Gold Price Forecast

Gold Price Forecast

Gold Price Forecast: Experts are full of it

Updated March 2023

Jim Sinclair’s Gold Price Forecast is insane, to put it mildly; we would like to know how he arrived at this calculation. If you Google his name, you will find he posts stuff on Gary North’s site. Google Gary North, and you will find out that he is the idiot who scared thousands of people to think the world would end due to the Y2K bug in 2000.

Gary North scared so many people into buying supplies they needed because, according to him, the world would go dark in 2000. 2000 came, and it was a non-event, but many ordinary folks who bought this nonsense lost small fortunes. At the very least, Gary North should have been fined, but instead, he is alive and thriving and probably pushing another product.  We find the technique Sinclair uses to be distasteful in that he uses scare tactics to bait the uninformed. If he were so sure Gold would go to 50,000, why did he not sell everything he owned and dump it into Gold?

Pie in the sky targets

Gold has not even hit $2,000, so Jim is genuinely in a league of his own when he comes out with this insane target of $50,000.  So what gives?

    • He is looking at his crystal ball and getting the wrong message. Maybe the net connection to the other world is not up to standard.
    • He is trying to sell you something by trying to scare you
      He claims to be a gold expert, but he is more like a snake oil salesman, as it is unbecoming to issue such a target when Gold has not even made it to $2000.
    • Finally, what century is he talking about, 200 years from now or 300 years from now? Even if he is right, who would care, as one would be long gone by then?

He made the exact predictions in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and will continue until the end of time. He is a broken record chanting the same monotonous hymn repeatedly; eventually, he will be correct, but you could be dead and gone by then.

Gold Price Forecast 2023

At Tactical Investor, we are concerned that real inflation will emerge once the dollar peaks later this year. Our analysis indicates that the dollar is on the verge of hitting a multi-year peak. The recent surge in copper prices, reaching new highs in 2022, serves as a subtle reminder that inflation will pose a significant issue in the future. The money supply is expected to increase exponentially, and the BRICS nations will continue to gain momentum. As more nations divest from the dollar, demand for the currency will diminish.

We anticipate that the price of Gold will hover between the range of 2500 to 2700 over the next 15 to 24 months. However, there is a possibility that Gold may surge as high as 3600 before reaching a multi-month peak.


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