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Breaking News Headlines Today Archives

Breaking News Headlines Today Archives

Breaking news

Breaking News or Rubbish that is the question

The title of breaking news is completely abused today. Most outlets are nothing but gossip stations

Real journalism is different from the gossip, punditry and clickbait that dominates today’s news. Real journalism, in the words of Joseph Pulitzer, is the painstaking reporting that will “fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice or corruption, [and] always fight demagogues”. Pulitzer said journalism must always “oppose privileged classes and public plunderers, never lack sympathy with the poor, always remain devoted to the public welfare, never be satisfied with merely printing news, always be drastically independent, never be afraid to attack wrong, whether by a predatory plutocracy or predatory poverty”.

For example, two Silicon Valley corporations – Facebook and Google – control 60% of the entire digital advertising market. They have used monopolistic control to siphon off advertising revenues from news organizations. A recent study by the News Media Alliance, a trade organization, found that in 2018, as newspaper revenues declined, Google made $4.7bn off reporting that Google did not pay for. The guardian

Breaking News Headlines Today Archives 

Distance Learning: Best Apps, Tools and Online Services Although there are major restrictions on movement and social gatherings during the ...
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Bitcoin price Bust or Boom The growth in US debt has sparked a discussion on what would happen in an ...
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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity Application of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: With debates on the pros and cons of ...
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Hong Kong Protest 2019: US President Donald Trump has signed into law a bill that supports pro-democracy protesters in Hong ...
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Irate China threatens retaliation over US law on Hong Kong China Hong Kong Protests: China threatened retaliation against Washington on ...
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The rent is too damn high: Study Agrees With This Statement Olyvia Ruhlmann, Apartment List Let’s take a look back ...
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Olyvia Ruhlmann, Apartment List The Average American Household According to a new study by Apartment List, the way in which ...
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Marketing psychology and Trump Happy Wednesday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the ...
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Happy Wednesday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Happy Wednesday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Happy Wednesday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Happy Monday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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The United States has issued satellite images and cited intelligence to back its allegation Iran was behind attacks on major ...
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Happy Friday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Happy Friday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Happy Saturday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Happy Wednesday, Another round of packed news, we list the 5 top stories and highlight the one we think you ...
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Alt right AKA left movement We are not in favour of the Alt-right, or left movement; we think both groups ...
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Trump Michael Cohen Pleaded Guilty To Lying To Congress About A Trump Real Estate Deal In Russia Trump Michael Cohen, ...
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Bob Wilson Might Have Made A Mistake He should have paid these people instead of Giving Away Free Money Monica ...
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Pentobarbital: Inmates said the drugs burned as they died - This is how Texas gets its execution drugs The Texas ...
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“We live in a state of chaos,” wrote 13-year-old Sandra Parks two years ago in an essay that won third ...
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Amazon fake reviews
Online reviews can be useful when you can’t see, touch, or try products before you buy them, like you can ...
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John Middleton Ramsey, 22, remembers his friend, John Chau, 26, telling him about his plan to travel to the Andaman ...
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Types Of Tourism: MeToo and sex tourism It looks like there various types of tourism and one that seems to ...
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Florida Republican Won Messy Senate Recount Florida Gov. Rick Scott has won the close and tense Florida race for US ...
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Two major wind-driven wildfires in California have scorched nearly 250,000 acres and forced entire cities to evacuate. In Northern California, ...
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Trump Couldn’t Visit A Different Cemetery Due To Bad Weather One hundred years after their countries fought one another on ...
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — State election officials in Florida on Saturday ordered a statewide machine recount in three tight races, ...
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Three major wildfires are raging in California, scorching tens of thousands of acres and forcing entire cities to evacuate. More ...
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DAYTONA BEACH — Authorities say a 15-year-old Florida boy strangled his mother after getting into an argument over a bad ...
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US Sanctions Iran At 11:59 p.m. Sunday, the Trump administration reimposed sanctions on Iran that had been lifted while the ...
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Florida Shooter Killed 2 People A student and a faculty member at Florida State University were killed and five people ...
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Hillary Clinton Isn’t On The Ballot COLUMBIA, Missouri — President Donald Trump is back to doing what he loves: campaigning ...
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Chelsea Handler Poses Topless to drive more votes Regardless of who she might be stumping for, in this case, for ...
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Chinese and Russian spies are regularly eavesdropping on President Trump's cellphone calls, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. The ...
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Lion Air Crash A plane carrying 189 people, including one child and two infants, crashed into the ocean shortly after ...
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The massacre inside the Tree of Life synagogue also left six people injured, including four police officers. Officials described the shooting ...
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Apple Playing Dirty; owes Qualcomm $7 Billion in Royalty payments “They’re trying to destroy our business," Qualcomm lawyer Evan Chesler ...
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Quotes From Warren Buffett On Stock Market Investing Warren Buffett has shared many insights over the years into what it ...
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90% of young women in US have experienced sexual harassment According to a new report, nearly 90% of young women ...
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Pipe Bombs Sent To Hillary Clinton & Other Democrats The FBI and other federal agencies are investigating after at least ...
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Hillary’s Campaign Manager Blames Loss To Russian interference Sounds like the pot calling the Kettle black.  Bernie sanders could make ...
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Quantum Computing is close at hand Dario Gil,  the chief operating officer of IBM Research and Chad Rigetti, founder of  Rigetti Computing ...
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Why Drinking Coffee lowers Diabetes Risk? There’s also compelling research that increasing your coffee intake may actually lower your risk for ...
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MS 13 is running rampant in California; what gives? MS-13 took advantage of limited resources in the city of Mendota ...
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Millennials Are The Dumbest Generation Millennials are known for their love of technology and for living at home longer than any ...
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How Bad Is Sexual Abuse In The U.S. Military? Army Spc. Sarah Reyes' instincts had always prompted her to run ...
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Brave Mom Catches Man Spying on Daughter A woman's encounter with a man accused of spying on her 12-year-old daughter ...
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Canadian Muslim Scholar Explains Why Pedophilia in Islam Is Ok “While evidence put forward to support the position that [Muhammad’s child ...
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How Muslim rape gangs blackmail British girls into prostitution Grooming gangs abused more than 700 women and girls around Newcastle with ...
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CNN Ratings chart: Fox News continues to lead the pack Sadly, for networks like CNN that continue to focus on ...
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  Hillary Clinton Was The Russian Colluder All Along That's the stunning conclusion of a RealClear Investigations report by Lee ...
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Turkey’s henchman Erdogan picked a fight with the wrong leader; Trump is going to continue pushing Turkey until their economy ...
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Illegal Immigration in Europe When you think of North Africa the thought of a “pressure cooker” will not enter your ...
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Disney Robot Stuntman; Cheaper & More Efficient? This dexterous robot could put stunt doubles out of a job. Disney's Imagineering Research ...
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Trump is sick of China's antics and is going to go after them very harshly. “We have really rebuilt China, ...
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Spain is falling and if nothing is done, the outlook will worsen Police stated that African migrant sellers who are ...
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Are Humans Naturally Violent An original study of 1,024 mammal species has confirmed the hypotheses Douglas Fields proposed in his ...
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The Intolerant Left are superficial on their best day The left's intolerance knows no limits; powered by stupidity and driven ...
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Liberals hate Trump Trump & It's Not A Logical Response With so many positive events going on in the world, ...
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Stupid Things People Do for Attention We are going to take a break and diverge from our normal theme and ...
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Feminism has morphed into  third wave feminism Here's Tiana Lowe's view on third wave feminism. You will notice that the trend ...
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what is third wave feminism? The Story Below is a Good Example Insanity in action, if you are protesting the ...
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Trump Trade Policy: Jack Lewis States They Are Not Working Jack Lewis former treasury secretary proves that he is a moron as ...
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Investors are paying more than ever to protect against a Tesla bond crisis
 Tesla bond Price: Is there a crisis? The cost of insuring Tesla bond price against default via credit default swaps ...
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Can Artificial Intelligence help improve agricultural productivity? When l reflected on the future of agriculture, l could not avoid thinking ...
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Robotics And Artificial Intelligence In 2017, we can expect to see many self-driving cars on the road, more autonomy across ...
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AI: Future Trends
Where AI is headed in 2018? Stephen Hawking said, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the ...
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Sex with sex robot; to do or not to do It seems like common sense that you should keep your ...
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Europeans No Longer Welcoming Immigrants with Open Arms At least 12,472 refugees and migrants have arrived on Europe's shores since ...
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The myth, which liberals like myself find tempting, is that only the right has changed. In June 2015, we tell ourselves, ...
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 Millennials Would Rather Date MS-13 Gang Member This survey is stunning; are these people living in the twilight zone?  Daily ...
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Obama Scandals; He Claims He Was Scandal Free “I didn’t have scandals, which seems like it shouldn’t be something you ...
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Central Banks Take It Easy to Give Global Growth a Second Look Central banks from Frankfurt to Ottawa appear to ...
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Why People Stick Foreign Objects Up Their Butts? In the seventies, they were called “social injuries of the rectum,” bestowing ...
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Venezuelans sell sex in Colombia to survive ON SATURDAY night in Parque Poblado in Medellín, young people gather to drink, ...
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Atheism is a religion For a theist there’s nothing quite like watching an atheist get an intellectual walloping from a ...
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George Soros News and The Next CIA Chief 9/11 alleged mastermind comes out against Haspel's nomination as next CIA chief ...
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Social Media Addiction Eighty-eight per cent of women said they compare themselves to images in the media — and most ...
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Bizzare News From BBC No, the BBC is not reporting the end of the world A fictional video reporting the ...
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Black Death comment plagues UKIP on Twitter After UKIP general secretary Paul Oakley likened his party to the "Black Death", social ...
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Updated March 2020 Stock market crash imminent; someday but not today For a long time, we have been stating sharp ...
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Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor US President’s approval rating SOARS DONALD Trump’s approval rating has risen since meeting Russia’s ...
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Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor Trump's approval rating remains unchanged A Politico/Morning Consult poll out Wednesday shows little change in President Trump’s ...
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Editor: Draco Copper | Tactical Investor Media Lies About Trump He Is Still Faring Well With a robust U.S. economy, ...
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Editor: Vlad Rothstein | Tactical Investor Donald Trump's rising popularity President Donald Trump’s approval numbers have just jumped, and according to ...
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Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor Trump Impeachment Odds Continue Dropping The billionaire Tom Steyer thinks so. He stars in ...
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Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor Instantly recognisable with his pink hair and nose ring, Christopher Wylie claims to have ...
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New desalinization technique separates seawater into freshwater and lithium (Feb 16)

