Russian Putin War: Unmasking the Battle with Reporters and More

Russian Putin War: Media Confrontations

Russian Putin War: Media Confrontations and the Complexities of Russia

Updated Dec 2022

While Vladimir Putin’s record is far from spotless, the constant attempts by Western media to demonize him and Russia suggest an ulterior motive at play. It indicates that many powerful Western figures, especially neoconservatives and Zionists, view Putin as a threat. At every turn, he seems to have outmanoeuvred and outwitted them. He bested them in Georgia, outfoxed them in Ukraine, and caught them off guard in Syria.

As contrarians who focus on mass psychology, we find current events interesting. Just as in markets, following the crowd usually leads to negative outcomes. The media is used to manipulate the masses into taking the wrong positions. Every boom and bust cycle ends with the public left holding the bag while corporations get bailed out and rewarded for their recklessness. Congress ensures that taxpayers foot the bill, with the poor and middle class shouldering the heaviest burden while the wealthy pay less in relative terms. That sums up the American dream – more aptly called the American nightmare.

Russian Putin War: The Clash with Reporters and the Hidden Realities

 Putin has long had a contentious relationship with the press, especially Western media outlets. Reporters have often tried to corner Putin or catch him in a gotcha moment during press conferences and interviews. Still, Putin has proven himself a savvy political operator who is difficult to trap.

Putin has argued that much of the Western media coverage of Russia is biased and unfair, painting an overly negative picture of the country. He has accused reporters of pushing an anti-Russian agenda at times. The Kremlin has also been accused of criticising press freedoms and targeting journalists critical of Putin.

Putin’s confrontations with journalists have become legendary. He has often responded sharply to what he sees as loaded or misleading questions. In one famous incident in 2014, Putin schooled CNN’s Fareed Zakaria during an interview after Zakaria tried to put words in Putin’s mouth. Putin calmly turned Zakaria’s questions around and used Zakaria’s own words against him, highlighting Putin’s quick wit and debating skills.

While Putin’s record on media freedoms is questionable, he has shown that he can more than hold his own against aggressive Western reporters. Putin seems to relish the verbal sparring with journalists, viewing it as an opportunity to make his case directly to the world. But the confrontational nature of these interactions has also contributed to the strained relationship between Putin and much of the Western press.

Additional measures

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Originally published Jul 14, 2016, updated continuously, the latest update was performed on Dec 2022 

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Cigar Smoker

What crushing was going on? Fareed asked a question, Putin answered it his creative way. Big deal.

“he outguessed them in Ukraine”



No Putin slapped him down.

So called academic journalist is ‘Nitwit’ with no brains’

Quite funny really.

The strained look on his face says it all, trying not to look angry poor thing?

Watch CNN & BBC for similar Socialist stance, outdated fools the lot of them.

He looks like a worm staring at the beak; or trying to wriggle off the hook as the fish approaches. Get wrecked.

Boom, msm can’t handle reality. Game over. MAGA!

Jose Oscar DeSoto

Once again, Putin sticking his nose where he should not, shocking that some defend him and think he’s so smart.