Copper ETF: Is It Time To Buy Copper Or Should You Wait
Copper ETF: Time To Buy Or?

Copper ETF: Time To Buy Or?

Copper ETF time to buy, markets & psychological warfare

Copper ETF Signalling

Updated March 2023

Let’s start off with a walk down memory lane.

In the good old days, before QE changed everything, any signs of strength from copper could be construed as a positive development for the markets and vice versa.  However, based on the price action of copper, the US markets should have crashed long ago, but they diverged strongly. Propped by hot money the markets continued to soar higher.  One wonders what will unfold when copper does finally put in a bottom? Market Update Oct 2nd, 2015.

The Fed’s success in manipulating the market and recreating reality has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. The masses have been hypnotized and have swallowed their narrative whole, making it all the more likely that copper and the markets will rally together. This will only serve to reinforce the illusion that everything is hunky-dory and that the economy cannot function without the Fed’s omnipotent intervention.

But make no mistake, dear reader, there are two distinct forces at play here. On one hand, the elite players are cunningly culling the herd, taking out the intermediate players and making way for their grand designs. And on the other hand, there are those who refuse to be deceived and are struggling to survive in this cut-throat environment. It’s a battle for survival, and only the strongest and most adaptable will come out on top.

Copper ETF: Good Hedge Against Hot Money

The reality is that those in power are manipulating the masses for their own gain and doing it with a finesse that is nothing short of masterful. The so-called “big players” are being taken out left and right, but it’s all part of a larger plan that is carefully hidden from public view. Meanwhile, a new psychological test is underway to see how much the masses will accept before they push back. The results so far are both fascinating and terrifying.

Clearly, the powers that be have no interest in allowing natural economic forces to work out the excess in the system. Instead, they are creating money out of thin air, perpetuating the illusion of economic growth and lining their pockets. The rich get richer while the average person struggles to make ends meet.

But why bother with anything else when the masses remain complacent? The people are distracted by many issues, from immigration to economic woes, and the truth is often hidden in plain sight. The governments of Europe, for example, created an environment in which Muslim immigrants could invade, and now they’re using that as a smokescreen to hide their true intentions.

The situation in the US is no different. The powers that be are pulling the strings, and they’re doing it with a finesse that is both impressive and terrifying. Things will not end well if the people don’t wake up soon. The illusions will crumble, and the truth will come out. But will it be too late to do anything about it?

Copper ETF: Simple Way To Bet  On Copper

In 2022, copper prices hit record highs, indicating that the global economy was not in a dire state but rather a result of poor political decisions by world leaders. Despite a brief setback, copper remained steady and surged beyond the 4.50 mark, revealing that issues with inflation and supply were merely symptoms of bad policies, with the United States policies being a prime example.

As a result, copper is gaining momentum and is set to trade past 4.50; this also means that the market will be range-bound for years, posing a challenge for long-term investors who focus on indices. However, this presents an excellent opportunity for traders who can use market psychology and technical analysis to their advantage.

Moreover, with the world moving towards renewable energy sources, copper will be in high demand for the production of solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles. The demand for copper is expected to increase with the global economic recovery, particularly in China, the world’s largest consumer of copper.

USD Projected to Put in A Multi-year Top in 2023

Furthermore, the US dollar is projected to experience a multi-year top, meaning it will be worth less than other currencies. This devaluation of the US dollar will trigger inflationary forces, making commodities like copper more expensive. Therefore, investing in a copper ETF can be wise, as copper prices are expected to rise. At the same time, the US dollar is projected to hit a multi-year top, triggering inflationary forces.

Leading economic indicators are crucial for trading as they provide valuable insights into the future state of the economy, allowing traders to make informed decisions. Therefore, traders who can effectively use these tools can potentially benefit from the current copper market and make a killing.

In conclusion, investing in a copper ETF can be a wise decision, as copper is an essential commodity in various industries. With the global economy recovering, its demand is likely to increase. Copper prices are expected to rise while the US dollar is projected to put in a multi-year top, triggering inflationary forces. Moreover, the current copper market presents an excellent opportunity for traders who can use market psychology and technical analysis to their advantage.

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