China sex dolls treated as family by Chinese father & son

China sex dolls treated as family by Chinese father & son

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China sex dolls now part of the family

Updated April 2023

As Valentine’s Day approaches, some individuals may worry about how to celebrate the occasion with their partners, while others seek unconventional methods to fulfill their needs.

A recent report from The Sun revealed that a father and son in China, who go by the pseudonyms Li Chen and Yang Yang, have turned to the use of sex dolls as a means of companionship. They have reportedly acquired seven sex dolls, which they treat as family members. Although Li claims that he has not used the dolls for sexual purposes, he purchased one for his son’s 18th birthday, hoping that he would use it for such purposes. These instances highlight China’s growing demand for lifelike silicone dolls as companions.

Li reportedly said that he bought the doll for Yang Yang to “help him with his needs,” adding: “In my heart, I hope that [Yang Yang] uses the dolls [for sex].”Another report from the Global Times has stated that the demand for lifelike silicone dolls as companions has grown in China. Full Story 

China’s Growing Sex Doll Industry

In recent years, China has seen a significant increase in the production and consumption of sex dolls. With a market worth nearly $3 billion [[1]], the demand for these products has skyrocketed. In this article, we will explore the rise of sex dolls in China, its impact on the economy, and the controversies surrounding the industry.

The Rise of China’s Sex Doll Industry

WMDOLL, one of China’s leading sex doll manufacturers, launched its AI-powered dolls in 2016 [[2]]. These dolls offer a range of features, including talking, touch sensors, and facial expressions. Since then, the industry has grown rapidly, with many companies jumping on board to meet the demand. The country’s nascent sex toy market is valued at approximately $2.8 billion [[3]]. The industry is primarily driven by millennial and female consumers.

The Benefits of China’s Sex Doll Industry

The sex doll industry has significant benefits for China’s economy. It has created many job opportunities in the manufacturing and retail sectors. Moreover, the industry has generated significant tax revenue for the government. However, the industry is not without its controversies.

The Controversies Surrounding China’s Sex Doll Industry

Some critics argue that the sex doll industry promotes objectification and perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the potential exploitation of women and children in the manufacturing process. Others argue that the industry could have a negative impact on the country’s moral and cultural values.

The Future of China’s Sex Doll Industry

Despite the controversies, China’s sex doll industry continues to grow. The recent closure of a sex doll brothel in Shenzhen has sparked further discussions about the industry’s regulation and legal status [[4]]. However, sex doll shops and hotels continue to thrive, with many customers expressing their satisfaction with the products and services offered [[5]].

In closing

The rise of China’s sex doll industry has created significant economic opportunities and controversies. The industry is valued at nearly $3 billion and continues to grow, driven primarily by female and millennial consumers. While the industry has created jobs and generated significant tax revenue, it is not without its controversies. Critics argue that the industry promotes objectification and perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes, while others are concerned about the potential exploitation of women and children in manufacturing. Regardless, the future of China’s sex doll industry will likely continue to generate significant attention and debate in the future.


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