Experts know nothing & why team players always lose

Experts know nothing & why team players always lose

Everyone loves to use the word ‘expert’ all the time to claim they know something extra or have knowledge of the inner workings in a specific field or area. Now if you want to turn the tables around on them all you have to say is the following: But first, repeat the word expert slowly and then spell it as it sounds and viola you get EX SPURT, which basically means that this expert is nothing but a spurt that never was, in other words, they are finished even before they have even begun. [/color-box]

Isn’t it strange that most so-called financial experts fall into the EX  SPURT category? We use words to secretly define what we know to be true but refuse to believe or see with our open eyes. To live in an illusion is far easier than to step out and deal with reality. It’s said that reality bites but then we could say illusions swallow. In reality, there is no such thing as an expert, because who are you measuring yourself. Anyone can be an expert if they measure themselves against the ignorant and blind. There are only advanced market students or advanced life students. We can never stop learning for when we do; senility is very close at hand.

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Benefits of not being a team player

Let’s start off by looking at the working for the benefit of the group principle and how being selfish is supposed to be bad.

One big flaw with this principle is that how could you possibly know what’s good for the group if you have no idea of what’s good for you. So blindly you try to work for the benefit of the group, and since we have millions of misguided individuals working under a misguided premise, it’s a mega recipe for disaster. That is why we have so many depressed people, lost people, people who feel like they have no purpose in life, etc.

This somehow blends with the paradox principle, in order to succeed the law of paradoxes states that you must be ready and willing to embrace your failures. So taking this one step further, in order to share you must be willing to understand and embrace the principle of selfishness. In order to work for the group, you must be, ready and willing to work for the benefit of yourself and the list goes on.

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So what we should be taught is that first we should look out for our self-interests and when we are okay we should take that knowledge and share it with others. That being selfish in moderation is not only good but also a vital necessity for our survival. For if one does not care about one’s health or wealth, how could they care about the health or wealth of the group. We suggest you read the book called “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ann Rand.

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