Are precious metals ready to explode in 2016

 Are precious metals ready to explode in 2016

The fundamental factors were incredibly bullish for Gold running into 2011 and after that, but Gold did not respond. What happened?  Even though the money supply was being inflated at a mind-boggling rate, the velocity of money had slowed down. Money was not changing hands fast enough, in other words, the masses had no access to easy money.  Hence, Gold tanked, as deflationary forces set in. These forces are still at play, and that is why we are neutral on Gold stocks but bullish on Gold and Silver bullion.

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How did the Fed knock the hell out of Gold? They brought the velocity of money to a standstill and allowed deflationary forces to set in. That was the end for Gold.  So until M2 starts trending upwards it is likely that every Gold rally will fail.

The markets are totally controlled and manipulated; every boom and bust cycle was planned in advance of the event.  The chart below illustrates that the economy is far from healthy, in fact, it appears to be almost in a coma and is being forcefully kept a life through immense injections of hot money. . Take away the hot money and this illusory economic recovery crumbles; if a market is healthy the velocity of money increases and vice versa. Look at the chart below, the velocity of money is dropping like a falling dagger.

M2 velocity of money supply

Game Plan 

Until the M2 starts to trend upwards or Gold closes above $1350 on a monthly basis,  every rally in Gold will fail.  Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep abreast of the latest developments. Mass Psychology knows no limits, utilized properly it can spot trends in any market and we can show how to protect yourself and benefit from these new trends. The world is changing it’s a dog eat dog world but you do not need to descend into the pits of filth, you have the choice to distance yourself from this sub-human behaviour and empower yourself both mentally and financially; the choice lies within your palms

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