The Hidden Agenda Game: Escaping the Obedience Cycle

Revealing the Hidden Agenda: Escaping the Obedience Cycle This title encapsulates the central theme of the text, highlighting the idea of a "hidden agenda" within the societal conditioning and encouraging readers to break free from the cycle of unquestioning obedience.

Unmasking the Hidden Agenda Game: Awakening from Obedient Slumber

Updated Aug 2023

Animals possess an innate ability to sense weather changes and impending disasters. As humans, we’ve been deemed the most advanced species on this planet, and we, too, can harness these abilities. Many of us have been conditioned to function like obedient robots. The majority are deceived into thinking they contribute something meaningful while their lives mimic a hamster endlessly sprinting on a wheel, convinced it’s journeying far. Yet, simply stepping off that wheel and progressing at a deliberate, slower pace can yield far better results. The issue is that most “robots” (commonly known as humans) remain oblivious that they’re on this wheel. Failing to grasp this concept hinders their ability to process anything effectively.

So, how do we break free from this cycle? The straightforward answer is to view things through a child’s eyes while engaging an adult’s analytical prowess. Imagine a glass sitting on a table, filled to the 50% mark. Now, you’re asked to describe what you see. What many fail to realize is that their responses are influenced by pre-existing programming. What is this program? Nearly everyone is taught that one can view something in a positive or negative light.

Consequently, some perceive the glass as 50% empty, while others see it as 50% full. The former are labelled as pessimists, and the latter as optimists. Shockingly, 99% of individuals never question this perspective. However, what if this premise is entirely flawed – and for the record, it is unequivocally incorrect? Failing to recognize this flaw means you’ll respond like a compliant robot, following preset guidelines. While you may believe your answer is correct, the harsh reality is that both options are flawed. Therefore, no matter how much effort or thought you invest, neither choice will yield anything of genuine value.

The Hidden Agenda Game: Unveiling the Truth Beyond Positivity

Here are the real answers stemming from an unencumbered mind.

I didn’t notice, and I don’t care; I have no need for a glass of water.
I see a glass with water in it, and as I’m thirsty, I have a sip.

Or some variation on those lines; whether it’s half full or empty is irrelevant and a waste of time. You either need the glass of water, or you don’t. If you do, you drink it and move on; if you don’t, you don’t waste time pondering it.

In a similar vein, we’re told it’s better to be positive in life than negative, to be a team player, not to be selfish, and to exhibit empathy and a slew of other notions that can and will only make your life worse.

In reality, the only thing you need to know and understand is this rule: treat others the way you want and expect to be treated. If you view yourself as worthless and useless, that’s how you’ll be treated. If you can’t love or care for yourself, why should others attempt to fill the void you’ve left?

Why this discourse?

Simply put, to process this data, you need to think outside the box. You must comprehend that everything in this world is interconnected, and you must grasp that there’s a driving force behind every action (typically psychological in nature). If you understand this (most of it is rooted in common sense), you’ll notice things others overlook by being an observer and simply looking around. To take it a step further, you could create an index and assign values to your observations. You might think it’s challenging, but give it a try, and you might be surprised at how easy it becomes once you grasp the essentials. In other words, with the right mindset, you could develop a few straightforward tools to assist you.

Our mindset led to the creation of the Volatility Indicator, the Religious Provocation Index, and more.

Mastering the Art of Observing: Uncovering Hidden Connections

If you’re not inclined to develop tools, you can rely on observations, provided you approach them with the mindset of an observer. You observe a group of individuals and truly perceive them without your preconceived notions. Practice leads to improvement, so trying is the only way to enhance your skills. Each attempt will elevate your understanding compared to your previous state. You apply the same principle when observing animal behaviour or examining currency markets.

Everything is indirectly connected because the primary driving force behind these phenomena is emotions, which are energy wasted 99% of the time. So, by tracking the flow of energy, you’ll perceive a drastically different picture from the one you’ve been led to believe is true. When you detect a cluster of significant changes occurring across various domains, you realize something substantial is unfolding. These changes will manifest in every facet of your life – weather patterns, relationships, stocks, currency markets, etc.

