Marc Faber wrong: Stock Market Crash will not rival 1987

Stock Market Crash will not rival 1987

2017 Stock market crash will not rival 1987 Stock Market Crash

Marc Faber is famous for doing exactly the right thing at precisely the wrong time.  Had you listened to or had he listened to his own advice over the years both you and he would be bankrupt several times over. The solution, stop listening to him chant the same “death to the markets hymn” he has been chanting forever.  He has been stating this market is going to crash for years. Stock Market Crash 2017 is the same story he pushed in 2016 when he stated the stock market would crash then.   One day the stock market might crash and that crash might rival the 1987 stock market crash. But, that day is not day and might be a long way in the makings.  Focus on the trend and not the noise

Never follow the Herd

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Let us take a pause and think about the current situation.  Have we not seen this before?  The theme is always the same, something bad is going to happen a stock market crash is imminent, take cover and run for the hills. Sure, in the short-term the markets have experienced some violent moves, but fast forward, in every case, the markets recouped and traded higher.

People will mention Japan as an example of a market that is still trying to play catch up decades later. Well, what happened in Japan happened in a different era? We are now in the era of devaluing or die, in other words, every nation is hell-bent on debasing its currency or it is being forced to because major players have jumped on the bandwagon. In such an environment, normal rules, do not apply, and central bankers usually respond by flooding the markets with money.  Regardless of this issue, look at this long-term chart of the Dow and it clearly illustrates that every so-called disaster was nothing but a buying opportunity.

Stock Market Crash 2017 will not rival 1987 Stock market crash

Market crashes are Buying Opportunities

We have never advocated buying right at the top; our theme was to view strong pullbacks as buying opportunities to open new positions. Has the situation changed so much since last year? Are we also going to join the pack of naysayers?  Before we answer that question, let’s examine the issue of volatility. Last year we emphasised several times that volatility was going to be a major issue as our Volatility Indicator had soared into record territory.  In fact, in early Jan, we republished comments that we had sent out to our subscribers in Dec 2015, listed below

Our V indicator has surged to yet another high, so extreme volatility is here to stay. In fact, 2016 will probably be remembered as the most volatile year on record.

Volatility is a two-way street; this means that one should expect large price swings on both ends of the scale. Given the run up the markets have experienced over the past seven years, the current correction while strong is nothing to panic over.

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