Why Global Warming Is A Hoax & How Oil Giants Are Feeling The Heat

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Why Global Warming Is A Hoax

Why Global Warming Is A Hoax

Consider this article for it might prove to be interesting; a small excerpt is posted below.

In the past, when the yield curve inverted, the Fed did not ease up on its aggressive rate-hiking stance. The current Fed has no choice but to lower rates.  So the Fed is going to likely end the yield inversion sooner or later by lowering rates

Secondly, even if the curve has inverted, it takes an average of 21 months to trigger a recession that is like a lifetime in the markets.

Sweden is proving that we are in a new era, rates are already negative there, but they have still averted a recession.

At the Tactical Investor, we focus on the trend so we could care less what the mass media thinks about the future of the economy. History indicates that the experts and mass media collectively have the IQ of a Jackass, and if one is wise one will never start a debate with an ass. Today’s News, as we have stated for a long time, falls under the category of gossipYield Curve Fears As Treasury Yield Curve Inverts


Why Global Warming Is A Hoax

Politicians are throwing money that they do not have at a problem that does not exist in order to finance solutions that make no difference.” Michael Hart

For almost 20 years I went along with what I was told. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. We were putting more and more of it into the atmosphere. Global warming has been increasing because of it. A consensus of scientists and government officials from around the world must be right. I put solar panels on my roof and went for a hike. Then, one day, I started looking deeper. Here’s what I’ve found out.

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), federal agencies, mainstream media and California Democrats are dictating bad, as in both expensive and ineffective, energy policy based on faulty (or fraudulent) climate models. The IPCC’s, and later Al Gore’s, dire predictions of Arctic meltdown from 20 years ago, and 10 years ago have failed to materialize, twice now. But wait, AOC says we have only 10 more years to prevent the end of the world.

Whatever happened to investigative journalism? Why is the mainstream media not questioning such thinly veiled propaganda and attempted manipulation of our energy policy? Why are they ignoring Climategate? Full Link

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