Predictions for wild weather, end of multiculturalism & religious wars


Predictions for wild weather, end of multiculturalism & religious wars

Animals have an innate ability to sense changes in the weather and sense impending disaster. Being that humans are supposed to be the most advanced animal on this planet, we should and do have those abilities if we tap into them. Most of us have been trained to be good robots; the masses are tricked into believing they produce something of value when their entire life span is no different than that of a fat hamster running at top speed in a wheel, all the while thinking it’s travelling somewhere far.   However, the simple act of getting off the wheel and crawling at mind numbingly slow pace would yield significantly better results.  The problem is that most robots (so called human beings) do not even understand that they are on a wheel.  Failure to understand this means you cannot process anything properly.

How do we do this?  The simplest answer is that we look at things from the eyes of a child and try to process them with the brain power of an adult.  You see a glass on a table that is filled to the 50% mark.  Now you are asked to describe what you see?  However, what most fail to understand or see is that their answers will be based on a previous program. What is this program? Well almost everyone is told that one can look at something in a positive or negative light.  Hence, some will see the glass as 50% empty and others as 50% full.  The one’s that see it as 50% full are supposed to be the optimists and the others the pessimists.  99% never question this. However, what if this premise is totally wrong and for the record, it is 100% wrong.  Failure to spot this means you will respond like a good robot and work along the programmed guidelines and while you think you answer is right, the sad truth is that both your options are faulty and, therefore, neither choice, no matter how much effort or thought you put into will yield anything of value.

Here are the real answers, coming from a free mind that is not programmed.

  • I did not notice, and I do not care as I have no need for a glass of water.
  • I see a glass with water in it, and as I am thirsty, I think I will have a sip.


Or some variation along those lines; whether it’s half full or empty is irrelevant and a waste of time. You either need the glass of water, or you don’t. If you do, you drink it and move on; if you don’t, you do not waste time thinking about it.

Along the same lines we are told that it’s better to be positive in life than negative; that it’s better to be team player and, that it’s better not to be selfish; that it’s better to exhibit empathy and a whole of host of utter rubbish that can and will only make your life worse.

In reality the only thing you need to know and understand is this rule; treat others the way you want and expect to be treated. If you view yourself as worthless and useless, that is how you will be treated. For if you cannot love or care about yourself, then why in hell should others attempt to complete a job that you have failed so miserably in.

Why the lecture?

Simple in order to process this data, you need to be able to think outside the box. You need to understand that everything in this world is interconnected, and you need to understand that behind every move there is a driving force (usually psychological in nature). If you understand this (most of which is based on pure, simple common sense), then by being an observer and simply looking around you will see and notice things others are oblivious too.  If you want to take it a step further, you could create an index and assign values to your observations. You might think this is hard, try it and you might be surprised as to how easy it really is, once you understand what is needed.    In other words, with the right mindset you could build a few simple tools to help.

It is our mindset that helped us come up with the Volatility indicator, the religious provocation index, etc.

If you don’t want to build tools, you can simply rely on observations as long as they are done in the observer mode.  You look at a group of individuals and truly see them for what they are without your preconceived notions.  Practise makes perfect, so only way to get better is to try. Each attempt will make you better than you were before. You look at the behaviour of animals and do the same. You look at currency markets, and you do the same.  Everything is connected indirectly, because the main driving force behind these things are emotions, and emotions are nothing but a waste of energy 99% of the time. So track the flow of energy and you will see a totally different picture than the one you have been lead to believe is the real one.  When you see a cluster of new changes taking place, across several different areas, you understand that something big is happening, and these changes will manifest themselves in every segment of your life. Weather, relationships, stocks, currency markets, etc., etc.

As we do multiple things, we have built indices like the Volatility, the various Proprietary indices such as the religious provocation index, etc.: the latest one is the trend indicator, to help us maximize our time usage.

