How to boost your immune system: Simple Ideas

A comprehensive guide on How to boost your immune system


Discovering Natural Remedies: How to Boost Your Immune System with  Honey

Updated  June 2023

Before we continue, I want to clarify that we are not advocating or stating that you should take any of the supplements listed below. As always, we provide data for you to analyse; our stance will forever remain the same. We don’t tell people what to do, we provide data, and then you decide how to use that data. If you disagree with some or all of the information listed below, that is your right, and we will not argue with you.

  • Listen to calming music.

  • If you must practice social distancing, you can always pick up the phone or use Skype or WhatsApp to talk to a loved one or friend. Don’t sit alone and panic; talking about an issue helps relieve stress.

  • Supplements that are helpful and that we are ourselves are taking

  • Vit A, Vit D, and Zinc are good for boosting the immune system. A bit of Vit C can also be helpful.

  • Olive leaf extract: Natural antiviral agent

  • B complex: has many benefits, one of which is to help one cope with stress.

How to boost your immune system: Out-of-the-box strategies

I am only discussing the stuff below because I was asked by several subscribers what I am doing in terms of the coronavirus. For those willing to experiment, the information listed below might be interesting. I am not advocating that you do this, but I have used these substances for years and continue to use them. I am willing to push the envelope provided there is data to back up a novel therapy.

Unleashing Hydrogen Peroxide: A Bactericidal Agent for Effective Microbial Control

I use it as a disinfectant as it’s more effective than alcohol. Also, when the first signs of the flu manifest, I put an undiluted 3% solution in both ears for 5-15 minutes. I patiently wait for the bubbling to cease in one ear before proceeding to the other. Additionally,  gargling with the diluted 3% solution is highly effective in relieving a sore throat. By diluting it with water, I can gargle for a duration of 5 to 15 minutes. Through this practice, I have observed significant results, such as completely halting the flu’s progression or reducing the recovery time by 50%.

This study investigated the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a bactericidal agent. The researchers discovered that a concentration of 1.8 M (6%) of H2O2 was required to kill half of the bacteria within 15 seconds. However, this concentration decreased to 0.3 M (1%) after 2 minutes, 10 mM (0.03%) after 1 hour, and 0.2 mM (0.0007%) after 24 hours of exposure. These findings suggest that sustained high concentrations of H2O2 can effectively kill bacteria over extended periods.

The study also examined the impact of LP and SCN- on the protection of streptococci against H2O2 killing. It was observed that the combination of LP, H2O2, and SCN- was more effective in inhibiting bacterial metabolism and growth compared to H2O2 alone. This indicates that the combination of LP, H2O2, and SCN- may hold promise as an approach to prevent bacterial infections. 

Harnessing Hydrogen Peroxide: A Promising Approach to Inactivated Viral Vaccines

Scientists from Oregon Health & Science University, in collaboration with Najit Technologies, have published exciting in vivo findings that demonstrate the effectiveness of using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to generate inactivated viral vaccines. Their research involved conducting studies on mice to evaluate the efficacy of H2O2-inactivated viral vaccines against lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV), smallpox, and West Nile virus. The results revealed that these vaccines effectively stimulated high levels of virus-specific CD8+ T cells or neutralizing antibodies, providing long-term protection against subsequent challenges with lethal doses of the respective pathogens.

Unleashing the Power of H2O2: Long-Term Protection Against Lethal Pathogens

Initially, the researchers confirmed that H2O2 is a potent oxidizing agent capable of inactivating both DNA and RNA viruses. Importantly, they found that the immunogenicity of the viruses was not significantly compromised by H2O2 inactivation. For example, when yellow fever virus (YFV) was inactivated using formaldehyde, BPL, or H2O2, and then tested with immune serum from infected mice, the H2O2-inactivated virus retained 87-98% of the maximum antibody binding response observed with live virus. In contrast, YFV inactivated using formaldehyde or BPL exhibited markedly reduced immunogenicity.

These results suggest that H2O2-inactivated viral vaccines hold promise as an alternative to formaldehyde or BPL-inactivated vaccines, as they can generate effective immune responses. This innovative approach has implications for developing vaccines targeting various viral diseases.

