Services Offered

Services Offered

Tactical Investor Subscription Services

The Market update 

Our focus is to be on the right side of the market.  This complex objective is achieved by following these Four simple steps

  1. Mass Psychology: The masses are always on the wrong side of the market.  Mass Psychology provides clear insights into the Mass Mindset; understand the emotion driving the masses and you can identify the direction the markets are going to trend in.
  2. Price action: The Trend Indicator combines price action with psychological factors to determine Market direction
  3. Technical Analysis: We employ a custom set of tools that are updated whenever we spot changes in the market. The markets are not static, they are dynamic and forever changing, especially after the Feds killed almost all signs of free market forces after infusing billions into the financial system.
  4. Market Sentiment; we utilise highly specialized custom tools to determine Mass Sentiment

Tactical Investor be on the right side of the market

  • These 4 tools have kept us on the right side of the market since 2000.   From the bubble to the most insane bull market of all time that started in 2009.
  • The market update is sent out twice a month; each update is 35-40 page in length.  During Turbulent times as many interim updates as deemed necessary are sent in between the updates. We go to great lengths to spot new upcoming trends.  In every issue, the trend, the direction and the structure of the market are examined.
  • The Market update focuses on any market that has the potential to deliver solid gains.  Stocks, Gold, Silver, Palladium, dollar, bonds, key international markets such as China, Russia, Europe, etc
  • The market update includes a guide that explains in simple terms the proprietary technical Indicators we employ.
  • 2-5 news plays are issued in each update.  The plays fall under the following categories. For more information, click on any of the categories below.

Bonus for Joining now

Additionally, we offer an incredible bonus called the security centre.  We provide you with the means to reclaim and maintain your privacy.  Imagine being able to surf the net without being tracked. Do not be fooled by many services that claim to provide this service. Most of the services purposely leak out aspects of your IP address. This is known as IP leak and most of these services charge quite a high fee.

The service we will recommend is completely anonymous with no IP leak whatsoever.    For full details on what is provided in the security centre, please click here. In our opinion, this is priceless as you are provided you with means to totally reclaim your privacy and keep it that way.   Best of all 95% of the suggestions will cost you, nothing and the remaining 5% carry a very moderate cost.  Signup for the Market Update Service