In our multifaceted endeavours, we’ve developed indices like the Volatility Indicator, various proprietary indices, such as the Religious Provocation Index, and our latest addition, the Trend Indicator, all designed to optimize our time utilization.


Seeing Beyond the Illusion: Unveiling the Truth about Health and Perception

In our pursuit of knowledge, we embrace a flexible mindset that allows us to perceive what others may overlook. It’s not a matter of superiority, but rather a result of having fewer barriers obstructing our vision. In this state of awareness, we can truly see things as they are, free from the influence of external biases. Unfortunately, most people are confined to a limited perspective, only perceiving what they have been conditioned to see.

If you find yourself unable to grasp the true reality before you, then you’re left with nothing to process. In such a state, everything may appear mystical and inexplicable, as an empty mind can only perceive the surface level without recognizing the deeper truths.

How many individuals truly comprehend this fundamental truth? You possess the ability to diagnose problems more effectively than any doctor, yet you relinquish your own knowledge in favor of assuming that doctors possess superior wisdom. Consequently, you remain unaware of the possibilities and solutions available to you. It’s crucial to recognize that every ailment is intricately linked to stress. By eliminating the source of stress, the body can remarkably heal itself, especially when supported by a nutrient-rich diet consisting of wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs. These delectable choices nourish your body without the unnecessary additives and preservatives.

If a word on a food label proves difficult to pronounce, it’s a clear indication that it doesn’t belong in your diet. Even seemingly healthy options, including organic products, often contain undesirable additives. One such pervasive and hazardous substance is carrageenan, found in numerous products.

By embracing a broader perspective and taking control of our health, we can break free from the illusions surrounding us. It’s time to unveil the truth and empower ourselves with the knowledge to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Rethinking Dieting: A New Perspective on Health

When we take a closer look at the word “diet,” removing the ‘T’ leaves us with “die.” It’s a striking metaphor for what can happen when people follow restrictive diets or engage in fasting. In essence, it feels like we’re endangering ourselves. The truth is, you shouldn’t have to go through such extremes. Instead, the key is to eat sensibly and nourish your body.

Think about it—do you ever see animals willingly subjecting themselves to the stress of dieting? They listen to their instincts and eat what they need to thrive. It’s time we take a cue from nature.

Not too long ago, we emphasized the importance of shedding preconceived notions and being open to fresh ideas to see the bigger picture clearly. The choice is yours.

In short, if you approach life with the simplicity of a child while utilizing the advanced computer in your head, also known as your brain, you’ll likely come to the same conclusions we have. Perhaps, you may even surpass us.


Challenges in a Changing World: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Religious Tensions

The era of multiculturalism has seen significant shifts and challenges. It may seem like this period has ended, but we stand at a crossroads rather than an endpoint. The concerns about religious conflicts are real, and some even predict a new phase akin to the Crusades of the past, marked by intense battles between the Christian and Muslim worlds.

One glaring issue is the lack of a unified approach within the Muslim world. The absence of a standardized framework for Islamic law and the ease with which individuals can assume the role of an Imam, issuing sometimes senseless and violent fatwas, have contributed to the current predicament. A clear hierarchical structure is notably absent.

On the other hand, Christian leaders have struggled to engage constructively with their Muslim counterparts, promoting dialogue and mutual understanding. The exception to this trend is Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric residing in Pennsylvania who has consistently sought to build bridges between the Muslim and Christian worlds. However, he faces opposition from figures like Erdogan, who aim to dismantle his organization.

Regrettably, we have reached a point of no return, where violent encounters between these two groups may become more frequent. A shadowy group with long-term plans appears to be the only beneficiary of such turmoil. Formerly peaceful Christian and Catholic communities in regions like Europe and South America may be on the verge of embracing a more aggressive stance, shifting from the New Testament’s teachings of turning the other cheek to the Old Testament’s principle of “an eye for an eye.”

