Putin Crushes CNN Reporter Fareed Zakaria Biased Question on Trump

Putin Crushes CNN Reporter Fareed Zakaria Biased Question on Trump

Putin is not a saint, in fact, if one plays the game of politics it is hard to emerge from it with clean hands. However, the fact that the press constantly attempts to demonise him and Russia suggest there is a hidden agenda in play. It also indicates from a contrarian perspective that many of the top shadowy players in the West are scared, especially those that fall into the Neo-Con or Zionist camps. At every twist and turn, he seems to have outgunned and outguessed them. He outmanoeuvred them in Georgia during the brief war, he outguessed them in Ukraine, and he caught them with their pants down in Syria.

As we are contrarians by nature, whose focus is on the misunderstood field of mass psychology, we find the current developments interesting because just like the markets they suggest that one should not follow the garbage that is being fed to the public. In the markets, it is obvious to any student that if one follows the masses the outcome is always going to be negative. The masses are used as cannon fodder, and the media is the main outlet that is used to con them into always taking the wrong position. Every boom and bust cycle have always ended with the masses holding the empty can. The corporations always find a way to get away with the crime and to sweeten the pot; they are almost always rewarded for their treachery.  Congress ensures that the small player foots the bill; those that can least afford it are taxed the most, while those that can are taxed the least.  That sums up the American dream for you in one sentence; the more apt term would  “American nightmare”.

The video below is another clear example of Putin destroying Fareed Zakaria, who tries to twist Putin’s statements only to find out that Putin uses his words against him.

Never follow mainstream media when it comes to getting real news and when it comes to investing.  Popular media should be seen as a place you go to, to find out what you should not be doing. Read multiple sources and try to see who stands to benefit from a given position. When you follow the money, the answers are quite surprising and revealing; in most cases, it is the total opposite of what Mainstream media is trying to get you to believe. The masses believe that places like Fox 5 and CNN provide unbiased news, but the truth is that they are about as unbiased as a snake is when it comes to giving a rat that is placed in the same cage a fair shake. All mainstream outlets have an agenda, and the agenda is usually one that does not favour the masses.  Thus the only way to step out of this circle of crap is to understand that if you want to find a semblance of the truth you need to work for that information; the same applies to investing. You are not going to get any good investment advice from the so-called gurus out there claiming to know everything. If they did know everything they would not be talking to you; they would be too busy banking the money they are making to waste time with the average Joe.

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Cigar Smoker

What crushing was going on? Fareed asked a question, Putin answered it his creative way. Big deal.

“he outguessed them in Ukraine”



No Putin slapped him down.

So called academic journalist is ‘Nitwit’ with no brains’

Quite funny really.

The strained look on his face says it all, trying not to look angry poor thing?

Watch CNN & BBC for similar Socialist stance, outdated fools the lot of them.

He looks like a worm staring at the beak; or trying to wriggle off the hook as the fish approaches. Get wrecked.

Boom, msm can’t handle reality. Game over. MAGA!

Jose Oscar DeSoto

Once again, Putin sticking his nose where he should not, shocking that some defend him and think he’s so smart.