Harnessing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for Effective Virus Inactivation

This study aimed to assess the impact of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on various viruses in laboratory conditions. The viruses examined included adenovirus types 3 and 6, adeno-associated virus type 4, rhinoviruses 1A, 1B, and type 7, myxoviruses, influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus (strain Long), and coronavirus (strain 229E). Different concentrations of H2O2 and exposure durations were employed to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach. The results indicated that H2O2 at a concentration of 3 percent successfully deactivated all tested viruses within a time frame of 1 to 30 minutes. Among the viruses, coronavirus and influenza strains were particularly vulnerable to H2O2 treatment, while reoviruses, adenoviruses, and adeno-associated virus exhibited greater stability. These findings suggest that H2O2 may serve as a practical and efficient method for inactivating viruses.


I’ve been consuming a lot of natural sugars lately, mainly honey, fruits, and chocolates that contain no more than three ingredients. I try to avoid anything with soy lecithin or similar additives, so I look for products that contain only sugar, cocoa, cocoa derivatives, milk, nuts, or fruits. I stopped eating wheat-based products in 2013, and since then, my sugar intake has doubled. Surprisingly, I’ve only been to the dentist twice because they kept bugging me to come in for a check-up. I’ve also lost a lot of weight naturally since giving up wheat, and I now weigh the same as I did when I was 19. Cutting out wheat has been a great decision for me, and I’m happy with the results so far!


Unleashing the Antibacterial Potential of Honey through Hydrogen Peroxide and Beyond

Honey possesses an intriguing quality in its ability to generate hydrogen peroxide, contributing to its ability to combat bacteria. The healing properties of honey stem from its antibacterial characteristics, its capacity to maintain a moist environment for wounds, and its thick consistency that forms a protective barrier against infection. Additionally, honey’s immunomodulatory properties aid in the process of wound recovery.

Most types of honey exhibit antimicrobial properties by producing hydrogen peroxide through enzymatic activity. However, non-peroxide honey, like manuka honey, displays significant antibacterial effects even when hydrogen peroxide activity is inhibited. This can be attributed to honey’s acidic nature and high sugar content (resulting in high osmolarity), which hinder the growth of microbes. Medical-grade honey has proven effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria that give rise to life-threatening infections in humans, making it a valuable weapon in the battle against such infections.

The Healing Powers of Honey: Exploring Its Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, and Anti-inflammatory Properties

For centuries, honey has been utilized for its medicinal qualities and is widely acknowledged for its nutritional and health advantages. Throughout history, honey has been employed as a remedy for various ailments, including eye, respiratory, and digestive disorders, and as a general supplement. Extensive scientific research has substantiated the numerous therapeutic properties of honey, including its antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects. Consequently, honey shows potential in treating various conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and specific types of cancer.

Honey’s composition is a complex amalgamation of natural sugars, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds, contributing to its diverse health benefits. Its antimicrobial properties enable it to effectively impede the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, rendering it valuable in combatting different infections. Furthermore, honey’s anti-inflammatory properties may assist in alleviating inflammation and mitigating pain associated with various diseases. Additionally, honey may possess cardioprotective effects by safeguarding against oxidative stress and inflammation linked to cardiovascular disorders.

From Ancient Medicine to Modern Science: Unveiling the Therapeutic Potential of Honey

In addition to the mentioned advantages, honey holds the potential to enhance digestive health, facilitate wound healing, and aiding in cancer prevention. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that honey’s composition and therapeutic properties can differ depending on factors such as geographical location, floral source, and processing techniques employed. Therefore, selecting premium-quality, raw honey from trustworthy sources becomes imperative to attain the maximum therapeutic benefits. To summarize, honey offers a wide array of health benefits and is a natural therapeutic agent for various ailments. The existing evidence is substantial enough to warrant its recommendation for use in clinical settings.

A simple test to determine if honey is from a good source.

