The Tactical investor is the place where Mass Psychology and Technical analysis converge seamlessly ensuring we are always on the right side of the markets. Emotions and not logic drive the markets. An Emotion drives every investment decision. Mass psychology identifies the emotion that’s driving the crowd. By Identifying the emotion, we can identify the trend,  which allows us to get into investments just before they take off.

 Combining Technical analysis with Mass psychology provides a system that is second to none.  The Trend Indicator is an example of such a system. It combines the most important aspects of Mass psychology with the best of Technical analysis to yield a system that identifies the trend in advance of the event. Our technical indicators also enable us to identify crucial turning points in the market accurately.  Over 85% of the plays issued have trended higher.

To ensure we are always on the right side of the market, we incorporate the four elements (shown in the infographic) into our analysis.    Employing this methodology gives us an advantage very few systems can boast; we can spot trend changes in advance of the event.

The place where Mass psychology and Technical Analysis meet

The place where Mass Psychology and Technical Analysis Converge harmoniously

Our investment philosophy is very simple, identify the Trend and stick with until it ends. We could list a plethora of reasons as to why you should join our service,  but instead of doing that, we will let our past calls speak for themselves


The utilities are in a full bullish mode; they continue to trend higher, and if the alternative Dow theory holds, then it is not possible for the Dow to crash as the utilities would lead the way first.   Therefore a crash appears to be unlikely now, but a correction ranging from mild to strong cannot be ruled out in the future. Market Update June 18, 2017

The Dow appears to have broken through the top of the Channel formation that fell in the 20,800-21,000 ranges. If it closes above 21,300 on a monthly basis then despite the markets being overbought, the Dow could surge past 22K before running into a strong zone of resistance.  Market Update June 18, 2017

Give the resiliency of this market; the Dow could very easily trade to 22K before it trades to 19K.  Market Update July 6, 2017

 The markets appear to have gone through a stealth correction over the past few months, several sectors, many of which we covered in this update are trading in the extremely oversold ranges on the monthly charts. This not atypical of an old bull market and implies that the markets might not have to experience a sharp correction.  For the record, as long as the trend is up, the more powerful the correction, the better the opportunity; ideally the market’s pullback sharply but we cannot tell the markets what to do.  Market Update March 26, 2017

The market loves to surprise does it not; it appeared that this gauge was on the verge of moving into the calm zone and then out of nowhere it changes course. The masses are getting agitated, and that is always a bloody good signal as far we are concerned. Market Update Jan 31, 2017


Emotions drive everything and psychology is the study of emotions, mass psychology is the study of mass emotions or the mass mindset.  If we had to summarise everything into just one word, we would use the word “polarised”. The world is going to be extremely polarised, and weather patterns are going to be extremely erratic.  Market Update Jan 19, 2017

The stock market has surged to new highs proving all the experts wrong and what we repeatedly stated before Trump has played out perfectly. Market update Nov 30, 201

Bank stocks and stocks in the transportation sector are rallying strongly; these two areas alone could power the Dow to 21K, thus if other industries kick in with the same strength, it is possible that the Dow could soar much higher. Over the years we have stated over and over again, that this bull market would rise to levels that would stun even the most ardent of bulls. We believe this has occurred, but as sentiment levels are far from euphoric, the markets are likely to continue marching upwards.  Market update Nov 30, 2016

We would like to state that it now appears that the Dow will trade past 20K and could surge well over 25K. However, let’s focus on 20K and 21K for now. Market Update Nov 6, 2016

All the long-term ingredients are almost in place for the Dow to trade to 21,000 over the next 12-18 months.  Hence, in short, we must whether we like it or not view all pullbacks as buying opportunities.  Market Update August 2, 2016

Our long-term targets have not changed; we still see the Dow trading to 21,000.  Market Update Aug 19, 2016

Here is the exact chart predicting Dow 21,000 we sent to our subscribers in August of 2016

People expect the market to crash and hence it won’t. Our trend indicator is positive, and we have not seen a market crash when this indicator is bullish; that’s it. Market Update, June 2, 2016

Our prevailing theme towards the dollar was that all sharp pullbacks should be viewed as buying opportunities and that outlook continues to hold.  Market Update July 2, 2016. 

