is that even though you might land a very good job, you have lost your powers of creativity or they have been greatly diminished. What in effect you have become is nothing but a good robot, which will follow what he or she is told to do.

Freedom takes many forms, and your goal should be to attain financial freedom first so that you can break free from the clutches of the top players who strive to enslave you. The agenda is to make you run very fast like a hamster on a wheel; you think you are going somewhere but when you step off you right where you started at.  The how to build wealth guide in the markets provides simple common sense ideas that almost everyone can put to use immediately.

Understand the concepts of Mass psychology so that you can spot new trends and take preventive action in case some of these trends are abusive in nature or not conducive to your health.  At this point, it would also not hurt if you allocated some time to master the basic concepts of contrarian investing.

Mass psychology offers one the ability to alter the angle of observation; for example, disasters are viewed as opportunities. Media manipulation is seen through a different set of lenses; now you have the ability to take the opposite stance that mass media is advocating.  Hop over to the investing for dummies section of our website; it contains a plethora of free resources and covers the most important aspects of mass psychology.

Consider subscribing to our free newsletter to keep abreast of the latest developments. Change begins now and not tomorrow, for tomorrow never comes. Understand that nothing will change if you do not alter your perspective and change your mindset. If you cling to the mass mentality, the top players will continue to fleece you; the choice is yours; resist and break free or sit down and do nothing.

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