Five minute Financial blurbs

Five minute Financial blurbsThis Five Minute Financial blurbs project is our way of getting out the most important news, by leaving the smallest footprint possible.  Think of it as a five-minute update.

Our Goal is to convey the central message in five minutes or less, leaving you with valuable extra time to do things you want but often don’t have the time to do.

Wall Street and the government share the same bed; Congress is bought and paid for by the corporate world. Dreaming of change will not produce any and no change will come about till the masses revolt. As the masses are in a state of sedation, this situation will go on for a lot longer than most envision.  Using the concepts of mass psychology, contrarian investing and technical analysis, we will cut through the Jargon and provide you only with the data you need, minus the nonsense factor.  In essence, this is the goal of the Five Minute Financial blurbs, endeavour.


Stock Market Crash Predictions Are Blatant Acts Of Misdirection (Dec 31, 2017)

Investor Sentiment Does not Support Stock Market Crash 2018 Outlook (Dec 11)

Weak Economy Not Enough To Stop Most Hated Stock Market Bull (Oct 24)

Fed States Inflation Is Not An Issue     (Oct 14)

Retail Sector In Death Trend; Restaurants not far behind  (Oct 14)

Fake Polls and Fake News On The Rise; Benefit From This Data  (Oct 13)

Fiat Money is Behind Every Financial Crisis  (Oct 12)

Crowd Sentiment Stating Stock Market Not Ready to Crash (Oct 9)

Masses Think Fiat Is Real Money and That’s The Problem  (Oct 9)

One Statistic illustrates US Economic Recovery is Not Real  (Oct 6)

Robots that can grill and assemble 400 burgers an hour (Sept 7)

Banks only purpose is to lie and Fleece the Populace (Jul 12)

Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods will Transform Grocery (Jul 10)

Millennials Are Destroying Banks and Financial institutions (Jul 05)

Central banks prefer pounds over euros even after Brexit (April 6)

Fake news is nothing new-it was worse a century ago (March 20)

The scary Stock market crash that experts are overhyping (March 15)

Brexit Could Hit 30K U.K. Finance Jobs (Mar 13)

UK economy resilient at end of 2016-manufacturing jumps (Mar 10)

7 Challenges Private Markets Face in 2017 (Mar 05)

Stock Market Crash 2017-reality or all Hype (Feb 28)

Fear equates to Stock Market Buying Opportunity (Feb 25)

Is there such a thing as Internet Abuse disorder?  (Feb 09)

Trump wants to Cut UN Funding-what are your thoughts on the subject (Feb 1)

The power of Trend investing-catch the mega trend before the masses (Jan  23)


Three Charts illustrating Hated Stock Market Bull Still has legs (Dec 28)

Japanese Labour Problems being Solved by Robots (Dec 20)

Stock Market bull will go ballistic under Trump Administration (Dec 8)

Religious wars being used as pretext to destroy currencies on Global basis (Dec 7)

Central Banks Prime Directive-Rob the Poor to Pay the Rich   (Dec 5)

Brexit on Steroids-Trump Wins Triggers Massive Stock Market Rally  (Nov 29)

Unaffordable Obamacre-50 percent cannot afford over 100 per month (Nov 19)

China factory activity at 22-month high & High Tensions in Libya (Nov 15)

Sofia the Humanoid Robot That Looks and Talks Like a Human (Nov 12)

CNBC Tears Down Elon Musk’s Snarky Response To A Coal CEO (Oct 21)

Freedom & Independence-almost extinct & forgotten concepts  (Sept 23)

Observer or Participator determines your outcome (Sept 23)

Classic Article Clipping Coinage; prelude to Fiat & Central Bank Abuse (Sept 21)

Gold 25K plus-experts making those predictions will be dead before Gold hits those targets (Sept 20)

Mass Media Busted; Britain faring better After Brexit (Sept 5)

Listening to Main Stream Media guarantees Stock Market Losses  (Sept 3)

Psychological & Economic Deception Wall Street’s Weapon of Choice (Sept 1)

Brexit Success: Manufacturing Activity Surges to 25 year high (Sept 1)

China’s new 2.8 Billion Chip Maker will shake up Global Semiconductor Industry (Aug 30)

Stupid Hedge Funds Panic & Dump Apple & Netflix; buy baby buy  (Aug 30)

Foolish Deutsche bank states stock market crash needed to fix Economy (Aug 30)

You should love most hated Stock Market Bull In History (Aug 29)

Dirty politics, Fraud & Wall Street one big Happy family (August 24)

Australian & German Central Bankers Join Negative Rate Wars (August 22)

Federal Reserve Bank-Most Dangerous Criminal Enterprise In the World (Aug 20)

Could Trump be Good for most hated Stock Market Bull (Aug 19)

Corrupt Mexican President & Psychological Data manipulation (Aug 12)

Investors Chasing Yields Forces Vanguard Dividend Fund Closure (Aug 9)

Terrorist Attacks, Religious Wars & Financial Markets (Aug 5)

