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Sol Talk

A rare transcript of a conversation with Sol Palha and traders from different corners of the world. Held on the 10th of Jan 2004.

jay80888 (9:38:07 AM): Good morning everyone.  testing.

jay80888 (9:38:22 AM): works great

judyinvestor (9:38:30 AM): Jay?

jay80888 (9:38:39 AM): yes?

judyinvestor (9:38:41 AM): you are bright yellow on my screen.

judyinvestor (9:38:45 AM): yellow

judyinvestor (9:38:51 AM): anyone else have that?

(9:38:57 AM) shauntyndaleb has entered the room.

benkeytrade (9:39:00 AM): no

judyinvestor (9:39:03 AM): OK

judyinvestor (9:39:10 AM): I can’t even read it.

jay80888 (9:39:10 AM): I think it has to do with your own setting.

shauntyndaleb (9:39:15 AM): hi Sol and thx

shauntyndaleb (9:39:18 AM): hi all

judyinvestor (9:39:19 AM): how do I change it?

Allies1111 (9:39:27 AM): Hi shaun

shauntyndaleb (9:39:28 AM): nice to see u all

douseethelight (9:39:37 AM): yes nice to see everyone

douseethelight (9:39:46 AM): but the weather is not so great

judyinvestor (9:39:53 AM): Brrr.

judyinvestor (9:40:00 AM): How can you stand it?

shauntyndaleb (9:40:14 AM): Yes, sorry to hear that – coldest on record?

douseethelight (9:40:15 AM): great difficulty

douseethelight (9:40:26 AM): won’t be here for much longer

shauntyndaleb (9:40:39 AM): Costa del Sol is not so bad. About 80F

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douseethelight (9:40:44 AM): very nice

shauntyndaleb (9:40:59 AM): Florida will be similar

douseethelight (9:41:03 AM): yes

benkeytrade (9:41:17 AM): It has been about -40c for the 2 weeks in my area

RMarchetta (9:41:32 AM): Thickens the blood

shauntyndaleb (9:41:42 AM): Friends so we’re mad to consider Canada

douseethelight (9:41:47 AM): very

douseethelight (9:41:53 AM): unless u like cold weather

douseethelight (9:41:58 AM): but Canadians are nice people

douseethelight (9:42:04 AM): so it makes up for the weather

shauntyndaleb (9:42:12 AM): Yes, very civilized society

benkeytrade (9:42:14 AM): you got that right

shauntyndaleb (9:42:47 AM): Spaniards are nice too, without the rattlesnakes and grizzlies

judyinvestor (9:44:22 AM): I hear that near Toronto it doesn’t get very cold.

Allies1111 (9:44:44 AM):

shauntyndaleb (9:44:54 AM): Calgary was -25 last week

Allies1111 (9:44:57 AM): Sol said to read this

benkeytrade (9:44:59 AM): it still does just less snow

judyinvestor (9:45:03 AM): OK, thanks.

judyinvestor (9:45:09 AM): Is that one of your articles?

Allies1111 (9:45:11 AM): now so that everyone is familiar

Allies1111 (9:45:31 AM): apparently

judyinvestor (9:45:39 AM): Great, Alan!

Allies1111 (9:45:54 AM): sol added my latest piece to his latest piece

judyinvestor (9:46:50 AM): very good.

judyinvestor (9:47:45 AM): come on, ABP, break that resistance.

judyinvestor (9:47:49 AM): Go go go.

douseethelight (9:48:38 AM): okay i will be back in 15 minutes

douseethelight (9:48:44 AM): in case you all are not aware

douseethelight (9:48:49 AM): i am sol behind this name

douseethelight (9:48:53 AM): just going to make some coffee

douseethelight (9:48:55 AM): and be back

judyinvestor (9:49:00 AM): good morning Sol.

jay80888 (9:49:15 AM): Great article.  Are gold shares going to crash further??  How low can they go?

judyinvestor (9:49:46 AM): anyone think they know?