Why students at prestigious high schools still cheat on exams? (Feb 15)

Weed won’t cause brain damage the way alcohol will (Feb 15)

FDA approves first blood test to help diagnose concussions (Feb 15)

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Amazon warning: Beware of deliveries you didn’t order (Feb 14)

Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss can’t be explained by ‘macho atmosphere’ excuse (Feb 14)

It’s not just you – politics is stressing out America’s youth (Feb 13)

Turkey Issues Ultimatum to Washington Ahead of Tillerson Visit (Feb 13)

Clinton To Campaign For Democrats (Feb 13)

‘Spot a gay’ list in Malaysian newspaper sparks outrage (Feb 12)

US wants to privatize International Space Station (Feb 12)

Mark Levin on FISA scandal: ‘Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant’ (Feb 12)

Donald Trump: ‘Good news’ causing stock market plunge (Feb 12)

Right Side of History: The Founders Had an Answer to the ‘Fake News’ Problem (Feb 09)

Republicans Strike Out AGAIN With FBI Texts Allegedly Implicating Obama In Coverup (Feb 09)

Russia Targeted Clinton in Uranium Deal (Feb 09)

Bill Clinton Rolls Up Car Window After Man Asks “How’s Monica?” [WATCH] (Feb 09)

Americans More Satisfied with Military, Security, Economy Under Trump (Feb 02)

Why astronauts lose weight in space? (Feb 02)

Outlook Improving: 1 in 6 millennials have $100K in savings (Feb 02)

The Millennials Are All Right But Still Worry About The Future  (Jan 31)

Wake up call for Democrats & Republican- Millennials want third party (Jan 31)

1 In 5 Millennials Consider Joseph Stalin And Kim Jong Heroes (Jan 31)

Millennial Homeownership on the Rise (Jan 31)

Liberal Reactions to Trump Speech Range from Snide to Condescending (Jan 31)

Trump at Davos-America first amid Swiss protests (Jan 31)

Hillary Clinton Favorability At All Time Record Low (Jan 31)

ABC Avoids Damning New Report: Hillary KNEW Weinstein Was a Rapist (Jan 31)

Grassley & Pelosi urge Trump: Let Mueller do his work-Really? (Jan 30)

How talented kids from low-income families become America’s ‘Lost Einsteins? (Jan 24)

Bill Clinton Denies Foundation Funded Chelsea’s Wedding (Jan 23)

President Trump has announced the winners of his Fake News Awards (Jan 23)

Trump Gleeful on Poll’s Record-High Numbers for Economic Optimism (Jan 23)

AI joins war on fake news (Jan 22)

Are millennials that mysterious? (Jan 22)

64 percent of Americans Supports Legal Marijuana (Jan 22)

Corn-Based Diet Turns Hamster Moms Into Cannibals (Jan 20)

Trust In Media Hits New Low Especially With GOP (Jan 18)

Trump States Republicans Will Be Blamed for Shutdown (Jan 18)

Will $9.95 Moviepass Kill theater profits? (Jan 10)

Bank of Japan keeps stimulus intact (Jan 01)

From insurance to Hollywood automation set to replace Jobs (Jan 01)

Breaking News Headlines Today Archives 2017

Does China’s new CH-5 Rainbow drone leave US Reaper in the dust? (Dec 31)

Sexbot brothels: What we might see in an era of sex robots (Dec 30)

Rise of the sex robots: A sex doll with personality for only $15000 (Dec 30)

5 AI-powered companies gaining traction for 2017-2018 (Dec 30)

Your Bank Is Lying to You: What’s Your Next Move (Dec 30)

Deadly border battles between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan (Dec 18)

Hungary’s leader states Soros criticism is a declaration of war (Dec 12)

Is American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point? (Dec 08)

Hey Hillary: you lost the election because people just don’t like you (Dec 04)

Clinton Fake Fighter For Equality Busted Using N word on Hot Mike (Dec 04)

Anti-Muslim & anti-Merkel: Germany’s AfD Gaining Momentum (Dec 04)

Bollywood Scandals That Would Even Make Weinstein Blush (Nov 27)

