Quantum Computing: The Future Of Tomorrow Is Here

Quantum Computing: The Future Of Tomorrow Is Here


Quantum Computing:  200 Times Faster Than Ever

The speediest quantum operation yet

“Optimising every aspect of the device design with atomic precision has now allowed us to build a really fast, highly accurate two-qubit gate, which is the fundamental building block of a scalable, silicon-based quantum computer.

“We’ve really shown that it is possible to control the world at the atomic scale — and that the benefits of the approach are transformational, including the remarkable speed at which our system operates.”

“This was one of Michelle’s team’s final milestones to demonstrate that they can actually make a quantum computer using atom qubits. Their next major goal is building a 10-qubit quantum integrated circuit — and we hope they reach that within 3-4 years.”

“Our fabrication technique allows us to place the qubits exactly where we want them. This allows us to engineer our two-qubit gate to be as fast as possible,” says study lead co-author Sam Gorman from CQC2T. Full story

 These guys are talking about building a ten qubit machine; Google claims to have already tested a 54 qubit machine, which means in five years we could be dealing with 500 to 1000 qubit processors. At this stage of the game, individuals should start embracing fields that are not logic-based as no human is going to be able to match a computer in terms of speed and efficiency. Painting, cooking, baking, high-end carpentry, etc all fields that require random or one to use their imagination will be the ones that are the last to succumb to AI

Quantum Computing. Google system could improve breast cancer detection

 A Google artificial intelligence system proved as good as expert radiologists at detecting which women had breast cancer based on screening mammograms and showed promise at reducing errors, researchers in the United States and Britain reported.

Radiologists miss about 20% of breast cancers in mammograms, the American Cancer Society says, and half of all women who get the screenings over a 10-year period have a false-positive result.

They then compared the system’s performance with the actual results from a set of 25,856 mammograms in the United Kingdom and 3,097 from the United States.

The study showed the AI system could identify cancers with a similar degree of accuracy to expert radiologists while reducing the number of false-positive results by 5.7% in the U.S.-based group and by 1.2% in the British-based group. In a separate test, the group pitted the AI system against six radiologists and found it outperformed them at accurately detecting breast cancers. Full Story

This is just the beginning when quantum computing or and AI-based processors become mainstream features in the near future; AI will be able to render results with such accuracy that the human operator will most cases be rendered obsolete. The next change is going to be so huge that a host of professions will suddenly cease to exist and sadly most of today’s students from elementary school to university are students concepts that will prove to be useless.  Once AI attains singularity, and this could happen as, within the next 60 months, it is impossible to assume that AI will not develop some form of higher reasoning and question commands it considers as insane. In as little as 12 months of achieving singularity, one AI computer could have more processing power than the entire human race.  Here are some issues that AI could find to be insane;

Why do humans have such big egos? Why do the rich need more and more money? Why does one person have more wealth than millions of other individuals? Why do Human’s kill for no reason? Why do nations allocate so much money to weapons development when they could be working together to advance the human race and end poverty.  The answers to these questions could lead a higher mind to conclude that some drastic form of action has to be taken against a core group of individuals.  At this point, we won’t delve too much as we are still in the early stages of AI. The AI trend is now in full motion, so nothing can stop it, the only question left is how will AI react to us.

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