Uranium Price Chart: Unveiling a Thrilling Long-Term Opportunity

Uranium Price Chart: Is Uranium A Buy

Uranium Price Chart: Is Uranium a Smart Buy?

Updated Sept 2023

Uranium, an essential raw material for nuclear power, is currently undergoing a significant transformation in its market dynamics. Several factors are converging to reshape the uranium price and supply landscape, hinting at a potential increase in its value.

For many years, the uranium market has faced challenges, primarily due to insufficient investment in new production capacity due to low uranium prices after the Fukushima incident. This lack of investment, coupled with the concentration of mines in specific geographic regions, has delayed the introduction of new primary supplies into the market. Recent geopolitical events and disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic have added to the uncertainty surrounding the supply landscape.

On the demand side, nuclear power plays a crucial and expanding role in the global clean-energy strategy. As global energy consumption is projected to nearly double over the next two decades due to rapid population growth, economic expansion, and a shift toward clean energy sources, nuclear power is expected to fulfil a significant portion of the demand for stable power generation. This implies a substantial increase in the demand for uranium.

Furthermore, advancements in Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology have broadened the applications of nuclear power beyond electricity generation, encompassing water desalination, hydrogen production, heat generation, and more. This development is anticipated to further drive the demand for uranium in the foreseeable future.


The Weekly Uranium Price Chart Outlook

The weekly chart reveals that Uranium (metal) is currently trading in an extremely overbought zone. However, if it can accomplish either of the following before undergoing a pullback, it could accelerate the upward trend cycle. Achieving a weekly close at or above 58.75 or experiencing a spike to new highs, which would involve surpassing 63.85.

Uranium Price Chart: The weekly outlook

If it fails to meet either of these objectives, nothing will change. The long-term perspective remains exceedingly bullish. As mentioned, the only variable affected would be the pace at which it tests and exceeds 120.00.



In summary, the uranium market faces a persistent supply gap amid surging demand. This, in conjunction with a positive long-term market outlook for price appreciation, indicates a potential upward trajectory for uranium prices. Even before factoring in the substantial future demand for nuclear power, the existing market dynamics suggest the likelihood of higher prices shortly, which may incentivize new supply and help bridge the supply gap.


Moving forward, we will delve into the outlook through a historical lens, as we believe that history is poised to replicate itself. It’s crucial to emphasize that those who fail to learn from history are destined to revisit it.

Uranium Price Chart: A Unique Anomaly in the Market

A fascinating anomaly emerges when we compare the correction in uranium stocks with the resilience of bullion prices. Let’s delve into these two distinct charts.

The first chart spans approximately two decades, focusing on uranium. It vividly portrays an ongoing super bullish phase in this market. Current prices continually establish new records, a trend clearly evident in the second chart. As we analyze the situation, we observe an increasing number of nations embracing nuclear energy. Presently, the demand for uranium surpasses the available supply by a significant 50%. One can only imagine the possibilities in the years ahead as more nuclear power plants come online.

Uranium Price Chart 2006

Uranium price charts


The table below unmistakably depicts the remarkable price surge, and there are no indications of prices slowing down, having even reached as high as 54 during the month of September.



Navigating Anomalies and Profits at Tactical Investor

At Tactical Investor, we keenly observe such anomalies where bullion prices continue to ascend while stocks in the sector undergo corrections. These occurrences are “Intra-market Positive Divergences,” which typically serve as exceptionally bullish long-term indicators. This suggests that the modification observed in Uranium stocks is likely just a result of routine profit-taking.

It’s a familiar scenario: the masses often follow the herd and make decisions contrary to their best interests. They tend to sell precisely when they should be considering buying. In our view, Uranium represents a compelling long-term investment, and we recommend that everyone have some exposure to this sector.

However, it’s essential to remember that, as with any sector, not all stocks are primed for purchase simultaneously. Some have already experienced substantial price surges and are now poised for further consolidation. Caution is advised, and it’s worth remembering the old adage, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Tactical Investor Uranium Market Update – August 2018

By any reasonable estimation, the uranium market is currently trading within the realms of extreme oversold conditions. However, in a downtrend, markets can persist in these extremely oversold conditions, a phenomenon we’ve witnessed on multiple occasions in the past.

A glance at the 15-year chart reveals that the next layer of support is $21.50 to $22.00. Despite the current state of extreme oversold conditions, there is still potential for the market to trend lower. One positive development is that the trend is on the verge of transitioning into a neutral state. If this occurs, it would mark the first move into the neutral zone in quite some time.

uranium 15 year chart shows bear market almost over


Uranium Bull Market 2018: Examining Crowd Psychology

Considering a long-term perspective, a monthly close above the $35 mark would be a crucial indicator signalling the potential establishment of a multi-month bottom in the market. From a contrarian viewpoint, uranium starts to appear enticing at any level below $23.00.

When evaluating the uranium market in 2018, it’s essential to shift the focus away from the uranium price chart and redirect it towards understanding the collective behaviour of the masses. While price levels do hold significance, it’s equally crucial to gauge market sentiment. In essence, if the masses are exhibiting euphoria, it may not be the opportune moment to buy, and conversely, the inverse holds true.

Four things come not back. The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity.

Arabian Proverb Sayings of Arabian Origin

Originally Published on: July 30, 2015 and subsequently updated multiple times over the years, with the latest update completed in July 2023.

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