In this uncertain future, it’s anticipated that Europe may enact stringent laws on other religions, primarily Islam. The once-welcoming attitude towards new cultures and faiths might transform into a more guarded and assertive approach.

We present this not as our desires or wishes but as an observation of the emerging trends. While wishes may be futile, understanding and addressing these challenges in reality is essential. We are entering a period of heightened tension and potential conflict, and it is crucial to seek avenues for peaceful coexistence and dialogue amid these complexities.

A Glimpse into an Uncertain Future: Authoritarianism, Resistance, and Nature’s Fury

It appears that governments in the Western world are trending towards increased authoritarianism, a shift that is causing concern and sparking the emergence of new freedom-fighting groups. These individuals will harness the power of computer technology alongside traditional warfare strategies to resist these authoritarian regimes, leading to a significant surge in hacker attacks. The specter of civil wars looms ever closer, resembling the dystopian scenarios portrayed in movies like “The Matrix” and “Terminator,” with governments in the West taking on the role of the Terminators.

Regarding weather patterns, we should brace ourselves for the unexpected and surreal. The seemingly erratic behaviour of humans can be attributed, in part, to significant planetary changes underway. Understanding these changes is the key to resistance, but one must comprehend the problem and know their adversary. Research into how weather affects human and animal behaviour is essential. We are on the brink of witnessing bizarre and spectacular weather phenomena that will remind us of the incredible power of Mother Nature.

Prepare for volcanic eruptions in unexpected places, violent earthquakes, extensive flooding, extreme oceanic activity, typhoons, hurricanes, and devastating droughts. Nature is about to remind us who truly rules this planet. Interestingly, areas historically prone to disasters or enduring prolonged periods of droughts and flooding may experience an unexpected shift toward more favourable conditions for life. It’s a reminder that the equilibrium in the natural world always seeks balance.

In this uncertain future, the interplay between authoritarianism, resistance, and nature’s fury will shape the course of events. Understanding these dynamics and seeking ways to adapt and mitigate their impacts will be crucial in navigating the challenges that lie ahead.

Navigating an Era of Change: The Hidden Agenda of Trust

Trust is becoming an invaluable commodity, surpassing the worth of even the most precious metals like Gold or Platinum. We find ourselves entering an era where trusting even your own shadow can be a challenge. In these times, if you’re fortunate to have a true friend, cherish them as more precious than gold, for genuine friends are exceedingly rare. We are immersed in an age marked by deceit and falsehoods, where the adage “if you have a family, you do not need enemies” is becoming increasingly relevant.

Yet, we shouldn’t view these changes with despair. Life has always been about change, a force that propels us forward and fosters growth. In pursuing something good, there is often a need for destruction; the old structures and ways of thinking must sometimes crumble. A prolonged era of peace and elevated thinking will emerge after this period of chaos and violence. Eventually, the world will undergo a profound shift in intellect and perception.

There may seem to be little separating the average person from a single-celled amoeba in terms of intelligence. In fact, one might argue that the amoeba displays greater wisdom in its actions. Those who resist change will naturally be culled from the system; the adage “adapt or die” will take on new meaning in the years to come.

Once this turbulent phase subsides, humanity will regain the capacity to think like intelligent beings rather than violent animals. We possess the ability to communicate, though often silence would serve us better, and the capacity to take lives without reason. In this context, one could argue that Homo sapiens is the most dangerous virus on this planet, the only species that kills needlessly and actively devastates its own habitat. Among all species, it is perhaps the most inanely destructive.

Unmasking the Scripted Reality: The Decline of News and the Rise of Critical Thinking

This clip is a stark reminder of how much of the news we consume from commercial sources is meticulously scripted and often amounts to little more than the lowest form of gossip. We find ourselves in an age where ignorance is sometimes celebrated as an asset, dishonesty is shamefully rewarded, and acts of brutality are tragically misconstrued as honourable deeds.

