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Tactical Investor Archives

Tactical Investor Archives

Tactical Investor Archives

Tactical Investor Archives

This page contains articles dating back to 2006. We are still updating our entire site and so not all the original articles published will be listed here immediately.  We will be constantly updating this page.  Articles will be added as soon as the old pages are updated to the current format. As each page has to be updated individually, the process will take a bit of time.  Thus, please bear with us during this transition phase.


Solar Storms  (Aug 20)

The divide between rich and poor grows (May 18)

High unemployment levels here to stay as some jobs are never coming back (May 14)

World’s 1st Gold ATM; is this a sign of Top? (May 13)

Euro; the worst is yet to come (May 12)

Strategic mortgage defaults the next time bomb (May 11)

Large insider transactions; a sign all was not well at Moody’s (May 10)

Health overhaul could cost 115 billion more (May 10)

Euro shock and awe package more like Shock and shake (May 10)

Beat inflation at its own game  (May 10)

The necessity of losing and why it makes sense and cents (May 7)

The dangers of Quant Trading models; Dow’s 1000 point drop a prime example (May 7)

Precipitously low market volume a sign that a correction is imminent (May 5)

Continuous Strength in the precious metal’s sector; A harbinger of impending trouble (May 4)

The Ulterior Motive behind the Greek bailout (May 3)

Roast the PIIGS, and End the Euro Crisis (April 30)

SWC; a compelling Palladium Investment (April 29)

Gold, Silver, Palladium: True Bull Market (April 28)

Bonds nowhere to go but Down (April 21)

Dollar, Gold and Silver (April 20)

Anatomy of a Housing Crisis (April 16)

The Engineering of A financial Crisis

The Art of becoming a better Investor

The Fannie May and Freddie Mac debacle (March 29)

The competitive currency devaluation era gains momentum (March 25)

A small but Strategic victory for Google (March 23)

Palladium; the Stealth bull Market (March 22)

The Devalue or Die era is picking up steam (March 16)

Euro Woes Part II (March 14)

Lack of Interest in Gold ETF could lead to a strong correction (March 13)

Gold Trading Like A Currency? (March 12)

Robbing the Old to Pay the Rich (March 8)

Precious Metals and the Dollar (March 4)

Gold and Silver (Feb 26)

Random Musings (Feb 13)

Markets; time to dance or Drop (Feb 8)

The Dollar (Feb 5)

Overseas investments and the Dollar (Jan 26)

The Euro/Dollar Dance (Jan 22)

2009 Tactical Investor Archives

The Dow, Ominous Parallels to the 1929-1930 Era (October 2)

Debt Crisis (October 23)

Dollar Update (October 15)

A Step Back In Time (October 8)

The Bounce in the Housing Market, Interest rates and the Economy (Sept 18)

Hyperinflation and Gold (July 20)

Oil and Bonds (July 2)

Inflation and the Dollar (June 26)

The Move Into Hard Assets (May 28)

Hyperinflation and the changes it is going to generate Part II (May)

Hyperinflation and the changes it is going to generate Part 1 (April)

Copper; A Long Term Opportunity in the making (April 2)

Copper and the Dollar (Jan 10)


The Dollar, Gold, Oil and Bonds  (Dec 12)

Housing Debacle – Boom and Bust Cycles (Sept 9)

Dow explosive pattern or Impending Doom (July )

Examination of the Dow (Feb 28)


These pages are being updated and the full list will appear shortly.

Market Timing (Oct 26)

Random Musings IV (June 2007)

Iran’s long Term energy Problems   (April 3)


Random Musings VII (March 22)

Housing Bust (March 22)

Overbought Markets (March 2007)


oil to gold ratio very bullish for oil  (Feb 17)Tactical Investor archives

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