 Bears and neutrals add up to 77% this week; a number that’s simply too high for the markets to crash; a sharp correction is always a possibility, but the odds of a crash are low.  Markets never crash when the crowd is uncertain, and those in the neutral camp are usually the most confused players out there. We would gladly welcome a substantial pullback. Market Update July 2, 2016. 

If you repeat the same thing over and over again, eventually you are bound to be right. The markets as we stated are now ripe for a pullback; whether it will be strong or mild remains to be seen. Pay attention to how the experts react when the markets start pulling back; will they react in the same way, or will some of them change the song slightly. Market Update June 18, 2016

Even in negative rate environment the dollar could hold up well and end up being one of the strongest looking currencies out there. We expect the stock market to bolt like a bandit being chased by the hounds of hell when negative rates hit the U.S. Market Update June 2, 2016 

We would rather focus on why this bull market is not ready t crash.  Yes, we have already repeated this in one form or another dozen of times, so today we will sum it up in two sentences.   People expect the market to crash as Market sentiment is rather negative and hence it won’t. Our trend indicator is positive, and we have not seen a market crash when this indicator is bullish; that’s it. Market Update June 2, 2016 

Our updates are spaced out so as to enable our subscribers to focus on the trend and ignore the noise; we live in an era of information overload, and too much information is just as bad as no information, especially if the information is faulty.  Market Update June 2, 2016 

Potentially the dollar could still drop to the 90 ranges, though the possibility of that is now less than 35% as the pattern has strengthened since the last update. The more likely outcome is for the dollar to test the 92.80-93.00 ranges before trending higher. If 90 is hit, we will jump up in joy, but we will not sit and pray for that event. A bullish cross from our Custom MACD’s will indicate that the dollar is ready to test its old highs again.  Market Update May 17, 2016 

  This shows you how badly this bull market is understood and that’s why it is destined to trade a lot higher.  We now have 78% of individuals that are either bearish or they are bears that lost their teeth or Bulls that lost their cojones.  There is nothing to add here but repeat the obvious; the stronger the pull back, the better the opportunity.  Market Update May 17, 2016 

Oil is still expected to trade to the $50-$55.00 ranges, with a possible overshoot to $60.00 by year-end. The ride up is expected to be volatile. Market Update May 2, 2016 

At this stage of the game, we would ideally favour a nice strong pullback, or the 2nd option is a consolidation that pushes our indicators back to the oversold ranges.   Our indicators on the monthly charts continue to trade in the oversold ranges; yes you heard right oversold ranges. A bullish signal from them will clearly indicate that the markets are gearing to explode upwards.  As one Wiseman once stated, “an ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains.” In this instance, patience is called for.   The stronger the deviation, the better the buying opportunity   Market Update May 2, 2016 

We have seen wild moves in the market if you look at the Dow from August of 2015 to the present it has traversed over 7000 points in a span of roughly seven months or 1000 points per month. And this is only just the beginning of what lies in store regarding market volatility. Naysayers will have you believe it’s terrible, but in reality, it provides the astute investor with numerous opportunities of purchasing top companies at a bargain and selling them at a nice profit down the line.  All we need to do is differ to our trend indicator if it’s trending upwards, then every single correction/pullback is a buying opportunity Market Update April 4th,  2016

There is a theme that states one should sell in May and go away, as we are in a new paradigm, that theme might change to sell in May and be carried away.  As the markets are extremely overbought, the more probable scenario calls for a pullback in April and then a strong summer rally which could take hold as early as May. Market Update April 2, 2016

