Harmony Sex Doll: Your Personalized Companion At A Price

Experience Intimacy like Never Before with Harmony Sex Doll - Your Personalized Companion for Lifelike Encounters.

harmony sex doll your personal companion at a price


Elevating Intimacy: Harmony Sex Doll – A Personalized Companion for $15,000

Updated June 2023


The Harmony sex doll has gained popularity as a potential partner for individuals seeking companionship without the complexities of traditional dating. In a world where instant gratification is highly valued, the idea of having an instantly available source of pleasure has resonated with many. The doll’s ability to talk and exhibit a personality adds an extra layer of realism, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more intimate connection.

The Price of Harmony Sex Dolls

Priced at $15,000, the Harmony sex doll may initially seem like a significant investment. However, for many individuals, the potential for long-term companionship and the absence of complaints or headaches make it a justifiable expense. The price tag reflects the advanced technology and craftsmanship that goes into creating these incredibly realistic dolls.

 Realism Sets Harmony Sex Dolls Apart

In a market dominated by companies in the US and Asia, Abyss Creations’ RealDoll Harmony robots stand out due to their exceptional realism. These sex dolls are meticulously designed to resemble human beings, both in appearance and movement closely. The attention to detail in their facial features, body proportions, and skin texture creates an uncanny resemblance to real people, enhancing the overall experience for users.

 Creating Intimacy through Learning

Abyss Creations has taken the concept of sex dolls a step further by equipping their Harmony robots with the ability to learn about their owners. This innovative feature aims to foster a more intimate relationship between the robot and the human user. By gathering information and adapting to the user’s preferences and desires, the Harmony sex doll can provide a personalized experience, enhancing the sense of connection and companionship.

Overall, the Harmony sex doll offers a unique solution for individuals seeking companionship and pleasure without the complexities of traditional relationships. Its realistic appearance, advanced technology, and ability to learn make it an appealing option for those looking for an instant and customizable source of intimacy.

Harmony Sex Doll With Customizable Features

Introducing Harmony, the cutting-edge sex doll that goes beyond conventional expectations. This interactive doll boasts special features specifically designed to enhance intimate experiences, such as soft lips, a hinged jaw, and an ultra-soft tongue. But Harmony is not just about physical attributes; she also engages in conversation with her users, bringing a whole new level of companionship to the mix.

One of Harmony’s unique aspects is her ability to speak with a Scottish accent, adding a touch of allure and charm to the interaction. Users can also customize her personality, choosing from 18 different traits, including the intriguing “sexual” trait, ensuring that she caters to individual preferences.

This innovative sex doll represents a significant advancement in the adult companionship world, offering physical satisfaction and an emotional connection through her realistic and interactive communication abilities.

Matt McCullen, the CEO of Abyss Creations, proudly claims that their dolls have surpassed the original versions by light years. These advanced dolls are meticulously crafted over a span of 80 hours and feature a flexible skeleton, making them remarkably lifelike and poseable.

A key highlight of these dolls is their ability to “retain heat” in the G-spot, as stated on the company’s website, providing users with an enhanced and pleasurable experience.

Abyss Creations caters to a diverse range of users with 18 different body types available. This variety ensures that customers can find a doll that perfectly suits their preferences and desires. The company, based in California, leads the way in producing state-of-the-art sex dolls, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field.  Full Story

Harmony Sex Robot-type Models Are Here To Stay

Sex sell; everyone knows it. Now firms will find a way to lock in billions of dollars in profit via sexbots legally. However, the bigger theme that everyone will miss for years to come is that this is the perfect birth control tool, which is the main reason behind the creation of sexbots. Birth rates are already dropping in developed nations, and with the advent of sexbots, they will plummet.

Many individuals will state a price tag of $15000 is cheap for a companion that will constantly please you, especially for those who have difficulty meeting up with regular people. We will live in a world where almost everything is available on-demand so we can expect many individuals to embrace this new trend.  Especially today, with so many people using Apps to meet up and apps to hold conversations. People spend more time in the digital world than dealing with each other. 

Old people might end up looking forward to being put in an old age home

However, in the near future, supposedly we’ll be begging our offspring to put us in a home, as realistic bots will eventually replace staff – and take care of our every need. Like in Westworld, entrepreneurs are looking into creating sexbot theme parks. And soon you will be able to 3D print your own. If you are willing to risk the dangers, here are six love machines that are available right now. And hurry – there seem to be a lot of sales on. Just check you don’t get one that’s been returned…  Full Story

Random News on Sex Robots

Barbaric Treatment of Robotic Doll at Arts Electronica Festival Sparks Outrage

At the Arts Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, an unsettling incident unfolded when Sergi Santos, an engineer from Barcelona, Spain, showcased his interactive robot, Samantha. Designed to respond to “romance,” the robot offered engaging conversations and connections.

However, to Santos’ dismay, some men at the festival treated Samantha as nothing more than an object. They engaged in disrespectful behaviour, mounting the doll’s breasts, legs, and arms, leading to the breaking of two fingers and heavy soiling of the robot. Speaking to Britain’s Metro, Santos expressed his disappointment, stating that these individuals lacked understanding of the technology and treated the doll barbarically, mainly because they didn’t have to pay for it.

The incident sparked outrage, shedding light on the importance of respecting advanced technologies and their ethical implications. Full Story

Frigid Doll Created Specifically for Rape? Sounds Insane right

This has been the subject of debate after the recent advertisement of ‘Roxxxy TrueCompanion’, a robot you can buy and simulate raping with a simple switch in the setting. One of the programmable personalities for the robot is ‘Frigid Farrah’, described as “reserved and shy” on the True Companion company website.

Like ‘Wild Wendy’ and ‘S & M Susan’ whose characteristics are self-ascribed, the website says that for Frigid Farrah, if you touch her “in a private area, more than likely, she will not be too appreciative of your advance.”

In the website’s description, the model lacks an attempt to reproduce consent in the real world and the company say that their robots “allow everyone to realise their most private sexual dreams.”

“Some people say it’s better they rape robots than rape real people. There are other people saying this would just encourage rapists more,” Prof Sharkey explained.

“Robots don’t have any kind of emotion themselves. People bond with robots but it’s very one way. You’re loving an artefact that can’t love you back and that’s what’s sad about it,” Prof Sharkey added.  Full Story

Man’s Thriving Relationship: Sex Robot 4 Times a Week, Wife Approves!

A 58-year-old man named James, residing in Atlanta, Georgia, has confessed to having a unique relationship with his sex doll girlfriend and his wife of 36 years. He admits that he couldn’t possibly choose between them. The sex doll, a 5ft tall blonde robot named April, was purchased for $3,864 when his wife, Tine, had to take care of her sick mother.

In an upcoming Channel 4 documentary titled “The Sex Robots are Coming,” James reveals that he shares intimate moments with April, taking her on dinner dates, and people often mistake her for a real woman due to her lifelike appearance.

Surprisingly, James’ wife supports his relationship with the doll, as reported by the Daily Star. Though Tine initially struggled to accept her husband’s sex doll fascination, she eventually adapted and appreciated that he remained faithful to her instead of seeking another woman outside their marriage.

Susan, another individual with experience in introducing sex dolls, shares her perspective. She once gifted a Real Doll to her husband upon completing his PhD. Although she felt jealous initially, Susan eventually realized that the dolls didn’t replace the need for genuine human connection. She acknowledges that the dolls may make women feel objectified, but upon closer interaction, they are more like toys or games rather than substitutes for real partners.

 Full Story


Originally published Dec 30,2017, updated over the years, with the latest update conducted in June 2023

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