Syria War News: It Is All About Blood, Guns & Money

syria war news

Syria War News

There is no doubt that war generates big profits and the US appears to have engineered this war in Syria to provide large arms companies with lucrative new markets.  As a result of the Syrian war, a new Middle- East Arms Race has been set in motion.

Some estimates suggest north of $150 billion will be spent over the next few years as nations in this area secure to bolster their defences.  At the same time, the world can see how effective Russian weapons are and how much cheaper they are in comparison to most American weapons.  Demand for Russian weapons is surging, as a result of the Syrian War; the only good piece of news after years of innocent Syrians being slaughtered is that after Russia intervened ISIS has been on the Run. For four years it appears that the Obama administration was dumping bombs in the mountain because ISIS continued to gain become stronger but a few months of Russian bombings have these bloodthirsty cannibals on the Run. Russians are taking no prisoners; their instructions are “shoot to kill” when it comes to dealing with this terrorist.

SymbolCompany Name Last closing price
OAOrbital Atk Inc.90.53
ESLTElbit Systems Ltd86.89
RTNRaytheon Company125.74
TATTTat Technologies Ltd7.10
TATTTat Technologies Ltd7.10
COLRockwell Collins93.27
HXLHexcel Corp46.43
CWCurtiss-Wright Corp69.78
HEIHeico Corp54.89


Syria War News: The Bloody War America inflicted on the Innocent people of Syria

Our religious provocation index has soared to new highs, so we can state that without a doubt, Russia is now going to take the war to Turkey and NATO and anyone that tries to complicate Russia’s mission in Syria.  Erdogan and Saudia Arabia should now forget about their grand plans of becoming the dominant players in the middle east; their time has come and gone.  Iran will become the top power in the region and Russia will become the top player.  Most will argue against this, but we do not present our argument based on emotion.  The trend is entirely against the U.S and its shady partners such as Saudia Arabia and Turkey.  This tension has already triggered an arms race in the Middle East, and this is just the beginning of a massive build-up; such arms races are good for Defence companies.

If you live in Russia or can purchase stocks in Russian companies then, Russia has many top Defence companies that will make great long-term investments and demand for Russian weapons is increasing. Two good examples are Rosoboronexport and Almaz-Antey.  Russian arms sales are rising. In 2015 Russian arms sales topped the $15 billion mark and in 2016 the numbers are expected to increase.

Syria War News

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the offensive aims to remove the Kurdish-led forces from the border area and create a “safe zone” to which millions of Syrian refugees can be returned.

Hassan, the minister of defence of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, also known as Rojava, said that Russian and Syrian government troops could enter Kobane and Manbij by Sunday night to help secure the cities from a Turkish-led offensive in northern Syria.

“We agreed with the Russians and the [Assad] regime to enter Kobane tonight,” Hassan told RT.

“We did everything we could,” he said. “We have called upon the West [and] the Arab League but no one is coming to help, so we have no one other than ourselves to defend [Kobane].  “We agreed with the regime and the Russians to come to Kobane,” he added. Full Story

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