The Trend is Your Friend: Tactical Investor Services Focused on Mass Psychology

The Trend is Your Friend: Tactical Investor Services Focused on Mass Psychology


The Trend is Your Friend: Tactical Investor Services Focused on Mass Psychology

Tactical Investor Services: The Trend is Your Friend—Everything Else is Noise

At Tactical Investor, we offer two distinct services: the Market Update service and the ETF Trend Trader service.

The Market Update service analyses current market trends and events and provides actionable investment recommendations. This service includes the Main Trend Portfolio, which focuses on stocks with the potential for above-average returns based on their technical patterns, psychological profile, and select fundamental factors. Each play is carefully evaluated and categorized into three risk levels: standard, medium, and high.

We also offer a secondary portfolio that exclusively targets higher-risk candidates. Additionally, we provide independent analysis of several markets under the Long-Term Broad Market Outlook, examining leading markets such as the SPX, NDX, Gold, Uranium, Oil, Dollar, Copper, Bitcoin, and more.

We offer a Bitcoin portfolio for digital currency enthusiasts and a Precious Metal portfolio for those seeking safe haven plays. As a bonus, Market Update subscribers who sign on for 12 months or continue after the trial period also receive access to the ETF service.

Our team uses a data-driven and research-backed approach to deliver accurate insights. Subscribers also gain exclusive access to our Market Update Private Forum, a platform for engaging in discussions with experienced traders and a space to share and gain investment strategies and insights.

The ETF Trend Trader service identifies and leverages the most promising trends in the ETF market. Our approach integrates psychological and technical analysis tools, emphasising the former more. Our proprietary Trend Indicator tool, a leading technical analysis tool fused with quantifiable psychological factors, is critical to our strategy.

We introduced the Bread and Butter Portfolio (B&B) to this service roughly a year ago. For a detailed exploration of the Bread and Butter portfolio’s mechanics, including its operational rules, profit targets, and more, visit this link:

Initially exclusive to Market Update subscribers, it’s now available as a limited bonus to ETF Trend Trader subscribers. The B&B portfolio adheres to strict rules, focusing only on large-cap companies with low to medium risk, as determined by our risk-reward ratio models. We avoid high-risk plays and have surpassed our original goal of an average 20% gain, with a win ratio nearing 90% as of February 2024. All these services and more are also accessible in the Market Update service.

Our objective is simple: to ride the trend to its end and maximize returns for our subscribers.

The Market Update Service 

The Market Update service is a dynamic resource designed to equip investors with the insights to navigate the ever-evolving market landscape. It emphasizes a contrarian approach—melding mass psychology, technical analysis, and market sentiment—to pinpoint the market’s trajectory. Market Update Service Helps investor be on the right side of the market

A key element is mass psychology, which taps into the collective mood to forecast market movements. This approach helps investors gauge when to act by interpreting the market’s emotional pulse.

Technical analysis also plays a pivotal role. Our proprietary toolkit is frequently updated to stay abreast of market shifts, offering a versatile strategy for investment analysis. Market sentiment analysis further sharpens this edge, with custom tools gauging the market’s prevailing attitudes, which is invaluable for those considering short-term investments.

The Market Update covers many markets; spanning stocks, commodities, currencies, and international markets, the Market Update provides a wealth of information across sectors.  Each update introduces 2-5 investment opportunities or modifies the entry or exit prices of existing ones. As a principle, we never buy a stock at market price, always seeking a discount – a hallmark of a tactical investor. This approach has been our strategy for nearly 22 years. Entry points are adjusted only when risk-to-reward ratios change. Lower ratios lead to raised entry points, while higher ratios result in lowered entry points.  Our primary goal is to secure purchases below market value, consistently yielding outstanding results for nearly 22 years.

Limited Time Bonuses

Limited Time Bonuses

ETF Trend Trader Service, valued at $29.99 a month

In a market often driven by mass speculation and emotion, our approach to ETF investing stands out as a beacon of rational and systematic analysis. Utilizing a proprietary trend indicator, we objectively evaluate hundreds of ETFs, identifying only the most promising for investment. Rather than blindly following market sentiment, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by getting in on ETFs just as they are about to experience a shift in trend. With a proven track record of success, this bonus service is not to be missed by anyone looking to diversify their portfolio and maximize their returns.