Allies1111 (9:49:58 AM): gold typically does a 50% retracement

judyinvestor (9:50:12 AM): interesting.

jay80888 (9:50:31 AM): mining shares like 80%?  🙁

Allies1111 (9:50:42 AM): no

Allies1111 (9:50:48 AM): 50 is tops

judyinvestor (9:51:04 AM): I am aiming for the 200 day ema on the stocks I get into.]

jay80888 (9:51:31 AM): is there a possibility that gold bull market is over for now?

benkeytrade (9:51:48 AM): so should we get out of gold stocks completely and wait for XAU to get around the 200 dma

judyinvestor (9:52:37 AM): I don’t think that right now you should dump a bunch of gold shares.

judyinvestor (9:52:44 AM): Do you, Alan.

Allies1111 (9:52:45 AM): Sinclair say sell a third into strength

jay80888 (9:52:51 AM): do you have any downside target on  HUI or NEM?

judyinvestor (9:52:54 AM): this is not strength.

Allies1111 (9:52:58 AM): strength is over

Allies1111 (9:53:21 AM): so if u’r in

Allies1111 (9:53:30 AM): hold on tight

jay80888 (9:53:53 AM): would you short mining shares on bounce from panic situation  yesterday?

judyinvestor (9:54:45 AM): A little late for a short in my opinion.  Have to watch the dollar.

(9:55:53 AM) RMBluemel1 has entered the room.

jay80888 (9:56:07 AM): I agree. long term gold investors are buying in a little below these levels.

judyinvestor (9:56:45 AM): Welcome RM

douseethelight (9:56:53 AM): I think we can start so lets work out some structure here

douseethelight (9:57:00 AM): if the questions start coming to fast

douseethelight (9:57:03 AM): alan will moderate

RMBluemel1 (9:57:11 AM): Thanks Judy

douseethelight (9:57:26 AM): in other words you will have to direct questions to alan

RMarchetta (9:57:26 AM): Just finished reading…very interesting, good job. Hi, all.

douseethelight (9:57:31 AM): and he can then redirect them

douseethelight (9:57:36 AM): morning everyone

douseethelight (9:58:05 AM): okay well first of all i hope no one is shorting the market unless it is for very short term gains

douseethelight (9:58:15 AM): and with very tight stops, if you go past this

douseethelight (9:58:27 AM): its not that you might  lose you will lose

douseethelight (9:58:49 AM): so off to questions fire away

douseethelight (9:58:52 AM): who wants to go first

jay80888 (9:58:59 AM): Thanks for this discussion meeting, Sol

douseethelight (9:59:12 AM): u r more than welcome

benkeytrade (9:59:42 AM): do you think small caps is the way to go for 2004

douseethelight (9:59:58 AM): when u r in a bull market

jay80888 (10:00:00 AM): Is this gold correction sharp and short or long and steady decline?

RMarchetta (10:00:03 AM): Seems gold and shares of gold are on everyone’s mind.

arvilgar (10:00:05 AM): do you have any downside target on the Dow by your cycle analysis

douseethelight (10:00:10 AM): especially this type of bull mkt small caps are the way to go

douseethelight (10:00:18 AM): we have a selective bull market

Allies1111 (10:00:23 AM): Sol, how quickly will the dow run after the correction

douseethelight (10:00:27 AM): its not your regular type, its a traders bull market

douseethelight (10:00:39 AM): so as they masses start to pile in they will jump into

douseethelight (10:00:41 AM): small caps

douseethelight (10:00:49 AM): because they seem to look affordable

jay80888 (10:00:54 AM): another 1000 points up in Dow and is it all over???

(10:01:05 AM) mvingion has entered the room.

douseethelight (10:01:10 AM): okay lets hold while i catch up

douseethelight (10:01:13 AM): with the questions

douseethelight (10:01:27 AM): the gold correction

judyinvestor (10:01:27 AM): There are a couple of leveraged small cap index funds in Rydex and Profunds groups if anyone is interested.