Clinton Claims She Didn’t Know About The Dossier (Nov 26)

What Happened? Trump Fake Dossier for Starters (Nov 23)

Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of collusion with Russia (Nov 23)

AT&T Bond Sale Of $22.5 Billion-Third Biggest Deal Ever (Nov 22)

70% of millennials are homeowners In What Country? (Nov 20)

JPMorgan develops robot to execute trades (Nov 16)

The Clintons Corrupt Everything They Touch (Nov 15)

Massive Click Fraud Farm Busted in Thailand (Nov 13)

Artificial intelligence is transforming investment strategies (Nov 11)

Dossier exposes Hillary Clinton, Democrats (Oct 31)

Clinton ally resigns as firm cited in Manafort indictment (Oct 31)

Tony Podesta steps down from lobbying firm (Oct 31)

The Clintons Corrupt Everything They Touch (Oct 31)

Mueller’s criminal past reveals he is unfit to lead the investigation  (Oct 31)

Robert Mueller’s Past Reveals He Is Unfit To lead Russian Investigation (Oct 31)

War Psychology (Sept 8)

Can China and USA truly rise over the old ideas? (Sept 8)

FINRA’s Axelrod Warns Financial Industry: Adapt or Die (Sept 7)

Millennials are killing everything. Are you next? (Sept 6)

Antifa: the left’s legacy actually called out by mainstream media (Sept 5)

US business economists fret over Trump policy agenda (Sept 4)

Millennials Can’t Afford Homes Because Of Bachelor Parties & Weddings (Sept 1)

Smoking Weed May Permanently Change How You Walk (Sept 1)

New treatment could be the end of peanut allergy (Aug 30)

India’s trespassing both illegal and unwise (Aug 30)

Valerie Plame Wilson on quest to buy Twitter to boot Donald Trump (Aug 28)

This Market Is Absolutely 100% Going To Crash; You Sure About That? (Aug 25)

Millennials want small business careers (Aug 24)

Abraham Lincoln monument torched in Chicago (Aug 22)

No, Trump’s support hasn’t collapsed, but yes, he’s increasingly alone (Aug 21)

Hamburg police clear street after 2nd day of violent G20 protests (Jul 12)

Palestine Expo starts in UK despite Israel’s attempts to cancel (Jul 11)

US & Russia on Collision Course as They Compete for European Gas Market (Jul 10)

Americans Looking Forward To Paying With Facial Recognition & Voice Control (Jul 09)

Personalised vaccines could help the immune system fight cancer (Jul 08)

Could This Be End of Daily Injections for Diabetics  (Jul 08)

In Matters Of The Heart Red Wine Is A Diabetic’s Best Friend (Jul 07)

Broccoli Ingredient Found to Reduce Blood Sugar in Diabetics (Jul 05)

Millennials think about work too much (May 23)

Top Experts Jackasses Stock Market Outlook (Apr 27)

Wild Boars Kill Three ISIS Fighters In Iraq (Apr 27)

These Are The Things That Scare Americans The Most (Apr 25)

Chaffetz Says Americans Should Give Up iPhones And Buy Health Insurance (Apr 25)

UK foreign minister no longer has US citizenship (Apr 25)

German president defends EU, criticizes Brexit (Apr 24)

Michael Caine on voting for Brexit: I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant (Apr 23)

Farage slams EU leaders as gangsters over Brexit (Apr 23)

Harold Clarke-Brexit negotiations likely to be contentious (Apr 22)

Canada’s Dairy Trade Actions Hurting Rural America (Apr 21)

Brexit is irresponsible says Steinmeier at EU Parliament (Apr 20)

Bearish spell sets in on stock market (Apr 19)

Terror attack on Sweden price of failed immigration policies (Apr 16)

China social security fund reports annual investment yield of 8.4% (Apr 13)

Sanders Proposes Social Security Tax Hike For Wealthy (Apr 11)

Retailers Doomed As Most Americans Are Too Poor To Shop (Apr 09)

Amazon’s Alexa Is KILLING It Over Competitors In Smart Home Industry (Apr 07)

Hungary’s parliament passes controversial bill targeting Soros-founded university (Apr 06)

Amazon Wants Alexa And Echos To Recognize Your Voice (Apr 05)

Alexa software could generate $10B a year for Amazon-analysts project (Apr 04)

Huawei adds Amazon Alexa to flagship phone (Apr 03)

Voice Report Predicts over 24 Million Amazon Echo And Google Home Devices Will Be Sold This Year (Apr 02)

Everyday Super Foods (Apr 01)

China hasn’t approved any planting of Genetically Modified Crops (Apr 01)

Would Robots Make Better Politicians Than Humans (Mar 31)

Sex dolls treated as family by Chinese father & son (Mar 29)

Tough guy actor Robert Davi States Globalists fear Trump threat (Mar 27)

Russian policies more along the lines of Clinton not Trump (Mar 23)

The real Russian scandal needing investigation (Mar 21)

Hillary Clinton-I Am Ready to Come Out of the Woods (Mar 20)

I will go to the Netherlands: Turkish minister defies Dutch resistance (Mar 15)

Britain’s Upper House Defeats Government for Second Time on Article 50 Bill (Mar 15)

U.K. Government Could Face Second Brexit Defeat (Mar 15)

Happy Birthday To The Bull Market (Mar 15)

Note to left-Your mouth-foaming vitriol is not attractive (Mar 15)

Economy improving in Trump’s America (Mar 15)

The end of religion-Could New Discoveries upend religion (Mar 13)

The misunderstood differences between light and darkness (Mar 12)

We consider unacceptable any wish to punish British people for their choice – Rinkevics (Mar 10)

Britain to trade under WTO rules if Europe rejects Brexit deal MPs told (Mar 09)

U.K. Threatens House Of Lords Over Brexit Bill (Mar 07)

British lawmakers to give green light for Brexit negotiations (Mar 05)

Scotland-Holyrood rejects Brexit plan (Mar 04)

Scottish Parliament set to vote against Brexit launch bill (Mar 03)

At gun show; what Trump’s election means for sales (Mar 02)

Two Ways Trump Could End Too Big To Fail (Mar 01)

Low-inflation regime ends (Feb 28)

What Will Trump Do About The Central-Bank Cartel? (Feb 28)

Brexit to hurt both sides-EU willing to pursue hard divorce scenario (Feb 26)

Former Border Czar Gives Real Facts About Immigration (Feb 25)

Trump EU frontrunner-Global institutions breaking down (Feb 23)

Trump’s likely EU ambassador challenges group’s anti-Americanism (Feb 22)

Austrian president urges strong support for EU to defeat nationalism (Feb 22)

May’s Trump card (Feb 22)

Manchester United announce record quarterly revenues (Feb 21)

Top envoy says UK has huge potential (Feb 21)

France Wishes to Move the City of London to Paris But (Feb 21)

Obamacare failure by the numbers (Feb 20)

Substantial investment in agriculture needed to ensure enough food for all (Feb 20)

Unions blame employers for poor entry level salaries (Feb 20)

The unbearable irrelevance of Trump haters-all bark and no bite (Feb 19)

Observer’s perspective on Religion-Short & Sweet (Feb 19)

French presidential election 2017-Macron or Le Pen? (Feb 19)

Jim Rogers-Prepare For The Worst Economic Problems In Your Lifetime (Feb 17)

