Muslim Migrants unleashed make Sweden Rape Capital of West

By Draco Cooper

Muslim Migrants unleashed make Sweden The Rape Capital of West

Is Sweden The Rape Capital of West

This one chart illustrates just how bad things are in Sweden. This beautiful and easy going nation is being ripped apart with rapes, due to inviting barbarians that have no respect for women or even each other.  The problem is not religion per say but the culture and group of individuals. These people would behave this way regardless of religion.  They are animals and have low IQ.  It has been confirmed that low IQ people are more prone to violence, and the average migrant moving to Europe possess a very low IQ.

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 Sweden Rape Capital of West

Low IQ could be a factor

These Low IQ beings will have a hard time assimilating as they will not be able to land meaningful jobs and as such this will simply provide even more fuel to their already hate enraged minds.  We are not making this up; the information below proves without a doubt that migrants from Africa cannot blend in because they have extremely low IQ. It is imperative that a filter is implemented; the low IQ and violence prone trash have to be thrown out, and only the cream of the crop that is willing to integrate should be accepted.

The fact that immigrants are failing at school and on the labour market need not be due to discrimination. Instead, the reasons must be sought in the fact that the largest immigrant groups have an average IQ level that is far below that of ethnic Swedes. Writes Sture Eriksson, associate professor of psychology at Uppsala University and former researcher of test methodology and intelligence testing, for Fria Tider Debate.

 The answer to this question has been given by two researchers in an important book: IQ and the Wealth of Nations written by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen. (2002)They published a compilation of nation IQs that they put about each nation’s prosperity, and subsequently published the results on the internet. In short, the compilation refutes this Peanos-axiom.Intelligence division (the standardised IQ distribution, also called the bell curve or Gaussian distribution) has a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 IQ units.

The results that the two researchers have published show significant differences in average intelligence between countries:

 Several Asian countries, such as Japan and China, have an average IQ of 107.

Sweden and several European countries have an average IQ of around 100.

Many African states, such as Somalia, Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Angola, Rwanda have an average IQ of about 70. Several Arab countries, such as Iraq, also have an average IQ level significantly below the Swedish.  Read Full Story

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Religious wars will continue to gain traction as leaders in Europe blinded by stupidity continue to pretend that all is well when Europe is on the verge of losing its identity. The only way to fix the solution is to completely close the doors to refugees and force everyone to go through a stringent application process, and the primary test should be based on IQ. If they fail the IQ test, the application should be denied immediately. If Europe wants to save itself, it needs to move now and close the gates ASAP. There are millions of immigrants in Africa eyeing Europe and with laws that are so lax, these bandits will have a field day feasting on the local citizens, especially the lovely women of Europe.



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Thatwackytech .


there is a gradual pushback coming, brexit was the start,much more to come..

Masood Ahmed

I dont believe this as Sweden is a very sexually permisive country thats why it is happening a migrant is afraid to do any criminal act as he is already depressed for leaving his birth place

Tom Wheeler

That is because you are one of the low IQ indigents.

Are you taking the piss? Sexually permissive? Like the victims ‘permit’ the sex or the Country as a whole ‘permits’ random sex of its’ people? If they permitted the sex then why did they report it as rape? Are you trying to piss people off? It is these rapist scum that will quickly slow down and stop the expansion of islam and the immigration of eastern uncivilised peoples in Europe and the rest of the world. Look at Brexit and Trump getting into power. The western civilised countries have realised that by letting eastern uncivilised people in who do not value life or women or a civilised system, then rapes will go up and their own cultures will be destroyed by an uncivilised barbaric culture. You only need take a look at places like Aghanistan where they have no infrastructure or anything bigger than mud huts because anything bigger requires a civilised population. All the backward lefties are doing by letting uncivilised droves into the civilised countries is destroying the progression of the human race.

author Robert P. Wills

Well said. Their countries are crap holes and they come to the West and immediately want to make that new country a crap hole.

Shawn Mary Reid

You are a pig . You should see all of the rape from these swines . I hope you don’t live in the west .

Shawn Mary Reid

You are disgusting and you are filthy

Sorry.. .Didn’t’ think Sweden legalized rape of women, little boys & girls being molested in public pools.. etc