Copper ETF: Is It Time To Buy Copper Or Should You Wait
Copper ETF: Is It Time To Buy Copper Or Should You Wait

Copper ETF: Is It Time To Buy Copper Or Should You Wait

Copper ETF time to buy, markets & psychological warfare

Copper ETF

In the good old days, before QE changed everything, any signs of strength from copper could be construed as a positive development for the markets and vice versa.  However, based on the price action of copper, the US markets should have crashed long ago, but they diverged strongly. Propped by hot money the markets continued to soar higher.  One wonders, what will unfold when copper does finally put in a bottom? Market Update Oct 2nd, 2015.

The Fed has been so successful and probably so happy that their game plan to recreate reality has been embraced with so little resistance from the masses, that it might allow copper and the markets to rally together.  Which will serve to cement further the illusion that all is well and that the world nor the markets can function without Fed intervention? What everyone needs to understand right now is that there are two things taking place right now. Firstly, the elite players are busy culling the herd; they are taking out many of the so-called big players (these are intermediate players; anyone famous is not a big player and is disposable.

Copper ETF Confirms hot Money is keeping this economy afloat

They are just a more refined form of cannon fodder).  The real power does not show its face.  Secondly, there is a new psychological test going on.  Remember that we have always stated that America is the testbed for psychologically and chemically based operations. Chemically regarding the toxins that are administered in the food and water supply. Psychologically regarding how far they can brainwash an individual.  The goal now is to see if they can make the masses accept concepts that would appear insane to the rational person.  So far, based on our calculations, it is working marvellously.  When a person or an entity gets a taste of raw power, they never pullback, they seek more and more.

Hence, things cannot end well in the U.S. Why bother to allow natural economic forces to work out the excess in the system has built when you can achieve the same thing by creating money out of thin air. Sure the people will suffer, no real jobs will be created, economic growth will be illusory in nature, and only the very rich will become rich;  as long as the massed do not revolt why to bother doing anything else.  This ploy is working marvellously in Europe and the USA. In Europe, the Europeans are angry that Muslim immigrants are invading them.  This is the distraction.  The truth is that their governments purposely created the environment for this.

Fake News and Hot Money, Used to Manipulate Leading Indicators such as Copper

The real story is that Europe’s birth rate is slow and their welfare programs far too large to continue supporting the natives.  Chaos has to be created to make the citizens forget the real story. They need a reason to inflate the money supply and destroy the currency. How do you do that? You create a situation that demands the creation of new funds, but off course, if you need $100 billion for the situation, you over-allocate and assign $1 trillion, and most of this money goes into programs to make the rich richer.

This scheme has worked for generations and will continue to work because the masses never catch on.   The religious wars that will unfold in Europe were planned in advance, and the populace buys it.  In the U.S., the strategy was and is slightly different. Here the populace is made to believe that we need to teach the world how to be democratic; when, in fact, we are probably nothing more than a police state.

So fake wars are created where we supposedly get rid of dictators and try to stabilise the area. America’s track record has been an utter failure in this department, but the rich have become richer and the poor, have become poorer.  You would think the practice would end, but we are busy trying to free Syria, and after that, there will be some other desperate nation or situation that needs our help. Each adventure costs billions and billions, and if you look at it, there is always some corporation making out handsomely from all these exploits.

Hot Money is Affecting  Morality

We stated long ago that we are now in the age of hot money.  Where the majority will cease to frown on doing any deed; right or wrong will cease to matter as long as it pays well.  The only factor that will determine if they do the deed, no matter how immoral or evil, will be the number of zeros you end your question with. Anything is for sale now, if the price is right.   The situation will only get worse; there is nothing to stop it now. The trend is gathering steam and eventually, an explosive top will be put in, but we are not there yet. So do not be surprised by anything. Everything is for sale.

On that note expect the sale of the body part market to take off, legalised prostitution to gather steam; what is legalised prostitution, some of the marriages today fall under this category.  Watch with shock as an option to lease before buying or option to lease and terminate starts to become associated with the act of marriage. Other things that will transpire; nations will start to rent out their militaries to the highest bidder.  Hackers will become the new Gods; they will wreck terror on many government networks.

A new group of Hackers is emerging these chaps will seek to kerb the power of big brother and this war will not be friendly.  These new hackers will not be the nerds that everyone assumes them to be, these hackers will be able to fit anywhere, they will look like the in-crowd. The biggest shocker, though we cannot lay a date to this event, will be the collapse of religions worldwide, when several corporations release technologies that will significantly increase one’s lifespan, bringing us one step closer to the age of immortality. Then watch a new level of chaos unfold as all those who pretended to be religious let go and allow the wild and untamed side of themselves to manifest.  Companies already have life-altering technologies, but they are holding from releasing them.

What the hell does this rant have to do with the copper ETF market?

Copper is a leading economic indicator right and one of the easiest ways to track copper is via the copper ETF JJC. So if copper starts showing signs of strength, then the economy is expected to get better.  Well, people only focus on the licit economy, but not on the illicit economy. If the economy does indeed start to improve, expect the illegal economy to explode, and some of the things we mentioned are in the early stages of a massive bull market. Even if you are contrarian investor, we feel it’s too early to get into a Copper ETF like JJC

What to expect next?

Copper is now trading at key resistance. It needs to trade above 2.40 and close above 2.50 on a monthly basis, to indicate that a bottom is in place. We have several positive divergence signals and the trend indicator has strengthened and could trigger a buy signal soon.  The Copper ETF JJC is exhibiting a similar pattern; at this point in time, the sideline is the best option.

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