The All New Trend Indicator

The All New Trend Indicator

The Trend Indicator

Harmonious integration of Mass Psychology and Technical Analysis

The Trend is your friend everything else is your foe

We live in a world where fraud, deceit and manipulation are viewed as desirable traits.  There is no such thing as free markets today.   In such an environment you cannot rely on standard fundamental or technical analysis as all the data today is contaminated or manipulated.  Thus against this backdrop, the only thing that works is to have a tool to identify the trend in advance of the event, making it one of the  most powerful tools in the Technical analysis arena

If you want information on how the trend indicator came into being; visit this page “inception of the Trend Indicator

The Trend Indicator determines the Trend In advance 


The trend indicator

Market timing is possible with the trend indicator. The trend indicator determines market tops and bottoms in advance of the event.

With the trend indicator, the trend is recalculated on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  For example on the daily chart, each bar represents one day of data and on a quarterly basis, each bar represents one-quarter worth of data.  We use mostly price data, some key psychological data that can be quantified and a few other key components that we calculate that are free of contamination.    With the inception of the trend indicator, we no longer need to focus on the following

  • There is no need to find so-called key market turning points in advance to know which direction the markets are headed in.  Many services issue targets, but if the target is not hit or broken, then they conveniently give you an alternate scenario.
  •  This stress factor is eliminated from the equation with the trend indicator.   As we already know the trend in advance, the strategy going forward is rather simple. If the trend is, up,  all pullbacks are viewed as buying opportunities and vice versa
  • There is no need to sift through meaningless data such as market internals, market volume, advancing and declining issues, Baltic Dry Index, Copper, and a host of other useless data…… Once upon a time, this data as useful and in some cases the key to determining market tops or bottoms; today most of these indicators are on par with toilet paper.

  Predict Market Tops and Bottoms in advance

Imagine never having to worry about what the market is doing. Imagine knowing in advance if the market was topping or bottoming. Imagine knowing in advance that the so-called sharp correction the market is experiencing represents nothing more than a buying opportunity and not impending doom as the Talking heads at CNBC or other self-proclaimed markets gurus proclaim. Well, you do not have to imagine anymore; there is such an indicator, and it does what it says.   However, please do not mistake market topping and bottoming with predicting the exact top or bottom. We are not going to insult your intelligence by stating we have such a tool. What we have is a tool that is highly accurate in determining whether a market is going to top, bottom or continue trending upwards.  With this knowledge in hand, you have the power to plan your moves in advance. Fear and stress become relics of the past.

The Trend Indicator Focuses on what matters and ignores the noise

The trend indicator is the best Market timing Indicator

Once the distraction of trying to figure out where the market is headed is removed from the equation. One can focus on the most important job of spotting the best plays poised to benefit from the current trend.  Even if the data were not manipulated, knowing the trend in advance is simply priceless. Imagine how much more time you have on your hands to focus on trying to find the strongest plays to take advantage of the current trend.

How much less stress you have to go through; if you knew in advance that the present downward move was just a pullback and not the beginning of a crash. You would react in a different manner as opposed to moving into panic mode and blindly looking for direction. With this knowledge, you would know in advance what strategy to employ. No longer would you be backed into the corner like a caged animal looking desperately for an exit. Instead, you would be calm, confident and ready to act as you would have planned your moves in advance. Time would be one your side and not against you.

We back tested this indicator with 50 years worth of data, and in each case, it came out with flying colours; In every instance, it identified when a market was going to top or bottom. In some instances, it was a bit too early, but we feel that it’s better to be early than late.  Again, we are speaking of spotting a trend change, which means you might have to get in and out a bit early.

The trend is examined in multiple time frames. The ones we dedicate most of our attention to are the weekly and the monthly trends. The trend in the hourly and daily timelines are more suited for short-term traders looking to jump in and out of the markets.

The trend is determined not via trend lines but it is recalculated for each time frame (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly) and this information is then combined with key psychological data that can be quantified. The net result is an indicator that is not reliant on volume, market internals, and any other data that could be potentially manipulated.  In fact, we have ceased to look at the volume or market internals, advancing or declining issues since we started to use this indicator, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.     Look at some of our recent calls here.

The Advantages of knowing the trend in advance is priceless 

Knowing the trend provides us with ample time to find the stocks that will perform optimally under the present market conditions.  This quickly gives us the ability to offer stock trades in several categories for free; most other services charge for plays issued under each one of these categories separately, which in many instances is double the cost of our entire service. With us, you get all this and more for one fixed price.

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Leave the market analysis to us, and spend time doing things that bring joy to your heart, instead of wasting it on things that might heighten your fear. As market direction is no longer an issue, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Trend Indicator In Action

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