F-35 Flying Rust Bucket No match for Russia T-50

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F-35 Flying Rust Bucket No match for Russia T-50

A Four Start Air Force general who must have smoked something incredibly powerful goes on to state that the mere sight of F-35’s at Airshows in the U.K will help deter Russians. We tink they are more likely to die from laughter.

“Fundamentally, deterrence is credibility, capability and willingness,” Gen. Frank Gorenc told Defense News.

Hey dude, Fundamentally the F-35 is a piece of Crap, and when the Russian’s see it at the show they will howl with laughter at the desperate lengths America goes to try to portray power. Hey even Australia is thinking twice before buying the rust bucket

The US has lost air superiority in Eastern Europe, and we might add all over the World too.  Independent analysts have already stated that Russian forces could easily take out NATO’s defenses in the Baltic states within 36 hours.

General Goren still assumes that the F-35 actually believes the Crap he is spewing out, and that is the Sad part;  insane would be too kind a word for this moron

“From the Barents to the Baltics to the Black Sea now to the Mediterranean, we see a continual movement of the development of modern, long-range, layered surface-to-air missile systems that would counter and create uncertainty for freedom of movement in the areas covered by those systems,” Gorenc said. “Those systems extend far into territory that could adequately be described as self-protection.”

“I think that the F-35 is going do for NATO what the F-16 did, in the sense that many of the partners and many of the allies were flying it, and so we’re going share common tactics, techniques, procedures (TTPs), concepts of operations, we’re going to leverage the logistics systems the training system,” Gorenc said. “I think that’s going go a long way to providing the interoperability that we strive for in the NATO concept.


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