China’s New High-speed Bullet Train: It’s Fully Automated?

China's New High-speed Bullet Train

China’s New High-speed Bullet Train: There’s No One Driving It

The Jing-Zhang high-speed railway took about four years to build, according to CNN, and will join Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. It will have 10 different stations, including Badaling Changcheng, where people can access the Great Wall of China. The trains are considered “smart” with 5G-equipped signals, intelligent lighting, and 2,718 sensors to identify any problems in real-time. Each seat also has its own touch-screen control panel and wireless charging docks, according to the network.

Robots and facial-recognition technologies will be used in stations for everything from directions to paperless check-in.

The Chongli railway, a branch of the Jing-Zhang railway, is also open and will take people from Beijing to Taizicheng Station, which CNN reported is “a stone’s throw” from the Olympic Village. Full Story

Asia, in general, is investing heavily in infrastructure, so if one takes the long term perspective, Asia will dominate the global economy for decades to come. In the meantime, in the US, we fight endless wars and invest billions in developing new weapons while neglecting our infrastructure. The same applies to most of Western Europe when it comes to infrastructure. The bullet train network in China is a miracle to behold; it’s massive in scale and extremely efficient.    China is still leading the way in terms of new roads, fast train service, high-speed internet, etc. but other Asian countries are catching up fast.

On a different note, if China does not start working with its neighbours, an Asian alliance is going to come into play that will counter China’s dominance.  Another thing that Asia, in general, is doing that the western world is not is that it is investing heavily in education.

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