New trends in politics (Feb 17)

Top Firms Get Richer In Otherwise Poor Year For The Legal Industry (Feb 17)

Denmark’s lesson for happiness  (Feb 15)

Man Creates Dating App That Tricks Tons Of Women Into Thinking He’s The Only Match (Feb 15)

Trump’s chaos theory of government (Feb 15)

Poll-Europeans Favor Halt to Immigration From Mainly Muslim Countries (Feb 14)

Gov Jerry Brown Asks Trump For Fed Funds To Cleanup Storm Damage (Feb 14)

Europe-Illegal to criticize Islam (Feb 14)

North Korea fires ballistic missile in test for Trump (Feb 13)

Brexit bill backed by British parliament (Feb 13)

12 top Republicans backed by Soros in 2016 (Feb 13)

Soros pledges 10M to fight hate crimes from Trump’s incendiary rhetoric (Feb 13)

George Soros loses 1 billion betting Trump would tank markets  (Feb 12)

Trump gives military 30 days to devise new plan against ISIS (Feb 8)

Root-Trump Off to an Exceptionally Conservative Start (Feb 8)

Timeline-Trump’s Involvements in Russia (Feb 8)

Trump slams EU migration policy (Feb 5)

Trump to welcome Modi to US-White House says (Feb 2)

Gold Market Finally ready to breakout? (Feb 1)

California Dreaming-Some Groups Seek To Secede (Jan 30)

Gang Rape Live Streamed On Facebook Leads To 3 Arrests (Jan 30)

California announces proposal to exit U.S. (Jan 30)

Trump Accuses Time Magazine Of Calling Him Racist (Jan 29)

Mexico leader cancels Trump meet over border wall spat (Jan 29)

U.K. Scientists Are Deciding the Future of Humanity (Jan 27)

Study linking herbicide to serious disease fuels debate (Jan 27)

Obama Gives Palestinians Millions Hours Before Trump Inauguration (Jan 25)

How Donald Trump won the White House and stunned the world (Jan 25)

13 Top Theories for How Trump Won and Why Clinton Lost: What’s Your Theory (Jan 25)

Influence Gone-Clinton Global Initiative Closing Down (Jan 25)

Why detox after the holidays? (Jan 25)

10 Ways in which Ayurveda can De-Stress your Mind and Body (Jan 25)

Opinion-The Trump Presidency and Liberal Hypocrisy (Jan 24)

Hillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted In $28 Million For Clinton Foundation (Jan 24)

Clinton empire begins to crumble in wake of news probes (Jan 24)

Clinton Global Initiative lays off 22 as donations dry up-will shut down in April (Jan 24)

Worst Fitness Trends 2016-6 Health Fads To Leave Behind (Jan 24)

Global Protein Ingredient Industry (Jan 24)

McCain Had No Idea If The Trump Russia Documents Were Legit (Jan 18)

British MPs Demand Trump Dossier Inquiry (Jan 18)

McCain admits he handed smear dossier to FBI (Jan 17)

Trump Shouldn’t Conduct Any More Press Conferences Until Media Shape Up (Jan 16)

Bills introduced by California lawmakers aim to combat so-called fake news (Jan 16)

Newsweek’s Foreign Service Podcast-Fighting Fake News (Jan 16)

Facebook Journalism Project Aims to End Fake News (Jan 16)

California Lawmakers Consider Teaching Children How to Spot Fake News in School (Jan 16)

Fake It Till You Make It-What Is SA Doing About Its Fake News Problem (Jan 16)

Trump refuses question from CNN calls it fake news (Jan 15)

Why We Should Keep Using The Term Fake News (Jan 15)

After a turbulent year-A shares set to shine (Jan 13)

Why Start Investing in the Stock Market? (Jan 13)

Jokes reveal people’s unhappiness with lax stock market management (Jan 13)

Meet the dollar vigilantes (Jan 13)

Russia Ups Nuclear Missile Troop Drills by 50 Percent (Jan 13)

New U.K. Statues to Commemorate Significant Women (Jan 13)

Barak Obama-So long and thanks for all the speeches (Jan 13)

Biogen Inc: BIIB Stock Chart Suggests Patience Warranted (Jan 11)

Trump calls Russian hacking controversy a political witch hunt (Jan 9)

Obama’s anti-Trump quest to crush America (Jan 9)

Israel’s parliamentary plot against UK politicians (Jan 8)

Trump slams stupid people who don’t want good ties with Russia (Jan 8)

Just how badly damaged does Chris Christie start 2017 (Jan 8)

Swearing Associated With Honesty-Damn Right Study (Jan 8)

Putin congratulates Trump-not Obama in New Year’s message (Jan 8)

Tiger Woods on Donald Trump-He takes a pretty good lash (Jan 8)

What To Expect From Trump in 2017? (Jan 8)

Donald Trump says delayed intelligence briefing on Russian hacking very strange (Jan 8)

Obama building walls for President-Elect Trump (Jan 8)

Obama has no intention of honoring the tradition of one president at a time (Jan 8)

Trump Again Questions Russian Hacking (Jan 8)

Trump Destroys Obama In Head-To-Head Poll (Jan 8)

Obama vindictive down to the wire (Jan 8)

President Elect Donald Trump calls Cuba Prisoners extremely dangerous-urges Barack Obama to halt Prisoner Transfers (Jan 8)

California Law Allowed 800K Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver’s Licenses (Jan 6)

Massachusetts Sheriff Offers Inmates to Build Border Wall (Jan 6)

Turing Robot- Cooperating with the Worlds First Relationship-Practicing Robot (Jan 6)

Australian minister questions NYE bashing of refugees on Manus Island (Jan 6)

How Trump could get Kris Kobach around the Senate and into a key immigration job (Jan 6)

Trumps immigration policies will pick up where Obama left off (Jan 6)

Report-British immigration policy must include integration strategy (Jan 6)

Why can’t I marry the robot I love? (Jan 5)

Humans May Be Able To Have Sex With Robots In The Near Future (Jan 5)

Sex with robots to be more common than the real thing (Jan 5)

New Wells Fargo CEO Pushes For Less Regulation In Wake Of Giant Fraud Scandal (Jan 4)

Fake News-Persian Gulf Arab Countries Committed to Fighting Terror (Jan 4)

Whitelash-Not Exactly-Maybe Not Even Really (Jan 4)

The fake war on fake news (Jan 4)

Colbert Unleashes Epic Rant About fakes news & Pizza Gate (Jan 4)

Nightclub Massacre Prompts Questions About Competence of Turkish Security (Jan 3)

Rosie O’Donnell starts off the new year by calling Trump mentally unstable (Jan 3)

Retarded India minister blames Western dress for sex assaults (Jan 3)

A century later history repeats itself-Who to blame? (Jan 3)

French jihadist given maximum sentence for joining IS (Jan 3)

650 cars set alight in France on New Year’s Eve (Jan 3)

Yemen’s children starve as war drags on (Jan 3)

Breaking News Headlines Today  2016

Seven Most Discrediting Media Screw ups of 2016 (Dec 31)

Brexit Street-French Town Honors Anti-EU Sentiment (Dec 31)

Washington Expels Russian Diplomats In US (Dec 31)

British Muslim jailed for attacking teenage couple on street (Dec 29)

Urban Planner-Public Parks Need to Accommodate Public Gay Sex (Dec 29)