Japan’s Abe Mulling Another Round of Stimulus (Aug 1)

Investment Common Sense lacking & Jackasses Predicting Stock Market Demise (Jul 26)

Brexit Hidden Theme Continuation of Currency War Game (Jul 25)

Why Is Apple Investing Chinese Uber Didi-running scared (May 21)

Copper & Baltic Dry Index Useless leading Economic Indicators, Better alternative is available (May 20)

Chinese Buyers Opting For Bigger Cars (May 19)

Real Reason Europe being flooded With Violent Immigrants (May 18)

Chinese Renminbi bullish long-term outlook (May 8)

Sanctions backfire; Sberbank has gone from the threat of dollar famine to feast (May 5)

Gold Bugs think & stop listening to Fear mongers  (Apr 29)

Alibaba poised for Strong New Growth; Don’t listen to the Naysayers  (Apr 29)

Fear Mongers Parasites that Profit from your Fear  (Apr 27)

Why Gold Bugs got the Gold Market Wrong  (Apr 17)

2 Trillion Mega-fund; Saudi’s end of oil Era plan wishful thinking (Apr 16)

Where is Gold headed in 2016; Up, down or sideways (Apr 13)

Do Investors need to own Gold; The answer might surprise you (Apr 13)

Fiat Currency: silent but deadly weapons of Mass Destruction (Apr 12)

Data manipulation; The Fraudulent Economic Recovery (Apr 11)

US an Oligarchy, not a democracy concludes Princeton Study  (Apr 9)

Russian PAK-50 spectacular Arial Display Puts F-35 to Shame  (Apr 8)

Russia’s Syrian Success A boon For weapons Sales (Apr 8)

Margin trading comeback could propel Chinese Markets Upwards (Apr 6)

Ted Cruz exposed; lies, deceit & more (Apr 5)

The Pension Nightmare & Ticking Time Bomb (Apr 5)

China Punishes 300,000 officials for Corruption; US does nothing (Apr 4)

Republicans & Democrats planning 400 billion corporate debt forgiveness (Apr 3)

One chart reveals Fed’s true intent; destroy the Middle Class  (Apr 2)

Yen knocked down by Yuan to become 4th most used currency (Apr 1)

Fed’s main objective to Manipulate Masses & Markets (Mar 31)

China Punishes 300,000 Officials for corruption & U.S.A punishes none (Mar 28)

China Emerging Super power hosts most billionaires in the world (Mar 28)

Next subprime Crisis: Auto Bond delinquencies (Mar 28)

Despite Challenges outlook positive for stable Economic Growth (Mar 27)

Fossil fuel’s Death; Electric cars will outsell Fossil powered Cars (Mar 25)

China’s Middle Class Now World’s Largest Surpassing America (Mar 25)

Herd Psychology states Panic & Negativity equals buying opportunity (Mar 25)

Green Peace Co-founder believes Climate Change is a colossal scam  (Mar 22)

U.S Superpower End Game: Russia & China on Gold buying Spree  (Mar 11)

Saving for retirement: Invest in stocks & retire rich  (Mar 9)

China powering ahead with supply-side reforms (Mar 8)

Stock Bull Market over; Mob Psychology disagrees  (Mar 2)

Beliefs Dangerous to long term financial success  (Mar 1)

Can China attract Foreign Talent via Issuing extra Green Cards  (Feb 29)

Lemmings: Herd Mentality & Stock Market losses (Feb 27)

Currency wars & Negative rates will destroy fixed income individuals (Feb 25)

Financial Markets Gripped by Panic & masses stampeding  (Feb 23)

Interest rate wars-Fed stuck between a hard place and a grenade  (Feb 23)

Mob Psychology: Market Crash of 2016 buying opportunity (Feb 21)

People’s QE: Central bankers forcing public to speculate (Feb 18)

Currency wars explode: Negative interest rate wars start (Feb 15)

Medvedev states Merkel’s immigrant policy quite simply stupid (Feb 12)

Student debt clock Illustrates next major financial crisis (Feb 8)

3 charts illustrating American Economy in trouble  (Feb 6)

Peak oil theory debunked: Just another price gouging Scam (Jan 25)

The Middle Class Squeeze: 4.00 in 1973 equates to 22.41 today (Jan 25)

For Many Americans Great Recession Never Ended  (Jan 23)

Oil Supply Outstrips Demand: Oil Headed Lower 2016 (Jan 21)

VIX stating investors should not panic in 2016  (Jan 20)


Chinese markets short term mess, long term great buy  (Dec 22)

Extreme leverage & Greed caused Chinese stock market crash  (Dec 21)

Putin States Turkey licked American private parts  (Dec 20)

Stupidity & leverage caused China Financial crash  (Dec 20)

Illegally boost earnings without doing any work  (Dec 19)

Americans Favor coffee over owning stocks  (Dec 17)

Sexy stocks beat boring bonds: suggested strategy (Dec 10)

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