As we do not ascribe to any fixed set of rules, we are open to seeing things that most might not, not because we are better but because we have fewer objects blocking our view. In this mode, you can see things as they are, not as you are being directed to see them.  For the majority, they do not see what is, but only what they have been programmed to see. So if you cannot see the real picture in front of you, then you have nothing to process and if you have nothing to process than all of this will appear magical in nature, for an empty mind can only see the bottom of the bin, and it does not even realize that the bin has a top.

How many people understand this simple fact? That you can diagnose any problem far better than any doctor could, but because you think a doctor knows more, you will never know anything. You have already accepted the false premise to begin with, and so you are now limited regarding what you can do to find regarding a cure or a viable treatment to your problem.  Very few people know that every disease is related to stress. Remove the stressor and the body heals remarkably well, on a simple nutrient dense diet; fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, etc.; things that you find tasty, but that are not full of crap. If you cannot pronounce it properly chances are it should not be in your diet.  Look at any packaging even organic and you will find out there is a bunch of junk that should not be there.  One that appears everywhere and is extremely dangerous is carrageenan. .

Diet; take out the T and you have die and that is what literally happens to you when you diet. You die.  You are not supposed to diet or fast. You are supposed to eat correctly. Do you see any animal voluntarily subjecting itself to this kind of stress?   Remember not long ago we stated that in order to see the picture (any picture) in the real light, you would need to be ready to throw everything you know in the garbage and be open to new ideas. The choice is yours.


To make a long story short, if you view things through the simple eyes of a child and process them with the advanced computer you have up there otherwise known as a brain, then, for the most part, you will arrive at the same conclusions we have. You might even become better than usJ.

On that note, these are the changes we see coming now

  • The era of multiculturalism is over and dead.
  • There is going to be new massive religious war; we will soon witness a second phase of the crusades. This was the period where the Christian and Muslim world fought bitterly.  The heat is on now; the leaders of the Muslim world have done nothing to form a uniform law in regards to Islam. Any idiot can become an Imam and issue fatwa’s most of which are senseless and violent in nature.  There is no proper hierarchical structure. On the same token, the Christian leaders have not done much to try to push for some agreement with the leaders in the Muslim world and to push these leaders to form a system that treats those who push for violence as outcasts. The only Muslim leader who has consistently tried to form a bridge of friendship between the Muslim, and Christian world is Fethullah Gulen, a cleric from Turkey who lives in Pennsylvania, currently he is Erdogan’s arch enemy and Erdogan is doing everything he can to destroy his organisation and its people.  Anyway bottom line, the point of no return has been hit, so going forward from here, we can only expect more violent encounters between these two groups; Sadly there is a group of individuals that have planned this for decades and possibly generations and they are the only ones that will benefit from this. The once quiet Christians and Catholics of the world (Europe, South American, etc.) are about to pick up their swords and embrace violence.   We are now going to move from the New Testament phase that advocates turning your cheek, to the Old Testament phase that states take an eye for an eye.  On this note, we expect that Europe will lead the way and pass some incredibly harsh and shocking new laws in regards to other religion (primarily against Islam). The once quiet Europeans are about to change their positions; from opening their arms and welcoming new cultures and religions, they are going to clench their hands into a fist and raise their swords.  We are just telling you what we see, not what we want or wish. Wants and wishes are a waste of time; the only thing that matter is reality and the reality is that we are entering a period of war.
  • Governments in the West will continue to become more authoritarian in nature, and this will trigger the formation of new groups of freedom fighters. These chaps will utilize computer technology together with regular war strategies to resist; so expect the number of hacker attacks to soar.   The days of civil wars are dawning closer. Watch the matrix and terminator again, for those days are fast approaching. The terminators, in this case, are the governments in the west.
  • Weather; expect the unexpected and surreal. Humans behave crazy it’s because of the fact that there are planetary changes taking place. If you understand these changes you can resist, but to resist you must know your enemy and you must understand the problem.  Research how weather affects human and animal behavioural patterns.  We are going to continue to witness strange and spectacular weather patterns. Mother Nature is about to show the world who the true master of this planet is.  Volcanic eruptions will occur in places that no one ever expected, violent earthquakes,  flooding, extreme action in the seas, typhoons, hurricanes, devastating droughts,  etc., etc.   On the same token, places that are prone to all sorts of disasters or have suffered endless periods of droughts, flooding, etc., will suddenly start to experience a period of extended calm. Remember the equation must always balance.  So places, where the weather was and is extremely harsh, will suddenly start to witness a shift to conditions that are more conducive to life.
  • Trust will become even more valuable than Gold or Platinum. We are entering the phase, where you might not even be able to trust your own shadow. Thus, if you have a good friend, remember to treat him or her better than Gold, for they actually are better than gold and extremely hard to find these days. We are now in the midst of the era of lies and deceit.  Remember this old saying too” if you have a family you do not need enemies”; we are entering the phase where it could never be truer.