In What States Did Women Have the Most Sex in 2016? (Dec 29)

Trump Slams Obama for Trying to Sabotage Transition (Dec 29)

John Kerry-Israel can be Jewish or democratic but not both (Dec 29)

Russia and Turkey-US supporting Syria terrorist groups (Dec 29)

Suspected Berlin attacker denies involvement-security officials say (Dec 28)

Shenzhen Airlines introduces robots to improve customer service (Dec 28)

Abdominal Surgical Robot Markets to Reach $12 Billion by 2022 (Dec 28)

The threat of radical Islam (Dec 28)

Sex with robots to be more common than the real thing (Dec 28)

China sees fast development in robot industry (Dec 28)

Global Medical Robotics Market-Analysis By Region-By Country (Dec 28)

ISIS arrests in Northern Virginia reveal jihadi threat near seat of U.S. government (Dec 27)

FRANCE-Surveillance video confirms Berlin attacker fled to Italy via Lyon (Dec 27)

Electric Car Sales Pass Half a Million in U.S. (Dec 27)

Czech President Links Recent European Terrorist Attacks To Migrants (Dec 27)

Obama says he could have mobilized a majority in 2016-Yeah Right (Dec 27)

As Investors Flee Gold Central Banks Are Buying (Dec 23)

Brexit won’t hamper bilateral trade (Dec 23)

BOE keeps bank rate at historic low-diverges from US Fed (Dec 23)

Chinese firms presence is growing in London (Dec 23)

Scotland issues plan to stay in EU single market after Brexit (Dec 23)

Brexit-Donald Trump and war in Syria-Euronews journalists review 2016 (Dec 23)

Manufacturers defying gloomy post-Brexit forecasts-survey suggests (Dec 23)

Millennials Get Slaughtered Trading Trump (Dec 22)

Homicides Are Surging In America’s Biggest Cities (Dec 22)

Stealth invasion – America in middle of World War III (Dec 22)

Globalism and Islam – An unholy alliance (Dec 22)

Radical Islam Is Terrorizing Christmas (Dec 22)

Donald Trump-Germany-Turkey & Switzerland attacks a wake-up call on terrorism (Dec 22)

We Need To Tackle Radical Islamic Extremism Head On (Dec 22)

Protecting Christians and other minorities in the Middle East (Dec 21)

Europe’s Muslims in the crosshairs (Dec 21)

Global trends in violence (Dec 21)

EXCLUSIVE-Neo Liberal policies are the cause for world strife – NoamChomsky (Dec 21)

German expert bemoans inadequate protection after child bomb plot (Dec 20)

In Bordeaux – an Experiment in Preventing Radicalization (Dec 20)

Norway prosecutors urge 10 year sentence for Islamic State supporter (Dec 20)

Trudeau-Muslims should also join opposition parties (Dec 20)

Whatever the people believe is the truth (Dec 20)

Ending religious violence in the Middle East (Dec 20)

Intelligence Report Confirms Growing Saudi- Qatari Support to Extremists in Germany (Dec 19)

US Muslim leaders call on Trump to reject anti-Islam administration candidates (Dec 13)

Holland-Wilders stands against Islamism-guilty of speaking out (Dec 13)

Merkel Calls for Burqa Ban in Germany (Dec 12)

Racist Violence and Déjà Vu in Greece (Dec 12)

Fake News and its wide and gullible audience (Dec 11)

Mobile Money Has Lifted 200K Kenyan Families Out of Poverty (Dec 10)

ICE spends 100 million ferrying illegal immigrant children around U.S- watchdog reports (Dec 9)

Has the Trumpian Revolution begun (Dec 9)

Why Goldman Sachs Stock Is Surging (Dec 8)

New Turkish Bill Seeks To Expand President Erdoğans Powers (Dec 8)

China’s economy still has many engines for development (Dec 5)

Putin blames Russia’s faltering economy on domestic issues (Dec 5)

Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees aided by Harry Reid’s filibuster nuclear option (Dec 5)

Health Bill Packed With Goodies for Big Pharma (Dec 5)

6 Fruits That Help Weight Loss (Dec 5)

Green energy projects can expect cold shoulder during Trump presidency (Dec 5)

Trump again threatens big tariffs on US companies that export jobs (Dec 5)

Education-The threshold crisis (Dec 5)

Obama administration fails to check immigrants against FBI databases-approves citizenship (Dec 5)

Central Banks Prime Directive-Rob the Poor to Pay the Rich (Dec 5)

Inflation the Silent Killer Tax that’s destroying Middle Class America (Dec 5)

FRANCE-Paris erotic museum cleans up at closing-down sale (Dec 3)

Central Bankers Weapon-Inflation Kills Middle Class-Here’s the solution (Dec 3)

The next sexual revolution might be that of the human-robot intercourse  (Dec 2)

Leaked memo says UK government has no plan for Brexit (Nov 28)

President Donald Trump – Why the market shouldn’t be that afraid (Nov 27)

The fall of the House of Clinton (Nov 27)

Globalisation in a time of populism (Nov 27)

UK growth remains firm despite Brexit vote (Nov 27)

Christie in contention for energy-homeland security secretary posts (Nov 25)

As Americans Gather to Give Thanks-Trump Calls for Unity  (Nov 25)

Rodrigo Duterte vows to free economy from oligarchs (Nov 25)

Oil Becoming Code for Sovereignty in Contested South China Sea (Nov 25)

Millennials Dominate Peak Shopping Days-While Baby Boomers & Retirees Avoid Them (Nov 25)

Inside the Beltway-Libertarian renaissance now underway (Nov 23)

Three perfectly democratic reasons Donald Trump will absolutely smother the Paris climate deal (Nov 23)

Sold like cows and goats-India’s slave brides  (Nov 17)

Obama says he will tell allies Trump is committed to NATO  (Nov 17)

The Myths That Cost Democrats the Election  (Nov 17)

Mayor-Newark will stand by undocumented residents despite Trump victory (Nov 17)

Donald Trump Elected 45th President in Epic Upset of Hilary Clinton (Nov 10)

Warren Buffet pledges 5 million investment in Israel bonds (Nov 10)

Stocks Rise as Americas Choose a New President much to the Despair of Mainstream Media (Nov 10)

US election: Dollar and stocks fall as Trump takes lead-recoup losses twice as fast (Nov 10)

N.J Public Worker Pensions Fund now the Weakest in U.S  (Nov 2)

Clinton Advisers Planned Secret Meeting with Private Equity Moguls  (Nov 2)

What are Cannabis Tampons? Get high while you menstruate  (Nov 2)

75% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a Socially Responsible Company  (Nov 2)

Nearly half of Millennials Don’t want Monogamy; seems like variety is the spice of life for them  (Nov 2)

Russia-Japan stand on brink of peace (Nov 1)

Iran Disaster, Chaos and Opportunity; Historical look  ( Nov 1)

China FM-Beijing Supports Russian Position on Syria-Afghanistan (Nov 1)

Donald Trump – I could see meeting Vladimir Putin before the start of my administration (Nov 1)

Survey-German entrepreneurs want to expand business in Russia (Nov 1)

Russia Laughs At Kerry’s Threat- Says He’s Having Emotional Breakdown (Nov 1)

Hong Kong ranked freest economy for 22nd year (Nov 1)

Philippines to buy weapons from Russia (Nov 1)