Our method is rooted in both contrarian thinking and Mass Psychology. We have achieved impressive returns in recent years by going against the herd and investing in undervalued ETFs. It gained 52% in under six months and 134% in 2020. Banked profits of over 25% on the Majority of our plays, with several in the 40 to 63% range in 2021. In the cryptocurrency portfolio, one of the plays tacked on 223%. In 2022, we also banked many profitable plays, for example, 43% on UPW. In 2023 we banked double digits gains on the following plays: FINX (20%), URA (43%), UYG (36%), TQQQ (50%), SAA (36%), etc, and 2024 is off to an excellent start.

By relying on data-driven insights and a commitment to staying disciplined, we have generated consistent returns and provided a valuable service to our subscribers. Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your approach to investing and reap the rewards of a contrarian strategy that delivers results.


 Trading Manual valued at over $49.99 for free

Tactical Investor Services Trading Manual


Upon signing up for our service, the comprehensive manual you will receive is valuable for its insightful guidance on stock and market trends and its user-friendly approach to investment strategies. With step-by-step instructions and a clear and concise format, even beginners can quickly implement the system outlined in the manual.

Best of all, you won’t incur additional data or charting services costs, as all necessary information is readily accessible and free to use. Furthermore, you will also receive complimentary updates to the manual.

Bread and Butter Portfolio- Valued at $200

We’re offering Market Update subscribers exclusive access to this portfolio and service for a limited time. It’s important to note that the Market Update service typically costs $474.99 annually. Therefore, this bonus alone is valued at nearly 42% of the standard Market Update service price. If you enrol during this period, this service will remain a permanent fixture in your subscription. It will only be discontinued should you decide to cancel your subscription for further details on the bread and butter portfolio, which boasts an impressive win rate of over 84% (as of March 30, 2024, the win rate is almost 100%).

This service will eventually be spun off, and those who secure the rates now will have the exclusive opportunity to maintain it. Others must sign up separately for this service if they wish to enjoy its benefits.

Market update forum

Additionally, the Market Update Private Forum offers unparalleled opportunities for traders seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise. The forum is populated by experienced traders who generously share their insights, strategies, and trade ideas. Not only will you benefit from their extensive experience, but you’ll also gain exposure to a diverse range of investment perspectives, allowing you to develop a more well-rounded and contrarian approach to trading.

The forum is not just a place for seasoned traders to share their wisdom. It’s also an opportunity for novice traders to challenge conventional wisdom and carve their path in finance. With a significant number of bonus plays mentioned in the forum has experienced remarkable growth and a positive trend for most trades, it’s no wonder many traders consider this forum an indispensable resource for their success.

Security Centre

The Trend is Your Friend—Everything Else is Noise

One of the recommended services under the umbrella of the security centre is designed to help individuals protect their online privacy, surf the internet without being tracked, and maintain their anonymity. The security centre provides comprehensive information and tools to ensure complete privacy protection. Unlike many other services that claim to offer privacy protection but leak out aspects of your IP address, the Market Update service provides an utterly anonymous solution with no IP leak. The security centre includes suggestions for cost-effective tools that can be used to reclaim and maintain privacy. With 95% of the suggestions costing nothing and the remaining 5% having a very moderate cost, this feature provides excellent value to individuals prioritising their online privacy. This is not just a privacy solution; it’s a movement.

Signup for the Market Update Service

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Tactical Investor Services; ETF trend service focusing on the Trend is your friend concept

ETF Trend Trader Service:  An In-Depth Overview

The ETF Market Update service offers a comprehensive investment solution for those seeking consistent returns in an ever-changing financial landscape. The primary focus of the service is on exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which have become a popular investment vehicle due to their diversification benefits and low cost. The service presents two portfolios, each designed to meet the varying needs of individual investors. The first portfolio prioritizes stability, emphasizing capital preservation and steady gains, making it suitable for conservative investors. The second portfolio, on the other hand, is geared towards those who seek higher returns and are willing to take on a higher level of risk via leveraged ETFs.

