Stock Market Predictions 2020: Focus On The Trend

Stock Market Predictions 2020

Updated April 2020

Stock Market Predictions 2020

Focus on the trend instead of stock market forecasts, for experts are notorious for getting it wrong. Monkeys with darts fare better than experts when it comes to market timing.

Mass psychology is the study of mass emotions, so investors that want to be on the right hand of the markets should make sure they have a firm grasp of this concept.  Now before we jump into the main article, you might find the following excerpt to be of interest.

Throughout  2016, we stated we did not expect much from Gold, and we stuck to this forecast, even though many experts went out of their way to report that Gold was ready to soar to the Moon or even to the next Galaxy.  In fact, since 2011, we have continuously said that until the Trend turns positive, it would be best to play other lucrative markets, such as the general equities market, the US dollar, etc.

During this time several experts stated that Gold was ready to surge and some issued insane targets ranging from $20,000-$50,000.  Under no circumstance can we ever see Gold going to $20,000 or $50,000 and even if drank a whole bottle of scotch or any other toxic compound it would still be very hard to visualise such a target. Issuing such targets is perfect for fear-mongering, and we find that tactic to be unpleasant and distasteful. Gold Market Finally ready to breakout?

Stock Market Predictions 2020 based on the Zodiac

The financial forecast for 2019 may bring us some surprising twists and turns as Uranus (the planet of radical change) moves back into financially savvy Taurus on March 7, where it will stay until April 26, 2026. With Taurus being a sign that loves stability (and money), having a planet like Uranus in it for the next seven years will push us to think very differently in terms of how we earn and manage our cash. For some of us, this may mean earning our money by non-traditional means or placing less of a value on certain forms of material wealth, like flashy, expensive things.

However, with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune, at home in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019; many of us should not only find more opportunities to make money but opportunities to see that money increase. Full Story

Finance Predictions: these Chaps are Predicting Chaos

Flashback to 2008: the government reacted to the financial crisis by buying ‘toxic assets’ from the affected financial institutions – setting up a ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program’. In addition to this, interest rates were lowered when the Federal Reserve acquired government bonds to boost interests in investment prospects. In total, $10 trillion’s worth of assets was purchased by central banks to reset the balance.

J.P. Morgan

Has pronounced a fallout forecast, stating that a 2019 financial crisis is likely to result in liquidity disruptions and a decline in assets because of diminutive inflows. And this near-future crisis is only being exacerbated by the US-China trade war. As well as the sudden collapse of the Smart Money Flow Index between 2016 to 2018 – China’s stock prices have taken a dive by 49%. If this pattern continues, the crash is inevitable

According to CNN Money, the main sources of a 2019 financial crisis will be related to China’s economy, the result of Brexit, a greater amount of cyberattacks on financial firms (with more Fintech systems being implemented), and a growing rate of UK household debt. The Bank of England Governor and chair of the Financial Stability Board, Mark Carney, spoke out about how the economical growth in China may look positive, however; the superpower’s projected growth of its financial sector is not guaranteed. Full Story

Finance Predictions From FT

We were over-optimistic on oil prices, emerging market growth, and the S&P 500. But, given the recent departure of India’s central bank governor, we may have been only premature in suggesting premier Narendra Modi would try another economic experiment in 2018. So, for the second year running, the FT team was roundly beaten by our reader forecasting contest winner — congratulations go to Mohammed Shahake Miah of Rochdale, England, who got only three questions wrong. To play the prediction game, provide your answers to the 20 questions below, plus the tiebreaker, and submit your (real) name and email. Happy 2019!Neil Buckley Full Story

Finance Predictions From 3 experts

“I’m optimistic. I think the fundamentals are sound,” is what Byron Wien, vice chairman of the Private Wealth Solutions unit at The Blackstone Group, told CNBC. He believes that the S&P 500 will gain 15% in 2019. One key to his prediction is his expectation that the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates at all in 2019, contrary to the widespread view that it will announce two or three rate hikes this year

Jeremy Siegel, a professor of finance at Wharton noted for his longtime advocacy of investing in stocks, predicts an advance of 5% to 15% for the S&P 500 in 2019, per another CNBC story. He observed: “We went from a rosy view to now, ‘Oh my God, there’s going to be a recession.’ The truth will be somewhere in between, and that leaves the stock market very attractive now.”