Obamas Failed Diplomacy Allows Russia To Double Military Bases In Middle East (Nov 1)

Russia Preps To Shoot Down US Planes In Syria (Nov 1)

Half of Trump Supporters See Russia as U.S. Ally-Poll (Oct 31)

Putin May Have Just Sparked A New Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct 31)

Russia-China Team Up Against Global US Missile Shield (Oct 31)

Iran Calls for Boosting Security Cooperation with Russia (Oct 31)

Diplomacy with Russia gets radioactive (Oct 31)

EU-Russia relations at one of lowest ever mutual trust levels-Pildegovics (Oct 31)

Russia-US unable to fulfill key deals on Syria-trying to pass blame (Oct 31)

NATO-Alliance Does Not Want New Cold War With Russia (Oct 31)

Tactical Investor Election Polls-Updated Constantly Until Election day (Oct 21)

Musk Feuds with Coal Company Exec who calls him out; Sounds like stupid brat (Oct 21)

Wells Fargo Scrambles to Grow A Conscience-CEO Forfeits Portion of Salary (Oct 20)

Climate Change Fad & bad Science Funded by Leftists (Oct 20)

It’s not Politics that matter-It’s the Economic data (Oct 20)

Trump Trumps Clinton in Third Debate (Oct 20)

Palestinian Stone Thrower Shot Dead by Israeli Troops: Unjust use of Lethal Force (Oct 20)

Stop the Warmongers American Politicians- Time to take the trash out (Oct 20)

Canadians are going to Pay a lot more Climate Policy Pain than Just Trudeau Carbon Tax  (Oct 20)

People Upset that Hillary Does not like to wear American Flag Pin  (Oct 20)

French Police Defy Government in growing protest movement over Lawlessness  (Oct 20)

Clinton’s complicated history in Haiti has some voters saying why vote at all (Oct 20)

CNBC Tears Down Elon Musk’s Snarky Response To A Coal CEO (Oct 20)

Hillary’s Media-A new kind of justice or justice denied (Oct 20)

Clinton’s Complicated and Dirty History in Haiti; anyone else would have been Jailed  (Oct 20)

Depression May one day be treated with Anti-inflammatory Drugs (Oct 20)

Is economic Inequality as bad as we perceive it to be; It’s worse  (Oct 20)

Hillary’s Media- A new kind of Justice or Justice Denied  (Oct 20)

Deutsche bank Shares Plunge to Record Low and they  actually give Investment advice; what a joke (Oct 20)

Well Fargo Scrambles to Grow a Conscience; Actually they looking for a way out (Oct 20)

Italy’s black economy-including MaMuslimrth 13 percent of GDP (Oct 18)

China targets Muslim parents with religion rules in Xinjiang (Oct 12)

The American Way (Oct 12)

Consensus- Trump wins debate- media lose along with Hillary (Oct 12)

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau to open TSX on Tuesday to mark International Day of the Girl (Oct 12)

Samsung says Galaxy Note 7 phones should be turned off (Oct 12)

As Hurricane Matthew moves out Zika could move in  (Oct 12)

Hurricane Hillary-Tornado Trump (Oct 12)

Trump-Hillary Should be in Jail (Oct 12)

Debate Check II-Seven Hillary Lies Debunked (Oct 12)

Scott Brown former senator-calls Donald Trump jail quip a Home run (Oct 10)

Feds spend another 10 million to register immigrant voters (Oct 5)

Major network anchor targeted by left (Oct 3)

Legal Pot in Massachusetts-Voters on the Edge (Oct 3)

Trump Slams Hillary-You’ve Been Fighting ISIS Your Entire Adult Life (Sept 28)

Trump Needs to Bring Grenades to Next Debate (Sept 28)

Donald Trump won the first debate CNBC & Time magazine online polls say (Sept 28)

Soros instigating pre-election surge at border (Sept 28)

Why Is the NYT Ignoring One of the Biggest Political Realities in America (Sept 28)

F-35 Bursts Into Flames On The Runway-Pure unadulterated Crap (Sept 27)

Hillary Clinton is better on policy-That’s foreign to me-maybe you can name one (Sept 26)

Twitter Considers A Possible Takeover- Google Prime Candidate (Sept 26)

Crooked Billionaire Commits 500M to Help Refugees & Migrants  (Sept 26)

Chinese Economist-China Headed for a Great Depression (Sept 24)

1 Factor Says Massive Losses Ahead for Stocks in 2016 (Sept 24)

Mass Media funded by Neocons; Agenda to con & deceive masses  (Sept 23)

Manipulation & Mind Control-endemic & out of Control (Sept 23)

Twitter Unveils Customer Support Features For Businesses  (Sept 20)

The Trump Organization’s Secretive Global Financial Web  (Sept 20)

NAFTA Ford Vindicates Trump on NAFTA (Sept 20)

Putin’s United Russia Has Another Election in the Bag (Sept 20)

Trump says Fed totally controlled politically- stocks soar (Sept 20)

Hillary’s Fit to Serve Report: Unbelievable  (Sept 19)

Christie to let PTSD sufferers get medical marijuana (Sept 19)

French Jews are converting to Islam and even joining ISIS (Sept 19)

Tiangong-2 takes China one step closer to space station (Sept 19)

Trumps Records Show He’s in Great Health (Sept 18)

Porn Traffic drops during Apple Event; Incredible isn’t it  (Sept 9)

How Often should you shower? Maybe before you start to stink (Sept 9)

Islamophobia on the rise in US-But so is Islam (Sept 9)

India Won’t Catch up to China due to Wrong Mindset (Aug 25)

China Working Hard to Eradicate Money Laundering (Aug 24)

Housing Dept Has 43 Billion Worth Of Indecipherable Records (Aug 24)

Nigeria’s Kogi Govt’s Response to Fraud Allegations Laughable (Aug 24)

Clinton’s State Department Blew $6 Billion In Contracts & We’re About To Learn Why (Aug 24)

2.9 Billion In Expenditures Leads To Biggest Ever Trial Of An Audit Firm (Aug 24)

Clinton death list: 33 spine-tingling cases (Aug 24)

James Grant: Fed Is Now Hostage To Wall Street (Aug 24)

Smoke and mirrors: When your money fails (Aug 24)

Recession: Best Time to Invest in Real Estate (Aug 24)

Dhaka city living-Fraud & Corruption Thrive (Aug 24)

Economy Nearing Stall Speed Say’s Art Cashin: Tactical Investor Disagrees (Aug 23)

Edible Food Packaging Made From Milk-unpack & munch (Aug 23)

Blame Camels for Common Colds (Aug 23)

Obama’s will leave Behind Massive Failed Middle East Legacy (Aug 23)

China approves Hong Kong-Shenzhen stock exchange link (Aug 23)

Merkel, Hollande and Renzi Celebrate After Brexit Blow (Aug 23)

TEXAN Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Rules for Schools (Aug 23)

Crooked Hillary Busted Again: FBI Finds 15,000 New emails (Aug 23)

More Vets losing their Minds; compensation for mental disorders soars (Aug 23)

Australian Police Force Plagued with Sexual Harassment & Bullying  (Aug 22)

Women Journalists Share Their Sexual Harassment Stories (Aug 22)

Still Wasting Billions on Homeland Security Projects That Don’t Make Us Safer (Aug 22)

Trump Vs Hillary looks like Soap Opera on Steroids (Aug 22)

