Ukraine Government Accepted Monsanto For 17 Billion IMF Loan

Ukraine government Accepted Monsanto For 17 Billion IMF Loan


Ukraine Government Welcomes Monsanto for Money

Hidden within the intricate layers of any loan agreement, particularly those orchestrated by the IMF were provisions that exposed Ukraine to potential exploitation by major corporations, including the notorious Monsanto. Putin, displaying astuteness, had wisely expelled these purveyors of harmful substances from Russia. However, betrayers like Poroshenko and Yates flung open the doors to these plunderers. It is worth noting that both of these leaders ascended to power through a coup, an act deemed illegal according to Ukraine’s constitution.

While Ukraine is a gateway to other parts of Eastern Europe, its land holds immense value and significance. Allowing the introduction of GMO foods would inflict severe damage upon its delicate ecosystem. Putin himself has publicly stated that Monsanto’s bee-killing products alone could be justifiable cause for a nation to engage in warfare. By embracing these corporate thieves, Ukraine is inviting further trouble upon itself.

The Oakland Institute, an organization based in California, recently published a report titled “Walking on the West Side” which reveals how the conniving World Bank and IMF imposed terms that would compel Ukraine to open its doors to genetically modified crops.

Ukraine Government Under Viktor Yanukovych

Despite his dubious reputation as a corrupt individual, made the decision to decline a loan offer of $17 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Unfortunately, the true consequences of this disastrous choice are only now becoming apparent to the world. Instead, Yanukovych wisely opted for a Russian aid package worth $15 billion, including the enticing benefit of more affordable Russian natural gas.

This change of heart by Yanukovych triggered a response from the neo-conservative forces in Washington, leading to the escalation of violence and bloodshed during the Maidan protests.

According to a report by the Oakland Institute, there is an often-overlooked clause in Article 404 of the EU agreement, specifically related to agriculture. This clause states that both parties will collaborate to expand the utilization of biotechnologies, including genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is evident that this provision aligns with the interests of the agribusiness industry. As Michael Cox, the research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray noted, “Ukraine, along with Eastern Europe, presents great growth potential for major farm equipment companies like Deere, as well as seed producers like Monsanto and DuPont.”

The Ukrainian constitution currently prohibits farmers from cultivating GMO crops. However, the recent actions of the new Ukraine Government, through an agreement that is both concerning and cunning, pose a threat to Ukraine’s untouched and immaculate lands.

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