Exploring the Potential of Methylene Blue

This will probably be the most controversial of all substances listed here. Please note that I am not telling you what to do, nor am I advocating that you follow in my footsteps. What attracted me to this substance was its nootropic function and antibacterial and antiviral activity. My liver enzymes were slightly elevated four years ago, so I decided to test this product: four months later, my ALT, which was (somewhat elevated), not only normalised but was in the perfect range. My AST was within the normal range and moved to the ideal range. I have been taking MB on and off for over four years with no adverse effects.

Nootropic Function and Mitochondrial Support

Methylene blue has demonstrated its ability to protect the brain from diseases at lower doses by acting as an electron donor to the mitochondria’s complex I-IV. This action increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the essential energy currency of life that powers human functions. Even individuals in good health can benefit from a boost in ATP production, as declining levels can result in reduced physical and mental performance [1].

Methylene blue has been found to donate electrons to coenzyme Q and potentially to cytochrome C, leading to increased cytochrome oxidase (complex IV) activity and oxygen consumption. Furthermore, it enhances heme synthesis [3]. Additionally, MB can stimulate glucose metabolism in the absence of oxygen and elevate the production of NAD+ by mitochondria [4, 5].

Methylene Blue and Mitochondrial Function

Methylene blue (MB) is a substance capable of reacting with oxygen to generate water, effectively reducing the production of superoxide radicals from oxidative phosphorylation. Furthermore, it exhibits the ability to capture leaked electrons produced by mitochondrial inhibitors, thereby assisting in maintaining metabolic rate by bypassing obstructed points of electron flow and improving mitochondrial respiration. Studies have indicated that MB can traverse the blood-brain barrier and, at low doses, act as an electron shuttle in the mitochondrial electron transport chain, contributing to memory enhancement and neuroprotection.

Experimental Study on the Effects of Methylene Blue

An experimental study involving rats was conducted to explore the impact of MB on cognitive function. The rats underwent permanent bilateral carotid occlusion (2VO) or sham surgery, followed by daily administration of 4 mg/kg USP MB or saline for one month. Behavioural tests encompassed open field, visual water maze, and odour-recognition tasks. The results revealed that the 2VO rats performed poorer in the visible water task but exhibited no differences in general motor activity, visually guided swimming ability, or odour recognition. However, the daily administration of MB mitigated the deficits in visual learning and memory caused by cerebrovascular insufficiency.

During the training phase of the visual water task, involving three different discrimination problems, all animals achieved a criterion of 8/10 correct trials. Nevertheless, the 2VO animals took longer to learn each problem and performed less proficiently in a challenging memory probe. Notably, the animals receiving daily post-session MB demonstrated significantly improved performance compared to the saline-treated subjects during the training and memory probe phases.

This study represents the first evidence indicating that MB can alleviate learning and memory impairments resulting from carotid occlusion. The findings suggest that MB may benefit from conditions associated with chronic cerebral hypoperfusion, such as mild cognitive impairment, vascular dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Exploring the Biomedical Potential of Antarctic Mumijo

Mumijo, a traditional medicine widely utilized in countries such as Russia, Mongolia, Iran, and Kazakhstan, has gained recognition for its immune-stimulating and antiallergic properties, making it effective in treating and preventing infectious diseases. In this study, researchers sought to investigate the biomedical potential of a Mumijo-related product collected from Antarctica, sourced from snow petrels known as Pagodroma Nivea. The chemical analysis revealed that the fossil samples comprised a mixture of glycerol derivatives.

Neuroprotective Effects of Mumijo Extract

In vitro experiments were conducted to assess the impact of the Mumijo extract on cortical neurons, particularly against amyloid peptide fragment β-fragment 25-35 (Aβ25-35), a known inducer of apoptosis. The results demonstrated that the Mumijo extract exhibited a robust neuroprotective effect on cortical neurons, effectively shielding them against the damaging effects of Aβ25-35. Furthermore, the fraction enriched with glycerol ethers and wax esters demonstrated the ability to promote growth in permanent neuronal PC12 cells. These findings indicate that this new Mumijo preparation possesses significant neuroprotective activity, likely attributed to glycerol ether derivatives. 

While many of the products mentioned in the previous text can be found with a simple online search, Mumijo can be more challenging.  Mumijo can be obtained here


Publication Information: Originally published on September 2, 2020, and last updated on June 2023.

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