Greek Debt And European Disorder

Greek Debt And European Disorder

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We are always asked the following question? Why do you cover so many topics if you are a financial site? The simple answer is that everything is interconnected. If you focus on finances only then you are looking at the tree and missing the forest and vice versa. Mass Psychology also known as Crowd Psychology dictates that one should focus on the whole picture as opposed to fixating on one part.  Before we get to the story at hand, the following story might tickle your fancy.

At the Tactical Investor, we focus on Mass Psychology, sentiment and key technical analysis tools. We do not concentrate on creating false stories, and we certainly don’t practise the art of flooding your inbox with endless stories most of which are sales pitches.  This begs the question; why do most financial sites paid and free, think it is necessary to flood your with several updates a week when they can sum it all up in one update which could be sent out once a week or once every other week.  Because they want to sell you more crap and secondly they hedge their bets so they provide you with multiple scenarios so that they can come out and state “you see we got it right”. What will be left out of this future sales pitch is the countless number of times they got it wrong.  This is what we recently sent out to our paid subscribers in regards to our views on not flooding them with countless emails. For the record, we apply the same standard to our free newsletter service. Why do financial services flood subscribers with unnecessary emails


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