douseethelight (10:01:33 AM): could end up being very very severe

douseethelight (10:01:38 AM): i am not ready to make that call yet

douseethelight (10:01:47 AM): however i would not be buying gold stocks now

douseethelight (10:01:50 AM): and have not been buying them

douseethelight (10:02:04 AM): the dollar appears ready to rally if this rally is strong

douseethelight (10:02:21 AM): gold is going to get hit hard, which will provide another mouth watering opportunity to load up

douseethelight (10:02:32 AM): it is interesting to note the gold stocks predicted the decline in bullion

douseethelight (10:02:39 AM): they started to correct 2 weeks in advance

douseethelight (10:02:44 AM): so they will lead the way up

douseethelight (10:02:55 AM): watch for a bottoming sign in gold stocks

douseethelight (10:03:18 AM): next question

benkeytrade (10:03:20 AM): do you mean we should hold gold stocks

douseethelight (10:03:24 AM): is more like a statement

douseethelight (10:03:31 AM): actually everyone should have two portfolios

douseethelight (10:03:38 AM): one trading one hold till the trend is over

jay80888 (10:03:39 AM): would you short gold stock on a bounce from the panic situ yesterday?

douseethelight (10:03:51 AM): the hold till the trend is over portfolio

douseethelight (10:03:58 AM): you should not even bother looking at

douseethelight (10:03:59 AM): all

douseethelight (10:04:06 AM): but if you must look at it once a month

douseethelight (10:04:10 AM): or once every 3 months

douseethelight (10:04:18 AM): the trading portfolio

douseethelight (10:04:27 AM): you should more or less sell your gold stocks in this portfolio

douseethelight (10:04:36 AM): gold stocks being one everyone minds

douseethelight (10:04:39 AM): well that is true

douseethelight (10:04:44 AM): i use mass psychology at lot

douseethelight (10:04:55 AM): it is interesting to note that Yahoo has started to advertise

douseethelight (10:05:00 AM): gold mining companies

douseethelight (10:05:05 AM): i view that as a huge negative

judyinvestor (10:05:08 AM): Yeah.

douseethelight (10:05:10 AM): they are getting to cocky

(10:05:18 AM) alll2go has entered the room.

douseethelight (10:05:18 AM): so they will be hammered soon

douseethelight (10:05:27 AM): for the next question

douseethelight (10:05:30 AM): 1000 point rally or not

douseethelight (10:05:45 AM): it is hard to pin point exactly where we will heard

douseethelight (10:05:47 AM): head i mean

douseethelight (10:05:56 AM): but we have already hit my first two targets very fast

douseethelight (10:06:01 AM): the next one is 11,400

douseethelight (10:06:08 AM): and the extreme one is 11,700

douseethelight (10:06:12 AM): could we get there yes

douseethelight (10:06:19 AM): if the masses get into a frenzy stage

douseethelight (10:06:25 AM): they could take it there very fast

douseethelight (10:06:41 AM): Alan your question

douseethelight (10:06:50 AM): after we correct how fast do we go up

douseethelight (10:06:58 AM): well on hourly cycles we already corrected

douseethelight (10:07:05 AM): when we hit 10,400 and something

douseethelight (10:07:09 AM): and they issued a buy

douseethelight (10:07:12 AM): two days ago

douseethelight (10:07:23 AM): the next target roughly is 10,650

douseethelight (10:07:31 AM): -10,700 plus or minus

douseethelight (10:07:38 AM): 50 points i am looking at this very fast

douseethelight (10:08:03 AM): shorting gold stocks

douseethelight (10:08:06 AM): very very bad idea

douseethelight (10:08:11 AM): unless you are able to monitor

douseethelight (10:08:16 AM): the market

douseethelight (10:08:26 AM): and a very familiar with TA

douseethelight (10:08:34 AM): and are able to control the greed impulse

douseethelight (10:08:39 AM): to chase more profits

douseethelight (10:08:43 AM): if you plan on shorting

douseethelight (10:08:52 AM): decide how much you are looking to extract from the short now

douseethelight (10:09:01 AM): and close it as soon as you hit that target

douseethelight (10:09:05 AM): if you change that target

douseethelight (10:09:11 AM): as the trade develops

douseethelight (10:09:13 AM): you will lose

douseethelight (10:09:22 AM): most people do not have the discipline to close shorts

