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ChatGpt vs Google bard: A Poetic Showdown

Rhyme Rumble: ChatGPT vs Google BARD – Unleashing the Power of Poetry   In the realm of AI, a name was cast, Yet Google’s choice left us aghast. “Bard,” they proclaimed, with a puzzling ring, A title that seemed a senseless thing.   For in the vast expanse of technological might, To name their creation … Read more

Zero to Hero: How to Build Wealth from Nothing

Introduction to How to Build Wealth from Nothing May 28, 2023   Building wealth from nothing may seem like an impossible dream in a world where financial stability and wealth are highly valued. However, it’s essential to recognize that wealth creation is not solely reserved for those who inherit fortunes or have access to privileged … Read more

Demystifying the Price to Sales Ratio: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction May 26, 2023 The Price to Sales (P/S) ratio is a financial metric used by investors to assess the relative value of a company’s stock. It provides insights into the market’s perception of a company’s sales-generating potential and its ability to translate those sales into profits. In this guide, we will explore the Price … Read more

AMD Stock Forecast 2023: How MACDs & RSI Signal a Bottom

Intro: AMD Stock Forecast 2023 Analysis and Insights Updated May 2023 In stock market analysis, combining mass psychology and contrarian analysis can significantly enhance our understanding of market dynamics and improve our ability to make profitable investment decisions. While MACD and RSI indicators provide valuable insights into stock market bottoms, integrating the study of mass … Read more

Mass Hysteria: A Deep Dive into the Phenomenon

   May 26, 2023 Mass hysteria is a fascinating phenomenon that has captured the attention of psychologists, sociologists, and historians alike. From the dancing plague of 1518 to the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast, mass hysteria incidents have perplexed and astonished societies throughout history. In this post, we’ll look into the idea of … Read more

Contrarian King: Investing Beyond Fad Trends

The Contrarian King: Investing Unconventionally Updated May 2023 Introduction In the world of investing, where the majority follows the crowd, there exists a unique breed of investors known as contrarians. These individuals defy conventional wisdom and dare to swim against the current. The Contrarian King embodies such investors who believe in investing unconventionally. While most … Read more

The Perils of Following the Flock: Understanding Sheep Mentality

Sheep Mentality in Trading and Investing Updated May 24, 2023 Traders that are driven by fear lose on both ends of the trade; they don’t short the markets or go long. Shorting the markets is not a recommended course of action when the trend is positive. However, at least one is attempting to do something … Read more

Aroon Indicator: An Essential Tool for Technical Analysis

Aroon Indicator: Unveiling Market Insights and Trend Analysis. May 24, 2023 In technical analysis, traders and investors rely on various indicators to gain insights into the market’s direction and make informed decisions. One such tool is the Aroon indicator, which provides valuable information about trends and potential reversals. This post will explore the Aroon indicator, … Read more

Unlocking Growth Investing: Accelerate Your Wealth Potential

Growth Investing Defined: Fueling Portfolio Expansion May 24, 2023 Growth investing is an investment approach centred around capitalizing on companies or assets with a promising potential for future growth. Unlike value investing, which focuses on undervalued stocks, growth investing emphasizes investments in companies with solid growth prospects, often in sectors like technology, healthcare, or innovative … Read more

Tactical Tools: Unleash the Power of Trend Prediction

Unleash the Power of Tactical Tools and Indicators May  24, 2023  At the Tactical Investor, we pride ourselves on navigating the treacherous waters of the stock market using various essential tools and indicators. We are constantly fine-tuning and developing new tools to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, so we encourage you to … Read more