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Archive of Articles prior 2008

Archive of Articles prior 2008

The following articles are still being updated to the new format, please bear with us through this cycle. However, you can still access the articles in the old format by clicking on the links below.

Sol Palha On Market timing ,Oct 26, 2007

Iran’s Long Term Energy Problems, April 3, 2007

Random Musings VII, March 22 2007

Housing Bust, March 22, 2007

Overbought Markets March, 2007

Oil to gold ratio an interesting story Feb 13 2007

Random Analysis of the Markets Dec 30, 2006

Israel and Iran; to attack or not to attack Dec 30 2006

Alternative Dow Theory Dec 24, 2006

The Rise of Russia and the coming energy wars Dec 21, 2006

Gold Outlook Dec, 12 2006

The other black Gold Nov, 22 2006

Uranium, Nov 22 2006

Dow 14660 has come and Gone Oct 8 2006

Dow 11700 and other world indices Sept 27,2006

Has the Dow severely corrected already Sept 17, 2006

Uranium Update Sept 12, 2006

The Art of Coin Clippage  Feb, 2004 

Archive of Articles by Sol Palha 


The exportation of the American Lifestyle Aug 30,2006

Long Term Targets on Gold Aug 28, 2006

The Middle East from bad to worse  Aug 23,2006

Gold Outlook Aug 20, 2006

Iran, chaos, disaster and Opportunity Aug 8. 2006

Dow 12000 Illusion or reality? May 13, 2006

The Dollar May 4, 2006


Contrarian Round Table Articles

Mechanical trading systems

Contrarian Round Table X

Son of a day late and a dollar short

Contrarian Round Table VIII- Market Manipulation

Contrarian Round Table VII- Fun with Fiat

A day late and A dollar Short

Contrarian Round table V- The Fed

Contrarian Round Table IV- Bear Market Etiquette

Contrarian Round Table III- Inflation good or bad?

Contrarian Round Table II- Central Bankers

The Dow has never been in A true Bear Market

 Random Musing Series of Articles

Random Musings VIII, June 27th, 20077

Random Musings VII, March 22 2007

Random Musings VIB, Dec 30 2006

Random Musings VI

Random Musings V

Random Musings IVB

Random Musings IV

Random Musings III

Random Musings II

Random Musings I

Market Psychology and Contrarian Investing

Contrarian Investment Guidelines

Inductive Versus Deductive reasoning

Mass Psychology Introduction

Mass Psychology Part I, Sept 26, 2007

Mass Psychology II, Oct 2, 2007

Mass Psychology III Oct, 9, 2007

Why Mechanical and Technical Analysis Systems Fail

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Archive of Articles prior 2008