In recognition of the value of contrarian thinking and the potential rewards of going against the mainstream, the service also offers a Precious Metals Portfolio and a Cryptocurrency Portfolio as supplementary options. The ETF Market Update service’s Precious Metals Portfolio experienced substantial gains, with one position netting an impressive 1000% increase.

These portfolios expose undervalued assets and growth opportunities in the digital asset space. Focusing on ETFs and a range of investment options, the ETF Market Update service caters to a wide range of investment objectives, providing a comprehensive and academic approach to portfolio construction.

Upon signing up for the ETF Market Update service, subscribers will have access to the following benefits:

  • Two ETF portfolios with varying investment strategies
  • The Bread and Butter Portfolio, which has strict criteria, focuses on large-cap companies and seeks sure but steady returns. The current win ratio is well above 84%.
  • A Precious Metals Portfolio with the potential for substantial gains
  • A Cryptocurrency Portfolio providing exposure to growth opportunities in the digital asset space
  • The Security Centre
  • A private forum with a wealth of information and a community of seasoned traders, some of whom have been with the service for over 15 years.

Bread and Butter Portfolio: Valued at $200

For a limited time, we’re extending access to this portfolio and service to ETF Trend trader subscribers. Note that the ETF service typically costs $299 annually. Thus, this bonus alone is valued at nearly 67% of the price of the standard ETF service. If you sign up during this period, this service will remain part of your subscription for life. It will only be cancelled when you choose to cancel your subscription. For more information on the bread and butter portfolio, which boasts a win rate of over 84% (as of March 30, 2024, the win rate is almost 100%).

In addition to the comprehensive investment solutions, subscribing to the ETF Market Update service every year also offers substantial savings. The annual subscription costs 299.00, providing a nearly 20% discount compared to the monthly option at 29.99. Both options provide full access to the two ETF portfolios, Precious Metals Portfolio and Cryptocurrency Portfolio, and a private forum community of seasoned traders embracing a contrarian approach. Don’t miss out on this chance to potentially reap the rewards of going against the mainstream.

ETF Trend Trader Monthly Rate

Use the drop-down menu below to toggle between Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions.

ETF  Trend Trader Yearly Rate

billed at 299.00 annually for a savings of $61.00 (or 16.5%)

Cancelling Your Subscription: As Easy as Pie!

Our cancellation policy is transparent, with no hidden clauses or fine print. Access the complete details effortlessly right here.

Please note that processing a new subscription may take up to three business days, but we will try to expedite the process whenever possible.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive a response from us within three business days. Please ensure that your internet provider or email service is not blocking our emails or directing them to your spam folder. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to contact us at tactical subscriptions at (replace the word at with @; this is done to prevent bots from harvesting our email address)and provide us with an alternative email address. Providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Protonmail, or are known to be more compatible with our communication.

*It is important to note that ETF Market Update service subscriptions will automatically renew until cancelled. Please be advised that while we set the subscription terms, billing is handled by PayPal. Nevertheless, the cancellation process is simple and can be completed within 2-3 minutes, as outlined in the instructions. All cancellations will be processed on a pro-rated basis.

P.P.S. Please be advised that PayPal has updated its terms of service. As such, if you do not intend to roll over to a yearly subscription after your trial period ends, it is recommended that you cancel your subscription promptly to avoid further charges. Unfortunately, PayPal will no longer refund fees, which are estimated at around $21.00. Furthermore, billing will continue until the subscription is cancelled. While we do not control the automatic billing process, cancelling your subscription is straightforward and can be accomplished in less than three minutes with this helpful link: How to Cancel Your Subscription with Ease.

It is essential to confirm the accuracy of the email address associated with your PayPal account. This will be the primary means of communication for updates and information related to our services. To ensure prompt service and avoid delays, kindly verify that your email address is up-to-date and accurate. If you prefer to receive updates at a different email address, please communicate this to us at Tacticalinvestor at Kindly note that processing new subscriptions may take up to three business days, depending on our current workload.