Media Manipulates Financial Markets via Good & bad News

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Markets are systematically driven by good and bad news. As the media outlets are controlled, one has to assume that all financially related news is purposely hyped up to create a soap opera like moment.  Forget the news and focus on the trend.  Always remember that misery like stupidity loves company.  We covered this topic recently; here is an excerpt from the  article.

Misery loves company and stupidity simply adores it.  And the media’s are masters at making things look worse than they are and blowing things out of proportions. Gone are the days of telling the truth, today its all about sensationalism and or even outright lies. As long as they can attract eyeballs nothing is off limits. Which is a sad in a way as once upon a time the press did provide some sort of value.  Today the news you receive from popular outlets is on par with toilet paper.  Take a look at these recent headlines; the goal being to trigger a stampede. our response to this yesterday, today and tomorrow will be the same.  When the masses panic, jump in and buy and when they are joyous run for the hills Crowd Psychology: Surge in negative Headlines means stock market buying opportunity
The video below clearly explains the mass mindset and how easily it is easy to control the masses.

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