douseethelight (10:09:28 AM): at the suggested targets

douseethelight (10:09:36 AM): and hence end up getting killed and have to cover at a loss

douseethelight (10:09:48 AM): so best play is take it easy and don’t short

douseethelight (10:09:56 AM): the market is in a bullish phase

douseethelight (10:10:06 AM): when in a bullish phase you use pull back to go long

douseethelight (10:10:19 AM): shorting is not the way to go

douseethelight (10:10:22 AM): when the phase changes

douseethelight (10:10:29 AM): then we will use run ups to look for shorts

douseethelight (10:10:43 AM): until then if you like having a stable blood pressure

douseethelight (10:10:47 AM): and hair on your head

douseethelight (10:10:50 AM): stay away from shorting

douseethelight (10:11:13 AM): okay  i think i answered all the posted question

douseethelight (10:11:14 AM): s

douseethelight (10:11:18 AM): so we can take another 3-4

Allies1111 (10:11:24 AM): will the volitity get worse

douseethelight (10:11:27 AM): someone keep note of the questions

jay80888 (10:11:28 AM): Is there a potential for 1987 type mania for stocks?  Any opportunity ot short stocks when we get to 11700? Are we heading for a grand cycle type bear market to 4000?

douseethelight (10:11:30 AM): just in case i forget

douseethelight (10:11:48 AM): the volatility as we rise up and more people jump in

douseethelight (10:11:51 AM): yes it will get worse

douseethelight (10:11:59 AM): we will get what appears to be strong fast corrections

douseethelight (10:12:03 AM): convincing the bears

douseethelight (10:12:06 AM): that its time to load up

douseethelight (10:12:14 AM): and they will be rewarded with severe pain

douseethelight (10:12:30 AM): when you see the bears finally give up and throw their hands and heads up in frustration

douseethelight (10:12:38 AM): will be the time for us to slowly build short positions

douseethelight (10:12:51 AM): when i go short i am looking to make 500-1000%

douseethelight (10:12:55 AM): on certain options trades

douseethelight (10:13:07 AM): until that time frame i don’t want to waste my time

RMarchetta (10:13:20 AM): Question: The HUI is almost 3 points lower than it was on 11/17/03. Dollar is nearly 4.5 lower, and gold has only added $17 since then. Couldn’t a case be made that we’re in a trading range now or consolidation?

douseethelight (10:13:21 AM): or energy chasing 10-20% gains and having 60% more stress

douseethelight (10:13:58 AM): the way we

douseethelight (10:14:08 AM): look at the market is entirely different from most people

douseethelight (10:14:14 AM): i for one do not look

douseethelight (10:14:19 AM): for certain retracement points or

douseethelight (10:14:23 AM): certain key levels to be hit

douseethelight (10:14:26 AM): before i buy

douseethelight (10:14:34 AM): what i do first is look for patterns

douseethelight (10:14:40 AM): and cycles

douseethelight (10:14:51 AM): then we wait for our indicators to all line up

douseethelight (10:14:55 AM): so let me give you an example

douseethelight (10:14:58 AM): gold could move from

douseethelight (10:15:05 AM): say a high of almost 430

douseethelight (10:15:08 AM): to 390

douseethelight (10:15:13 AM): which is really nothing

douseethelight (10:15:20 AM): but if the indicators issue a buy

douseethelight (10:15:22 AM): then i will buy

douseethelight (10:15:30 AM): i don’t care whether the move is small or large

douseethelight (10:15:37 AM): that is not how we use our indicators

douseethelight (10:15:41 AM): after the indicators issue a buy

douseethelight (10:15:48 AM): i visually look at each stock

douseethelight (10:15:50 AM): or index

douseethelight (10:16:01 AM): via esoteric cycles and esoteric pattern

douseethelight (10:16:03 AM): s

douseethelight (10:16:11 AM): to determine if they are ready to take a position in

douseethelight (10:16:13 AM): and that’s it

douseethelight (10:16:21 AM): we never really care about fundamentals

douseethelight (10:16:32 AM): and we do not obsess about key price zones

douseethelight (10:16:41 AM): if a stock is going to move up it will break any price zone

