Syrians Thank Putin For Freeing them; Sadly the U.S did nothing

Syrians Thank Putin For Freeing them; Sadly the U.S did nothing

Thank you Russia! Thank you Hezbollah! Thank you Iran!” shouts the man, as he passes us in the busy square.This is Nubl, a mostly Shia, pro-government town in Syria, so close to the border with Turkey that on the way here our phones constantly switched to Turkish mobile networks.Until two weeks ago Nubl and its neighbor al-Zahra were under siege; various rebel factions, including the al-Nusra Front and others linked to the Free Syrian Army, controlled the countryside nearby for more than three years.

Then the Syrian army — backed by pro-Iranian militias and supported by controversial Russian air strikes — broke through.

In Nubl, al-Assad-supporting local residents are still jubilant; “God, Syria, Bashar, and nothing else,” a group of them chanted as we approached. Full Story

This illustrates the benefits Russia has brought to the Syrian people. Also, as we stated a long time ago, this is a very clear signal from Russia that the days of US domination are over.  China is also taking this stance, and we feel that China might shock the world and commit some troops or heavy firepower to the Syrian War.  The tide is turning against the US. But the biggest loser is going to be the Terror Masters otherwise known as the House of Saud.

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