Additional Calls From 1999-2004

Additional Calls From 1999-2004

Additional Calls From 1999-2004

We will list only the important calls because it would take too long to list every call we made. Our Philosophy is to catch and lock onto the significant trend. We do not like to waste time with the mini trend and stress ourselves for small gains. We look for new major emerging trends and then take positions and close them out only when the trend is going to End.

 Issued a major buy signal on Palladium on Dec 1999 and closed our positions on Dec 2000. Bullion traders made approx 330% in gains, while futures players took in profits in the 1000’s % range.

Went long Bonds beginning of 2000 and closed positions towards the end of May 2003. This simple stress-free technique yielded over 40% gains.

Took our first positions In Gold at the end of 2000 and then kept adding to positions from Nov 2002 to April 2003. Many of our initial stock positions went up over 400%, some over 600%. Bullion Traders Alone made over 50%. Some of the stocks we recommended were GSS, CAU, CBJ, IAG, MFN, CDE, PAAS, HL, GLG, WHT, BGO, APLL, MNG, GOLD, etc

In November 2002, we became highly Bullish on the South African Rand, A simple conversion of dollars to Rand yielded almost 100% profits by the end of 2003. Futures players that held onto this play made an incredible fortune

we also advised futures players and general currency players to go long the Australian dollar and New Zealand Dollar from Nov 2002 until March 2003. Once more, both futures players and regular currency players scored huge wins with these plays.

We became highly Bullish on Silver from May -June 2003 and stated that we expected Silver to outperform Gold. At that time, Silver was under 5 dollars. Today Silver is over 8 dollars. Many of the shares we recommended went ballistic and gained over 500% from our recommended prices.

In late 2002 and Early 2003, we foresaw strength in certain biotech stocks. One of them was CVAS. We took initial positions in the 1.40-1.70 range; it traded as high as 4.50 before it was taken over DNDN, CVAS shares were issued new DNDN shares, and DNDN traded as high as $15.

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Towards the end of the Year, we became bullish on the Natural gas, independent exploration and oil service sector. Our favourite stock at that point was ABP and STUOF. ABP was sold for over 200% in profits, and STUOF for 100% in profits. In addition, we bought WFT leaps and Sold those for approx 60% in profits.  We are still holding some of the stocks we issued plays on. All of them are up in price, and we expect some to yield over 200% in gains.

We became Bullish on the Dow in June 2003. We were one of the first ones to state that the Dow would pass the 10K mark. You can read our comments published on Gold Eagle and Financial Sense.

In Nov 2003, we Instructed Futures traders to go long bonds in the 107.50 range and recently closed our positions in the 114.50-115 range.

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In Nov 2003, we also instructed futures traders to go Long Natural Gas in the 4.80-5.00 range; natural gas then took off to make a high of over 7 dollars. Futures traders locked thousands in profits.

In Nov 2003, we became bullish on the Nanotech sector and issued buys on 3 nanotech stocks. Two gave us gains of 200% and one of 100% in under 3 months.

Towards the end of Jan 2004, we stated that the Dollar was close to bottoming and ready to start trending upwards (rallying). We took positions in the 84-85 range on the Dollar index. We also instructed futures traders to go long the Dollar. Futures traders were advised to close their position in the 89-89.50.

In Jan 2004, we told our subscribers to take positions in Palladium, both in bullion and in the futures markets, in the 210 range. Palladium has already surpassed the 300 range in less than 2 months. W

Toward the End of Feb and Early March 2004, we stated that we expected the markets to become highly volatile as the masses were all finally jumping on the bull bandwagon.

In March 2004, we issued a short-term buy signal on Gold bullion and certain gold shares. Both are already showing profits.

Plus many more signals that are too numerous to mention.

 Join us now to find out what we are doing; we are the only service we know of with a set cap on how many subscribers it will take in. Currently, the cap for our Top service, the market update, is set at 600.

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