Watching Porn Affects Marriage and Wealth  (Aug 22)

Islamophobia on the Rise in the USA but so is Islam (Aug 22)

Workers Insert High Pressure Nozzle into 10 Year old’s Rectum & kill Him (22 Aug)

Researchers Close to Finding Treatment For Peanut Allergies (21 Aug)

Facebook takes down Hamas accounts (21 Aug)

Edible food packaging made from Milk; Unpack and Munch  (Aug 16)

Low-Cost & Convenience Keep Teens Vaping like Vampires  (11 Aug)

Anxiety Disorders; OCD to PTSD Explained (11 Aug)

How To Prevent Eye Strain in Today’s Digital World (11 Aug)

E-Cigarette Smokers Need More Breaks & Vaping Rooms; dumb idea (11 Aug)

Working harder won’t fix New Jersey’s student loan problem (10 Aug)

Idiotic FHA Implements Brand New Mortgage Forgiveness Program (10 Aug)

Rudy Giuliani States he would have convicted Hillary over emails (10 Aug)

Big Tobacco Teams with FDA & Attacks Vaping Industry (10 Aug)

Turkish President Ready to Lick Putin’s Butt (9 Aug)

Obama Turns 55 but America Still in Trouble (5 Aug)

Alzheimer And Dementia; similar symptoms but different diseases (5 Aug)

Brain Deformities Caused by Monsanto’s larvicide & not Zika Virus (5 Aug)

MV-22B Osprey with Critical 3D printed Part flies Successfully (5 Aug)

Why do white working class men Hate Hillary Clinton? (5 Aug)

High School kids learn nothing; over 50% fail new PARCC Test  (5 Aug)

Kevin Libin States Alberta finding creative ways to scare away Investors (5 Aug)

Trump praises Putin for bashing Obama’s term American exceptionalism (5 Aug)

Real Reason Republicans Deny Climate Change (5 Aug)

Pollsters got Brexit wrong; could the same Hold True for Trump  (5 Aug)

Radicalised French Teen Muslims Burn Bus and Scream Allahu Ahkbar  (5 Aug)

Hong Kong Bitfinex Exchange Hacked creates selling frenzy in Bitcoin  (5 Aug)

Why is Hillary Avoiding the Press; Naughty Secrets? (5 Aug)

China Adopts Tough Laws Against Illegal Fishing (3 Aug)

Clint Eastwood Praises Trump; blasts Todays Pussy Generation (3 Aug)

Putin Unfazed by ISIS Threats of Revenge (3 Aug)

France’s Religious War’s escalate; Terrorists attack Church & Kill Priests (1 Aug)

Arrogant Erdogan Tells West to Buzz off (1 Aug)

Mugabe’s misdeeds & Zimbabwe’s Path to Hell  (Jul 26)

America Fighting Bin Laden War Not Islamic State Terrorism War (Jul 25)

ECB Survey States Brexit Will Hit Euro Economic Growth (24 Jul)

China Transitioning to Consumer & Serviced based Economy smoothly  (24 Jul)

Brexit Fears Fade & Bulls Embrace Stock Market (24 Jul)

Trump Train Gathering Momentum; Latino Leaders now Support him (24 Jul)

Republicans let’s make America Great Again; true or false (21 Jul)

Hillary States Trump has Nothing to Offer Americans (21 Jul)

Stigmatisation Forces Silence Over Anal Cancer (21 Jul)

Dictator Erdogan States Turkish Democracy Intact (21 Jul)

Turkish Crackdown; Women being Silenced (21 Jul)

Sun Bathers; New Compound Protects From UVA Damage (21 Jul)

Sour Ted Cruz Refusing to Endorse Donald (21 Jul)

Unfair Payback; U.K. Scientists Removed From EU Projects Post Brexit (21 Jul)

Pokemon Creates Feeding Frenzy & bubble like action (21 Jul)

Microsoft Growing Cloud Business & Wall Street Earnings Surprise (21 Jul)

Portugal refuses to adopt new cuts & ignores sanctions threats  (19 Jul)

Insane EU proposes permanent system for refugees acceptance (19 Jul)

EU Commission wants to pay EU nations 10K for Every Refugee (19 Jul)

Brexit Frees Britain From Stupid Carbon Taxes (19 Jul)

Masses Wrong Again; Markets Surge on Wall of Worry (14 Jul)

Massive Financial Reset; Negative Interest Rates Experiment will end badly (14 Jul)

Low commodity prices & strong U.S. dollar destroying Sovereign Credit Ratings (14 Jul)

Deutsche Bank’s chief economist wants EU to Rescue European Banks Again (14 Jul)

Canada Won’t Raise Rates Due To economy’s dependency on housing (14 Jul)

Negative Interest rates; the game changing monster (14 Jul)

Putin Crushes CNN Reporter Fareed Zakaria Biassed Question on Trump (14 Jul)

Pension Funds Getting Hammered; Bond Yields Have Plunged Since Brexit (14 Jul)

Anti-Monsanto Protesters Throw 2,000 dollar onto Senate Floor  (13 Jul)

The Dangers & Benefits of Negative Interest Rates (12 Jul)

Bill Gross States that Slow Credit Growth means Stocks won’t experience big gains (12 Jul)

Are Bonds A Good Long-Term Investment; probably not (12 Jul)

Low-Interest Rates greatest threat to Pension Fund solvency (11 Jul)

Forget GMO Foods; Focus on GMO Humans (11 Jul)

China Sues Apple for 20-year-old Propaganda Film (11 Jul)

Religious wars explode; Buddhists Burn Mosque in Myanmar (7 Jul)

Brexit’s economic, political effects US (7 Jul)

$24 million cash stuffed in buckets recovered at suspected pot dealer’s home (7 Jul)

Hillary Clinton’s emails in Vladimir Putin’s hands? (6 Jul)

GE to double its procurement from China to $10b around 2018 (6 Jul)

Obama administration has forgiven $171 million (6 Jul)

EU 27 meet in Brussels – and the UK is not invited (5 Jul)

Islamic terrorists still have ‘a lot of momentum,’ CIA chief says (5 Jul)

The BREXIT Reality: A Key Opportunity for European Reform (5 Jul)

Brexit: Important Questions That Need Answers (3 Jul)

Deadly Assault at Istanbul Airport draws limited Sympathy (3 Jul)

Will Brexit Change life For Europeans? (3 Jul)

How will Brexit Affect Britain & Europe? (2 Jul)

More than a million in the UK call for new EU vote (1 Jul)

Crooked Hillary’s’ delusional economic policy (30 Jun)

Taxpayers spent close to $20M on Ontario pension plan that never started and is now winding down (28 Jun)

EU crackdown on corporate tax cheats weak & almost useless (27 Jun)

British lawmaker shot dead Before EU referendum; Coincidence or? (26 Jun)

China remains one of most attractive investment destinations (23 Jun)

Insolvency-city-tesla-bids-2-8b-solarcity (22 Jun)

Owning-gold-a-safety-against-future-financial-catastrophe ( 21 Jun)

New-jersey-lawmakers-introduce-23-cent-increase-in-gas-tax  (21 Jun)

Negative Interest Rates favour Speculators & Punish Savers (18 Jun)

Making Money at a low-Interest Rate Environment (18 Jun)

Fed Interest Rate Hike Cycle Illustrates Economic Recovery is a Hoax (18 Jun)

