Trump Trade War Stock Market & Dominant Trends

Trump Trade War Stock Market & Dominant Trends


Trump Trade War Stock Market

Trump’s win proves that mainstream Media is in trouble; it is going to be all downhill from here except for the ones that parted ways and tried to provide accurate coverage of what was going on. The crowd will turn increasingly to social media to get their news as opposed to listening to the talking heads from mainstream media.  Many pollsters might have to look for new jobs, and certain media outlets stand to make huge gains. Perhaps this is why Google has its eye on Twitter and has decided to donate its search engine business and in doing so take a $1 trillion business write off.

Google is working with a financial adviser to consider a potential bid for Twitter Inc., as the social-media company continues to explore a sale, according to a person familiar with the arrangement. In tapping Lazard Ltd., Google hasn’t indicated it will definitely make an offer for Twitter. But the move suggests that Google is evaluating the option, pitting the search giant against other potential bidders including Walt Disney Co. and Inc. Full Story

Trump Trade War Stock Market: Being politically correct is now a dead concept

No matter how mainstream media tries to spin it, they blew it; it was Brexit on steroids. Trumps win highlights the power of social media and how terribly controlled traditional media outlets are. They misfired on Brexit and grossly over-exaggerated Clinton’s lead.

It was a stunning defeat and the fact that mainstream media was so far off the mark will now serve as the bedrock to propel social media to levels never seen before. Expect a whole new range of social media apps and sites to emerge that are going to put many newspapers out of business

All over the world, the politician that speaks his mind is the one that will resonate well with the public.  Those that focus on their P’s, and Q’s will be toast. This trend appears to be picking up steam on a worldwide basis. Europeans are going to elect a host of outspoken leaders, some of which will make Trump look very congenial in comparison

Trump’s win is going to create a major shockwave in Europe

Politicians like Merkel are doomed; there is going to be a massive revolt against entrenched politicians.  Europe is going to elect leaders that will make Trump look very tame.  The war on Islam is about to turn ugly and Brutal; the Europeans are going to start striking very harshly against radical Islam.

The world will be shocked just as they were when they see so many women getting brutally attacked in Europe, but this time the surprise will be from the opposite end; radicals will be stunned at the harsh assault Europeans are going to mount.

Regulations in the US are going to be torn apart

The 1st thing to come under attack is going to be Dodd-Frank, and we spoke of this many times in the past. As a result banks, stocks will do well in the years to come.

During his presidential campaign, Republican Donald Trump said he would “get rid of” Dodd-Frank — the sweeping legislation passed in 2010 to address problems underlying the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Many Republicans hate the 2,300-page law, saying it is layered with far too many regulations. But Democrats say it provides valuable oversight of an industry that they believe took too many risks on Wall Street and too much advantage of customers on Main Street.

Now President-elect Trump’s transition team is promising to “dismantle” the complex Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

“Bureaucratic red tape and Washington mandates are not the answer” to improving the financial system; the team said Thursday on its website.  Full Story

Obama’s legacy is going to be dismantled

There will be nothing left of Obama’s legacy.  His signature health care package will be destroyed, as will the new labour rules that hurt small business.  Trump will also most likely reset relationships with Russia; America and Russia might start to get along.

NATO could be history, or Trump will ask Europeans to contribute more which will be the death of NATO as they do not have the money to do so.

Radical Muslims are going to be targeted very severely in the US; in fact, all radical elements including members of the black lives matter movement who opted for violence instead of peaceful protests. All forms of violent dissent will be met with equal brutality.  The police and all law enforcement agencies are going to be given mandates to crush any violent protests immediately.

Ferguson is going to be a distant memory; it will not happen again; individuals that try those types of stunts In the future will be neutralised on the spot.   The clash of cultures and civilisations is now going to hit the maximum overdrive stage.

Trump And Stock Market Update Nov 2019

Copper continues to put in a bullish pattern, and the pattern is dangerously close to generating a bullish signal. A bullish signal will/should have a positive impact on the overall market. Consider also that the current consolidation in copper has been relatively mild, so the odds of a strong move are quite significant.

The Tactical Investor alternative Dow Theory, states that if the utilities trade to new highs, it is almost always an indication signal that the Dow industrials will pursue a similar route and that’s what’s taking place right now.  For the record, the Dow Utilities soared to new highs in September and so far the Dow is following in the footsteps of the utilities. The transport sector and copper should outperform the markets. While many experts were predicting a crash, we at most were looking for a pullback ranging from mild to wild. However, the long term trend is still bullish, and in such an atmosphere it is dangerous to short a market

The Crowd is Nervous?

Vast amounts of money have left the market, demonstrating that the crowd is bailing out at precisely the wrong time. History has never been kind to the masses, and we don’t think the pattern is going to change shortly. The masses beg for better prices, but when an opportunity presents itself, they do exactly the same thing as they did before; panic and flee for the hills and ignore the opportunity.

The Stock Market is mimicking the pattern of 2009; if this pattern completes, it will/should lead to an explosive upward move.

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