Investors chase UK warehouses on China e-commerce trade

Investors chase UK warehouses on China e-commerce trade

Investors chase UK warehouses on China

Investment in Britain’s warehousing sector is in fashion, thanks to a boom in China-related e-commerce activity that has put a strain on the nation’s warehouses-a trend that is likely to continue post-Brexit when European ports will be less able to handle UK’s imports.

Major British asset management companies, such as Investec, are already capitalizing on the trend by investing in warehousing management firms, such as Tritax Big Box and Prologis, while the Shanghai-based private equity firm PGC Capital is preparing for the launch of a 1 billion yuan ($145 million) fund to help Chinese institutional investors reap returns.

Denise Li, CEO of PGC Capital, said the fund is already assessing three-to-five warehouses near Manchester for potential investment. Atul Shinh, an investment specialist at Investec, said investing into warehouse management firms offers a steady and attractive yield, with cash flows from rent and potential for capital appreciation.

At the core of the profitability of warehouses is the huge UK-China e-commerce trade. Full Story



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