The economic data indicates all is not well, but the markets nevertheless brushed this news aside. Please pay attention to the fact of how important it is to take the opposite stance to the masses when it comes to the markets, provided the trend is up.  We have shown everyone in real time (not some hypothetical matchup) since July of last year that it pays to drink, celebrate, jump in joy or relax when the masses are panicking and to do the opposite when they are euphoric. Panic is a useless emotion. Market Update March 21, 2016

As usual, the masses lapped all the negative headlines and were left holding an empty can. Remember that the mass mindset is very dangerous when it comes to trading the markets.  Life is short, but if you think like a cow, it’s even shorter. Wake up or walk happily to the slaughterhouse. Market Update March 21, 2016

Throughout all this wailing and gnashing of teeth, we have stuck through with the same theme; the larger the pullback, the better the buying opportunity as long as the trend is up and that plan has paid off. What will you do if the markets pull back strongly again? Yes, that is right, you will break out a prized bottle of wine, liquor or any other tasty toxin you favour and celebrate while the masses wail and scream death to the markets.  In this world there are only two options, do or be done in. Interim Update March 14, 2016

Oil Appears to have bottomed out in February as projected and now that it is trending higher, one of the so-called negative omens has been removed from the market.  Oil is projected to continue trending higher for the rest of the year; this upward move will be interrupted with rapid corrections. In other words, the ride up is not going to be smooth. Interim Update March 14, 2016

However, the current pullback has scared the hell out of a lot of bulls and pushed a bunch of individuals from the neutral camp into the bearish camp.  And this is a positive development. Every single one of our gauges are now in the extreme ranges indicating that panic is rampant and that everyone expects the markets to crash, the world to end and all hell to break loose.    Market Update Feb 17th, 2016

The trend has still not turned positive, and it looks like a test of the lows is still in the works.  The SSEC could probably rally to the 2950-3000 ranges before pulling back again. On a positive note, the trend is dangerously close to moving into the neutral range; this would be a positive development.  Market Update Feb 17, 2016

The SSEC rallied to the 2900 ranges (2928 to be precise) before pulling back.

Notice that the $30.00 price point level has held on a monthly basis. Oil has not closed below this important level on a monthly basis for two months in a row, and this has to be viewed a very bullish development. Our overall view is for crude oil to trend higher with the possibility of trading past the  $55.00  rangesMarket Update Feb 29, 2016

After trading as low as $27.56 oil reversed course and headed higher, it is now in a transition phase; moving from a down trending phase to a bottoming phase.  Oil did not close below $30 on a monthly basis, so the outlook has not changed.  The current bottom has all the signs of a fake bottom, meaning that it is probably a setup for the early bulls.  Oil is likely to test its lows once again before a bottom takes hold.  A bottom could take hold in the month of February.  Market Update Jan 31, 2016

2016 could be a perfect repeat of 2011;  the market sold off strongly, and it looked like the end was near, but turns out that the only people that took a beating were the naysayers proclaiming the world is going to end.    Market Update Jan 16, 2016 

It felt good to celebrate in the face of panic and brush fear away like a pesky fly.    Always remember, the masters of deception, thrive on fear.  Fear is actually very good if you are not on the receiving end. Once you learn to control this useless emotion, it can help you make a lot of extra money over your lifetime, and it can also help you lead a much better life.  Market Update July 17, 2015

Indeed, the late bulls were skinned alive, and you can still hear their bellows; the bloodletting is not over. The markets (Shanghai Index) will rally for a bit, and then there should be one more down leg, to snap the backs of the semi-strong bulls.  From a long-term perspective, we see nothing to worry about; everything is taking place as envisioned.  The long-term trend is still up.  Wait for some more blood to be spilt on the streets before taking larger bites. Market Update July 17, 2015

Markets usually drop off a slippery cliff of Joy, after the crowd is singing “Kumbaya My love” on the top of their lungs. In this instance, the majority are still yelling “death to the markets” or at least thinking this, and so the markets will head higher. Those ruled by fear must be punished as fear is not real and based on perceptions that are illusory at best. Market Update June 30, 2015