“It’s time to be thinking how much risk you want to have,” Bogle insists. Warning that “trees don’t grow to the sky,” he thinks that automatically buying on the dips the stock market, as many index fund investors have done in recent years, is not likely to be a winning strategy right now. On the other hand, he advises those saving for long-term goals to “Keep investing, no matter how frightened you are.” Full Story

Tactical Investor Stock Market Predictions 2020

These stories confirm that we were on the right track when we stated that the Fed had no intention of pushing rates too high for the past 24 months. We pointed to the reaction from the bond markets, Baltic dry index, the world economy, etc.; these indicators showed that this rate hike scheme was nothing but a game of smoke and mirrors.    This manipulation of the money supply is going to affect the stock markets dramatically; every single expert that refuses to adapt will be flung under the bus; there will be no exceptions.

The markets will experience many corrections ranging from wild to mild, but almost all of them will prove to be buying opportunities unless the trend changes.  If one takes a look at the megatrend (megatrends are ultra-long term trends) then every back-breaking correction has to be embraced; however, by employing human emotion as a timing indicator, we can determine the optimum time to jump in and out of the markets. Tactical Investor June 2019

Stock Market Predictions 2020 Update

First of all, we hope that the majority of our subscribers are starting to perceive that succumbing to Fear is a dangerous strategy to adopt.  Life and investing should not be stressful; stress is something that every Tactical Investor should abhor.  Moreover, remember, stress comes down to perceptions; alter the perception and one can shift from being stressed to being serene. Instead of focussing on experts Stock Market Crash 2019 Predictions, understand that so-called crashes should be embraced if you want to retire rich.

Experts love to push the argument that investing is hard and that it takes forever to master this art. Remember that investing is an art, not a science and art is meant to be enjoyed.  So are the masses starting to jump on the bandwagon after this strong turn around; the obvious answer would be yes_? The not so obvious answer would be ___? Continue reading, and you will find out ?Stock market Crash 2019 Predictions are All Based On Faulty Logic

The trend is your friend and until the trend changes are per our trend indicator all pullbacks ranging from mild to wild have to be embraced——– End of Story


Stock Market Update  April 2020

Watch with amazement how the hysteria over the coronavirus disappears just as fast as it was created once the objective of lowering rates and approving multi-billion bailouts is achieved. The data on the coronavirus indicates that the high mortality rate is only applicable to older individuals and we are sure when that data is further examined, it will be discovered that these older individuals are not in the best of health. In other words, they probably have existing conditions.

 Don’t forget to keep a trading journal; the best time to take notes is when blood is flowing freely on the streets. Interim Update March 9th, 2020

Near-Zero Rates

Now with rates at close to zero and the Fed throwing money at this market like there is no tomorrow, what will happen? The first thing is that a vast swath of the population will be forced to speculate in their quest for higher returns. So even if they jump into stocks that only pay dividends, a massive hoard of money is set to hit the markets in the years to come.   Look at how much money has already been thrown into this market. The Fed has agreed to inject 2 trillion into the markets and Trump is now asking for an additional 800 billion.

The Federal Reserve on Thursday (March 12) massively increased its efforts to keep the economy on track and quell the growing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, injecting US$1.5 trillion (S$2 trillion) of cash into markets this week.

Would any of this be possible before the coronavirus pandemic? This hysteria was most likely created to provide the perfect backdrop where the Fed could inject as much as it wanted into the markets, in addition to dropping rates to zero. This ultra-low rate environment is going to trigger share buyback programs of the likes we have never seen before