douseethelight (10:16:52 AM): and if it is going to move down it will crash through all support

douseethelight (10:16:56 AM): at some point in time

douseethelight (10:17:22 AM): we do not like to wait for the so called support lines to be broken or resistance lines to be taken out before we take or exit a position

douseethelight (10:17:32 AM): what we are looking at is the beginning phase of a huge move up

douseethelight (10:17:41 AM): or a huge move down and then we lock and load as they say

douseethelight (10:17:50 AM): and wait for the indicators to start boiling

douseethelight (10:17:58 AM): in the oversold or overbought zones

douseethelight (10:18:08 AM): in reality our philosophy is very simple

douseethelight (10:18:15 AM): buy very cheap and sell very high

douseethelight (10:18:20 AM): sell very high and close very low

douseethelight (10:19:02 AM): next question

douseethelight (10:19:09 AM): those that are silent please

douseethelight (10:19:14 AM): if you have a question fire away

jay80888 (10:19:23 AM): recently interest rate has been dropping.  ny significance?

jay80888 (10:19:38 AM): shocked some bears

Allies1111 (10:20:36 AM): with gold the leverage is high in relation to stocks, do u think the masses can handle the volatility or will they get plucked again and again

jay80888 (10:20:51 AM): great  explanations of your approach, by the way, Sol

douseethelight (10:21:17 AM): if u look at one of our older market updates

douseethelight (10:21:26 AM): i predicted that interest rates would start to drop

douseethelight (10:21:33 AM): in fact i suggest a trade

douseethelight (10:21:38 AM): under the high risk section

douseethelight (10:21:43 AM): for people to go long bonds

douseethelight (10:21:50 AM): just as we suggested to go long natural gas

douseethelight (10:21:53 AM): under 4.80

douseethelight (10:21:58 AM): that trade made thousands

douseethelight (10:22:04 AM): as natural gas went as high as 7

douseethelight (10:22:14 AM): bonds is a short term play so eventually

douseethelight (10:22:31 AM): we will start to slowly see higher rates

douseethelight (10:22:44 AM): as for the masses holding their gold stocks

judyinvestor (10:22:48 AM): You predicted a counter-trend dollar rally too.

douseethelight (10:22:50 AM): i for one hope they panic

douseethelight (10:22:54 AM): and dump everything

douseethelight (10:23:03 AM): at which point i will be only to happy to buy as much as i can

douseethelight (10:23:19 AM): i would not look at my ultra long term portfolio

douseethelight (10:23:22 AM): at all

douseethelight (10:23:29 AM): looking at the way gold has taken off

douseethelight (10:23:32 AM): cycles suggest

douseethelight (10:23:43 AM): but remember gold is highly controlled so anything can happen

douseethelight (10:23:52 AM): but they suggest the possibility of an extreme

douseethelight (10:23:58 AM): correction is significant

douseethelight (10:24:07 AM): simply because the gold bugs have become to cocky

douseethelight (10:24:13 AM): and they are all holding hands

douseethelight (10:24:19 AM): thinking they are doing something special

douseethelight (10:24:29 AM): its at this time the slaughter process

douseethelight (10:24:31 AM): begins

douseethelight (10:24:35 AM): and it can get very messy

douseethelight (10:24:43 AM): as the gold bugs are really put into place

douseethelight (10:25:00 AM): and understand that no investment in the world is worth putting your whole portfolio into

douseethelight (10:25:31 AM): misery loves company and stupidity simply demands it

douseethelight (10:25:49 AM): so we will have a lot of stupid gold bugs watching their profits vaporize in front of their eyes

douseethelight (10:26:00 AM): and the weak ones will sell right at the bottom

douseethelight (10:26:10 AM): and that is when we will be only to happen to step up and take it all

douseethelight (10:26:17 AM): until they we wont be buying any gold

jay80888 (10:26:17 AM): I tend to think Elliott waves are crap.  But did we have 5 waves up from 2001 bottom and ready for painful a-b-c correction in mining shares?