Those who embrace these new, lower standards, often the unwitting masses influenced by such programming, should prepare for the inevitable pain and suffering that accompanies such choices. This will be their solitary reward.

To break free from this cycle, one must vehemently reject this form of Pavlovian conditioning and be willing to challenge both the information presented and the sources themselves. Accept nothing at face value and question everything. It’s become evident that mainstream media’s news has sunk to depths lower than sewage. Yet, even sewage can be harnessed to create something useful.

The path forward lies in cultivating critical thinking, demanding transparency, and seeking unbiased and reliable sources of information. Only by doing so can we hope to rise above the scripted reality and find a clearer, more honest understanding of the world around us.

Hidden Agenda: Navigating a World of Deception and Transformation

In this journey through a world filled with hidden agendas and the scripted narratives of our times, we’ve uncovered layers of truth hidden beneath the surface. Whether it’s the elusive nature of trust, the unexamined narratives that shape our lives, or the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate phenomena, one thing remains clear: we live in a world of complexity and intrigue.

The Hidden Agenda Game has been revealed, exposing the illusions that often cloud our judgment. Just like the glass half full or half empty, we’ve discovered that sometimes the most straightforward answers stem from an unencumbered mind, unburdened by preconceived notions.

Our ability to observe, understand, and create tools has allowed us to see beyond the illusion and develop indices like the Volatility Indicator and the Religious Provocation Index, empowering us to navigate this complex world.

But it’s not just about data and tools; it’s also about how we perceive our own health and well-being. Recognizing the interplay between stress and physical health can unlock our body’s remarkable potential to heal itself.

As we reconsider our approach to dieting, we understand that it’s not about deprivation but nourishment. As animals listen to their instincts, we can learn from nature and sensibly nourish our bodies.

In the realm of multiculturalism and religious tensions, we acknowledge the challenges and potential conflicts on the horizon. However, our aim is not to despair but to seek avenues for peaceful coexistence and dialogue amid these complexities.

Amid an era marked by authoritarianism, resistance, and the fury of nature, we must adapt and mitigate the impacts of these forces. Our path forward requires critical thinking, transparency, and a commitment to seeking the truth amidst the scripted narratives surrounding us.

In this world of hidden agendas, the choice is ours—to accept the status quo or to challenge, question, and unveil the truths hidden beneath the surface. The path to understanding and transformation is never easy, but it’s always worth pursuing.

Originally published on November 14, 2015, and consistently updated until August 2023.

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I’ve been calling out a civil war here in Canada especially b/c of PM Turdblow and his disgusting way of getting future votes, importing islam, the most dangerous religion on earth! An IPSOS poll said last Nov 2015, 60% of Canadians said that they were against his policy.

Another IPSOS poll, this one from July and for province of Ontario. 75% of Ontarians are AGAINST IT! And for anyone who knows, Toronto city, rather, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has the lrgst amt of Muslims in CDA. And lrgst amt of immigrants, period! According to the “left rag” Toronto Star,
Ontario facing Epidemic of Islamaphobia (b/c of this 75% result)

I met a nice man on Twitter. Christian from Pakistan. He said his fam fled here to avoid the persecution from the Muslims. And for 1st time in 17yrs, they feel unsafe. So it’s ppl from those areas that have come here for a good life and do adhere to our values, that are also scared.

I have this “6th sense.” It has nvr steered me wrong. And for a long time now I’ve had this strong feeling of an impending civil war. Then, I was watching some reality show on the outdoors network or something, and they were showing these “rebels.” They had a stock pile of weapons, artillery, bankers, food, water etc etc. I thought these were Americans. Nope. Canadians in Northern Ontario. I even tweeted my fear of this a wk ago:

Good thing we’re well protected. And have 6 relatives who’s are cops. 4 are OPP and ex Military. Lord knows we’re going to need the protection (I’m disabled from severe Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome) and ability to mk it through.