Currency Wars Force Swiss Bank to Abandon Targets For Swiss Franc (18 Jun)

Negative Interest Rates Help Foster Economic Recovery Illusions (18 Jun)

High-Interest Rates not necessarily Good for Banks (17 Jun)

Safe Sales Skyrocket in Japan due to Negative Rates (17 Jun)

Putin betting On Britain leaving EU (17 Jun)

Bank of England States Brexit Could destroy British Pound (17 Jun)

Why are Bankers Panicking Over Brexit? (17 Jun)

Polls Indicating Chances of Brexit surging (17 Jun)

Bamboozled: After Chicago retirement account breach, could NJ pensions be next? (16 Jun)

How Clinton fares against Trump after clinching Democratic nomination? (16 Jun)

CIA Director: More ISIS Attacks In West Likely (16 Jun)

Hundreds are arrested in Venezuela during food riots and looting (16 Jun)

When your presidential choice is between an ogre and a troll (10 Jun)

Germany Waves ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Costly Wall Street Tax Scheme (10 Jun)

Could Vitamin Deficiency Explain Why People Get Migraines? (10 Jun)

Very good news for taxpayers: Port Authority to pay $12M more to Newark (9 Jun)

Human-Carrying Taxi Drone to Be Tested in Nevada (9 Jun)

Are New Jersey’s Millionaires Really Fleeing to States with Lower Taxes? (9 Jun)

Have Chinese Markets bottomed? -Sentiment is improving (9 Jun)

Retirement Disaster; 41 percent of Adults not saving for retirement (8 Jun)

D.C. pension board ignites debate after pulling ‘direct’ investments from fossil fuels (8 Jun)

Trump and Clinton: A surprising rise and a shocking collapse (7 Jun)

Clinton ‘Perplexed’ by Sanders’s Superdelegate Logic (7 Jun)

Valeant Shares Slump After Profit Misses Estimates (7 Jun)

Will New Jersey clinch the nomination for Hillary Clinton Tuesday? (6 Jun)

High-tech future emerges in Shenzhen (6 Jun)

PayPal shutdown in Turkey devastating for small businesses (6 Jun)

The New Overtime Rules Will Help Middle-Class Americans (6 Jun)

100 CEOs Richer than 41% of U.S Families Combined (3 Jun)

Millennials Costing US Economy 376 Billion Annually (2 Jun)

Millennials outlook distributing; Struggling to Pay student debt (2 Jun)

Donald Trump attacks both Clintons to applause in Sacramento (2 Jun)

Masses Worry Interest Rates Will Push Stock Market Lower (2 Jun)

Green Energy Projects Hit New Record In 2015 (1 Jun)

Dalai Lama says Europe has too many refugees (30 May)

Financial services industry desperately trying to Attract Millennials (30 May)

First Amendment Attack; Millennials seek to bank Offensive Speech (30 May)

Almost 45 Percent of South Florida Millennials Still Live At Home (30 May)

Millennials living with Parents; Pros & Cons (30 May)

Did Baby Boomers Screw the Millennials over  (30 May)

Quantitative Easing triggered Corruption of Corporate America (30 May)

Aggressive Share Buybacks Only Force Driving Stock Market Bull (29 May)

Muslim Students Must Shake Hands with Female Teachers in Switzerland (29 May)

Pentagon Using Stone Age Technology to Defend US (29 May)

What Retirement Without Savings Looks Like (29 May)

Western Companies Cheat Africa Out of Billions of Dollars (29 May)

Social Security Ancient Systems Haven for Identity Thieves (28 May)

The American Nightmare; Work until you die (28 May)

Executive Compensation Driving Share Buybacks (28 May)

U.S Economic Recovery; the Perfect 21st Century Illusion (28 May)

Inequality Crisis; 62 people own as much as 3.6 billion poor people (27 May)

Global Warming Con Working; Oil Giants Feeling The Heat (25 May)

Mass Media fuelling Brexit Fears (25 May)

New DOL overtime rules detrimental to small businesses (23 May)

Clinton in dead heat with Trump offers sharper contrast (23 May)

EPA wants to dilute fuel with ethanol (23 May)

Donald Trump vows to end gun-free zones (21 May)

Nuclear Waste Management Market to Account for US$5.63 Billion in Revenue by 2024 (21 May)

Putin proposes deepening of economic cooperation with ASEAN (21 May)

Investors Managing Over $505 Billion In Assets Sign Letter (20 May)

The Rapid Rise of Donald Trump: Can Europe’s Far Right Tell Us Why? (20 May)

Commodities Increased in April due to Positive Fundamental Factors (16 May)

How Ireland pulled off an economic miracle that rivals China and India (16 May)

Science Says Roundup is Carcinogenic; Monsanto Says It’s Not – Who Are You Going to Believe? (12 May)

America Facing Huge Retirement Crisis (11 May)

Alternative Energy Play Sun Edison Bites the Dust (10 May)

American retirement just another Pipedream (9 May)

Canadian Pension crisis spiralling out of control (9 May)

American government admits deploying troops in Yemen (8 May)

Does Trump Need RNC? (8 May)

Incentives to Buy Electric Vehicles could run out (6 May)

Fossil Fuel Divestment Trends gain momentum due to government propaganda (6 May)

High Rental costs driving population shifts and hiding middle class right where it hurts (6 May)

1000km Solar Roads Coming to France; these roads will generate power (6 May)

House Speaker Paul Ryan backtracking on his own Words, now states not ready to back Trump (5 May)

Fossil Fuels account for 85% of World’s energy (5 May)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Market; AC versus DC (5 May)

Russian orchestra holds concert in Palmyras ruins (5 May)

Turkish youth Beheads Archbishop & Erdogan endorses his actions (16 April)

Ukraine Exposed: Kiev’s Gestapo Government in Action  (8 April)

Putin to Obama we don’t want Monsanto’s crap in our country  (8 April)

China & Russia Join Forces to Destroy ISIS; while U.S sucks its thumb  (6 April)

Banned & Toxic Ingredients Found In U.S Foods (5 April)

CIA behind Kiev Massacre & Maidan leaders hired Snipers (31 March)

China creating new Billionaire every week (25 March)

Amazing: Bill Clinton Slam’s Obama’s legacy & indirectly strikes Hillary  (March 22)

Hillary Clinton’s sex scandals; the Story Line Worsens  (March 22)

Refugee Rape Epidemic hits Sweden & Media remains Silent  (March 11)

Syrian Army Gains Control Over Strategic Heights in Raqqa Province  (Feb 15)

Russia crushes Obama’s demand for regime change in Syria  (Feb 13)

African States Target Muslim Burqas (Feb 13)

Merkel is wrong. Europe cannot solve Refugee crisis. End Syrian war, end the crisis.  (Feb 12)

The psychology of a terrorist: How ISIS wins hearts and mind (Feb 12)

House of Saud sending troops to their death if they engage Iran in Syria  (Feb 11)

Kurds seize key rebel-held air base in northern Syria  (Feb 11)

US kills innocent people, bombs two hospitals in Syria & accuses Russia  (Feb 10)

African Leaders Admire China’s corruption-busting Stance  (Feb 9)

China Stamping out Rampant Corruption  (Feb 9)

Recent Syrian Military Gains Will Have Aleppo, Raqqa Won Outright  (Feb 9)