Tactical Investor Special Offer: Available for a limited Time
Tactical Investor Special Offer

Tactical Investor Special Offer

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Tactical Investor Special Offer

Tactical Investor Special Offer

Did you miss the current bull run that started in 2008 and has shown no signs of abating? Are you willing to miss the next opportunity? Don’t waste time on regret; focus on the next Opportunity

Opportunity is always knocking, the problem is that almost everyone focuses on the missed opportunity instead of allocating resources to spot the next one.  They are so tied up with the loss that even when the opportunity is knocking at their door they fail to recognize it.    The key to our success is the Trend indicator, a tool that took over a decade to develop.

Trend Indicator in action

We were the only service to predict in advance that a Trump win would propel the market significantly higher. The Tactical Investor also went on record to state that the Dow would trade to and past 21K in August of and Dec of 2016. We then went on to state that the Dow would trade to 22k and there was a good chance that it could trade to 23K; all those targets have been hit.  Now the Dow is trading past 25K and we went on record to state that it could trade as high a 30K.

For an extensive list of our past calls visit this page “Past Market Calls

The market update service has been running for over 16 years, has never missed a major market turning point. That alone speaks volume. When you add the full package we offering today, it boils down to 78% off the list price.  To sweeten the deal you can test drive the service for 30 days for a cost of only 66  cents a day with no obligation.

Americans on Average Spend $3.28 Per Day On a Cup Of Java

The latest study illustrated that on average American spend 3.28 per day on a cup of Coffee. While coffee can taste great, it does not provide any return on the investment. This small sum of money invested in the right sectors could turn into a small fortune over time.  If you add a little more money to this sum, then the power of compounding would really kick in.

 Our Ace Card: The Trend Indicator

Tactical Investor Special Offer. Get access to the trend Indicator

The Trend Indicator has never missed a major market turning point.   It spots the Trend in advance of the event.  Imagine knowing what’s going to happen before it happens.   For example, in  July of 2015, we went on record to state that individuals should break out a bottle of “booze” and celebrate if the markets crashed; we did that again in Feb of 2016 and we suspect we will post such a suggestion in the near future. As long as the Trend based is Bullish, we will view every strong pullback through a bullish lens.

 Now for the Actual Offer

Hold on, The Tactical Investor Special Offer Get’s Even Better

  • Test Drive the service for 30 days for only $24.99*
  • Get the “ETF Trend Trader” service for free. If bought separately it would cost $360 per year. Note this ETF special can be withdrawn at any time.
  • An extra service that covers commodity-based stocks called “plunder from down under” value of  $199 for free
  • Save an additional 22% of the Normal Market Update rate
  • Trading manual worth $49.99
  • And  a host of other features such as access to the security centre, special apps to monitor your stocks, etc

Three issues of the Market Updates are sent out every Month: during times of turbulence as many updates as deemed necessary are sent out as was the case from Nov 2018 to Jan 2019 and now during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

When you combine all these savings it totals to over 75% of our normal rates, not to mention the bonus (trading manual).  This is a limited time offer.  It’s a small price to pay for a service that has never missed a major market turn since its inception.

The trial subscription will convert to the Annual subscription after 30 days unless cancelled. Hence, if you don’t want it to convert to an annual subscription, please cancel it before the 30th day. There is no obligation on your part; you can decide to stay or cancel before the trial subscription ends; no questions will be asked. The trial subscription is not refundable and can be cancelled before it converts into the yearly subscription. Cancelling your subscription is easy as subscribing; all it takes is a few mouse clicks.


P.P.S. Please note it takes up to three business days to process a new subscription though we generally strive to process them in less than two days. 

Paypal has also updated their terms of service: if you don’t plan on rolling over to a yearly subscription after the trial subscription runs out. We suggest that you cancel your subscription as soon as possible because if you are charged we will be unable to reverse the fees that PP charges us. They are no longer refunding the fees, so the fees will amount to roughly $21.00. Cancelling your subscription is easy and take’s less than three minutes; this link will walk you through the process How to cancel your subscription with ease. You maintain control of the entire process.


* one Tactical Investor Special(Trial Subscription) Offer per customer only. This offer can only be used once.