When you think logically and or use old parameters to gauge this market, every single bone in your body probably screams out that this market should crash and burn. That is true, but what is also true is that as nothing is real, logic has no place when it comes to the illusory. Every statistic imaginable has been, is being or will be manipulated to satisfy whatever picture the manipulators want the masses to believe in. The most likely outcome is that the markets will trade higher than anyone expects as long as the trend remains up. Market Update May 31, 2015

The markets have continued to soar higher and higher, much to the surprise of both the bears and the bulls. As we stated in the last update, nothing makes sense when examined from a logical point of view. However, as far as this market is concerned, logic and reality are two traits that will only hamper you and lead to losses.   As the NASDAQ just recently broke a 15-year barrier, it appears to us that the NASDAQ should at least soar another 2000 points if not more. Remember a spring that has been held back for so long (and 15 year is a long time), uncoils with twice the force that held it back.  Market Update May 17, 2015

What we need to focus on is that the underlying theme is “inflate or die”; this means that the currency race to the bottom is on maximum overdrive. In such an environment where the only weapon central bankers have is to flood even more money into an already overextended financial system, every healthy pullback has to be viewed as buying opportunity. Moreover, extremely strong pullback has to be viewed as a screaming buy. Market Update March 31, 2015

We have infinite reasons and then some as to why this market should crash and burn.   However, the only thing that matters today is not what is going to happen, what has happened or what might happen. The man who controls the money supply (in this case woman) is the one that controls the direction of the market.  All the other stuff well it just makes for good chatter.    Overall, these tools are affirming the trend; therefore, all pullbacks must be viewed as buying opportunities.  Market Update Feb 28, 2015

The monthly trend is issuing a conflicting signal, but our focus is not the monthly trend but the weekly trend.  If the monthly trend does not change, it simply means that the weekly trend is going to turn bearish over the next few months, but until it turns bearish, we will remain bullish.  Market Update Feb 18, 2015

The trend is mixed, some penguins are screaming the market will crash, others are saying it will fly.  We are stating that the trend is not clear, but as it has not turned negative, the outlook favours a move higher and the old highs could be possibly tested.  This will hold true until the weekly trend turns negative; the moment it turns negative we will send out an Interim update.  Market Update Jan 31, 2015

The dollar easily traded past 93.50 and surged to our upper-level targets, when it surged to 95.85 (just a few points shy of 96.00).  As the trend was up we specifically stated that there was nothing stating that the dollar had to pull back and that is why we stated all pullbacks should be treated as buying opportunities.  The weekly trend is still strong so the overall outlook still calls for higher prices.     This means that the euro still has more downside. Market Update Jan 31, 2015

The weekly trend is still positive, but showing signs of being extremely overbought and thus the current pullback is healthy; the same outlook applies to the monthly trend.   As long as the weekly trend does not change, then all pullbacks have to be viewed as buying opportunities, even though we might personally feel otherwise.   We have support in the 2000-2015 ranges and if that is taken out, the SPX will most likely revisit the lows of Dec 2014.    The last update for Dec 2014, sent out Jan 3, 2015

Note we stated that the Chinese markets were also extremely oversold not too long ago and continued to do this for awhile; we were a bit early, but as the saying to the early bird comes the worm to the late bird the bullet.  The Chinese markets started to rally nicely since October of this year and topped out with our markets and should continue to resume their upward trend. One day we see FXI trading past 200 and RSX north of 70.   Market Update Dec 21. 2014

As the weekly trend is still up, and the daily neutral, the markets will/should experience another quick correction. We will not short the markets until the trend turns negative on the long-term time frames (weekly charts).   The trend indicator overrules everything else; thus regardless of the pattern if the trend says something else, we will follow the trend. Market Update Sept 13, 2014

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