Do not view these changes with dismay.  Life changes, it always did and it always will.  Change is what makes us develop.  For something good to happen, there must be some destruction. The old structure and way of thinking has to collapse.  So after this period of chaos and violence subsides, there will be an extended period of tranquillity and higher thinking. At some point, the entire world will experience a phase shift regarding intellect and perception. For now there is very little that separates the average man from a single celled amoeba regarding intelligence. One could argue that the single-celled amoeba is more intelligent regarding its actions. Those that refuse to change will be weeded out, and they will perish. Nature has a way of doing this; thus those individuals that refuse to graduate from the pits of subhuman thinking will be removed from the system; the slogan adapt or die will take on a new meaning in the years to come.

When this period of turmoil ends, man will be able to think like an intelligent being and not like a violent animal whose only distinctive features are his ability to talk, though in most instances he would be better served with silence, and his ability to kill another for no reason at all.  In that sense, one could argue that the biggest and most dangerous virus on this planet is a species called homo-sapien. It’s the only species that kills for nothing and goes out of its way to destroy its habitat. No other species is this idiotic in nature.

Watch this clip carefully, it shows to you how almost all the news in the world from commercials sources is scripted and how most news is actually not news, but the lowest form of gossip.  We have moved to the point where stupidity is treated as a valuable asset, where dishonesty is rewarded handsomely and where stamping on your brothers head and crushing his windpipe is viewed as something honourable.  Those that accept these new standards (mostly the cerebrally damaged masses) should be ready for all the pain and suffering that will be rained down on them, for that will be their only reward.  To break free, you need to say no to this type of Pavlovian programming and challenge everything and everyone. Accept nothing and question everything. News from the mainstream media is now worse than sewage.  Sewage can be used to create something.

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I’ve been calling out a civil war here in Canada especially b/c of PM Turdblow and his disgusting way of getting future votes, importing islam, the most dangerous religion on earth! An IPSOS poll said last Nov 2015, 60% of Canadians said that they were against his policy.

Another IPSOS poll, this one from July and for province of Ontario. 75% of Ontarians are AGAINST IT! And for anyone who knows, Toronto city, rather, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has the lrgst amt of Muslims in CDA. And lrgst amt of immigrants, period! According to the “left rag” Toronto Star,
Ontario facing Epidemic of Islamaphobia (b/c of this 75% result)

I met a nice man on Twitter. Christian from Pakistan. He said his fam fled here to avoid the persecution from the Muslims. And for 1st time in 17yrs, they feel unsafe. So it’s ppl from those areas that have come here for a good life and do adhere to our values, that are also scared.

I have this “6th sense.” It has nvr steered me wrong. And for a long time now I’ve had this strong feeling of an impending civil war. Then, I was watching some reality show on the outdoors network or something, and they were showing these “rebels.” They had a stock pile of weapons, artillery, bankers, food, water etc etc. I thought these were Americans. Nope. Canadians in Northern Ontario. I even tweeted my fear of this a wk ago:

Good thing we’re well protected. And have 6 relatives who’s are cops. 4 are OPP and ex Military. Lord knows we’re going to need the protection (I’m disabled from severe Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome) and ability to mk it through.