Federal Reserve Bank Definition: Unveiling Deception and Fraud

Federal reserve bank definition

Decoding Federal Reserve Bank Definition: Unmasking Deception & Fraud

Updated Aug 2023

The Federal Reserve Bank, often referred to as the Fed, is a name that is deeply ingrained in the American financial system. However, the reality of this institution is far from what its name suggests. Contrary to popular belief, the Federal Reserve is not a federal entity but a private one. The term ‘Federal’ was strategically chosen to give the institution an air of legitimacy and authority. Yet, the truth is that it is not a government institution but a system controlled and owned by private bankers.

The Federal Reserve System operates under a veil of secrecy and deception. It is a system that is not subject to the same scrutiny and transparency as other government entities. Central banks, including the Federal Reserve, have consistently resisted attempts to audit their books. They argue that such audits would compromise their independence, an argument that is as absurd as it is unfounded. This lack of transparency allows the Federal Reserve to operate without public accountability, making it a breeding ground for potential fraud and corruption.

The Federal Reserve’s primary function is to control the money supply, a power it wields with little oversight. By increasing the money supply, the Federal Reserve effectively erodes the value of the dollar. This artificial inflation is a hidden tax on the average worker, who sees the purchasing power of their hard-earned money diminish over time. This is a subtle form of robbery, one that is perpetrated under the guise of economic stability and growth.

Federal Reserve Bank Definition Unveiled: Exposing Deception and Fraud

Moreover, the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the money supply creates artificial boom and bust cycles. These cycles, which are often mistaken for natural economic phenomena, are in fact the result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies. The boom periods, characterized by economic growth and prosperity, are followed by bust periods, marked by economic downturns and recessions. These cycles cause significant harm to the average worker, who is often the hardest hit during economic downturns.

The Federal Reserve also lends money indiscriminately, without disclosing to the public whether the recipients of these loans have sufficient assets to back them. This lack of transparency allows the Federal Reserve to lend money to governments and corporations without public accountability. This practice not only puts the American taxpayer at risk but it also undermines the principles of a free and fair market.

Furthermore, the Federal Reserve’s cosy relationship with Congress raises serious questions about its independence and integrity. The two entities share a symbiotic relationship, with the Federal Reserve providing financial support to Congress in exchange for political protection. This relationship is a clear conflict of interest that undermines the democratic principles upon which our nation was founded.




Central bankers wield monetary policy with the potential impact of a madman handling weapons of mass destruction. The power to manipulate the money supply and orchestrate economic boom and bust cycles is an immensely potent tool capable of causing substantial harm. Take, for example, the way Former Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke artfully conceals the consequences of a Federal Audit.

In conclusion, under the guise of serving the public interest, the Federal Reserve Bank is a private institution serving the interests of the banking elite. Its practices of inflating the money supply, creating artificial boom and bust cycles, and lending money without transparency are all forms of deception and fraud. It is time for the American public to unmask the true nature of the Federal Reserve and demand accountability and transparency from this powerful institution.


Guarding Against Fed Fraud: Your Self-Defense Strategy

Having a self-defence plan is crucial in the face of potential financial deception. To effectively counteract these unscrupulous actors, it’s essential to understand their tactics.

You have two options: you can sign up for our free newsletter to acquire the knowledge needed to safeguard your interests, or you can enlist our services, allowing us to handle the task for you.

In the interim, it’s vital to recognize that every market correction presents a buying opportunity. The Federal Reserve will not permit a market crash, as they possess an inexhaustible supply of fiat money to support and bolster these markets. Their goal is to maintain the facade of stability because they need to convey the impression that all is well.

Despite a pervasive sense that something is amiss, the masses hold onto hope, believing that things will improve when they witness upward trends in the stock market. This emotion is known as hope, and it endures indefinitely. It is this very sentiment that financial institutions exploit to their advantage. As long as they can sustain the illusion of hope, they can continue to exploit the masses without detection.

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Steven Wilson

I like how you explain the nature of the Fed. You identify it for what it really is: an attempt by private bankers to control the 99%. The entire concept of a privately run banking system controlling the money supply of an entire country is so obviously crazed and dysfunctional it could only be dumped on a sheeple populace afraid to question what is happening to us.

Beyond that I need help with what you are doing encouraging investment.

Tactical Investor

Investment newcomers often seek initial guidance on their journey. At our core, we believe in respecting individual choices, which is why we offer both a free and a premium newsletter.

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Understanding the Federal Reserve’s operations places you light years ahead of the crowd. Regrettably, the majority won’t question the system until it’s too late, and this is precisely what these financial institutions are banking on.