douseethelight (10:26:29 AM): till i see the gold bugs crying i wont step in to buy more

judyinvestor (10:26:42 AM): For the Market Update people, if one of your small caps goes down, would you advise buying more and building a larger positions?

douseethelight (10:26:46 AM): i really no nothing about waves

douseethelight (10:26:52 AM): accept the hand wave

douseethelight (10:26:56 AM): when you wave good bye

douseethelight (10:27:03 AM): i do not believe in the wave principle

douseethelight (10:27:10 AM): it is a fully mechanical system

douseethelight (10:27:13 AM): and therefore it must fail

Allies1111 (10:27:54 AM): a tsunami is not detectable at sea

jay80888 (10:27:55 AM): Love your answers!

RMBluemel1 (10:28:17 AM): you have already answered my question concerning the so-called Grand Super Cycle

douseethelight (10:29:05 AM): Judy i have always stated

douseethelight (10:29:14 AM): one should never over invest in any one stock

judyinvestor (10:29:25 AM): I know that.

douseethelight (10:29:37 AM): if you happen to have more money sure

douseethelight (10:29:42 AM): put some of it in that stock

douseethelight (10:29:46 AM): but do not put 10k in one stock

douseethelight (10:29:48 AM): and 1k in another

douseethelight (10:29:51 AM): you will

douseethelight (10:29:52 AM): lose

douseethelight (10:30:03 AM): common sense and discipline is all that is really

douseethelight (10:30:07 AM): required to win

judyinvestor (10:30:08 AM): I have them evenly divided, the small cap portfolio.

douseethelight (10:30:13 AM): if its to good to be true

douseethelight (10:30:15 AM): then run like hell

douseethelight (10:30:21 AM): and get a drink

douseethelight (10:30:24 AM): and think about i

judyinvestor (10:30:28 AM): But to build a larger position on a pullback I could buy more shares.

judyinvestor (10:30:47 AM): Less than the first buy.

douseethelight (10:31:11 AM): u want me to endorse

douseethelight (10:31:15 AM): your view of trading

douseethelight (10:31:23 AM): as they say

douseethelight (10:31:24 AM): do it

judyinvestor (10:31:24 AM): It’s not trading.

douseethelight (10:31:26 AM): pay for it

douseethelight (10:31:28 AM): and then learn from it

douseethelight (10:31:49 AM): the answer is simple

benkeytrade (10:31:50 AM): what is your favorite real time charting software?

douseethelight (10:32:00 AM): at no point in time should you put more in one stock than another

douseethelight (10:32:13 AM): I don’t use real time charting anymore

douseethelight (10:32:18 AM): threw it out long time ago

douseethelight (10:32:25 AM): its very good to give you a headache

douseethelight (10:32:32 AM): other than its value is very limited

douseethelight (10:32:46 AM): most of analysis is based on end of day and hourly data

Allies1111 (10:33:59 AM): with the relationships you chart, can you see a long term pattern emerging

douseethelight (10:34:11 AM): in regards to what

judyinvestor (10:35:12 AM): Don’t mean to disagree, but you advised me once that the way to Get Rich is to build a position in a stock.

Allies1111 (10:35:14 AM): dollar gold bonds

douseethelight (10:36:01 AM): dollar long term

douseethelight (10:36:02 AM): dead

jay80888 (10:36:08 AM): India vs. China.  India has the Caste system tradition – with the ELITIST mentality.  In China, communism has made the country quite democratic.  Is there possibility that China is more socially advanced and more ready to be rich?

douseethelight (10:36:09 AM): bonds long term big trouble

douseethelight (10:36:17 AM): gold long term going to the sun

jay80888 (10:36:22 AM): earlier than India

mvingion (10:36:26 AM): from my experience, I’ve made more adding after position showed profit rather

mvingion (10:36:33 AM): than other way around

douseethelight (10:36:49 AM): yes smart way

douseethelight (10:36:51 AM): average up

douseethelight (10:36:58 AM): look at the word carefully

douseethelight (10:37:03 AM): every body is ready to lose

douseethelight (10:37:07 AM): so they look to average down

douseethelight (10:37:13 AM): no one looks forward to averaging up

douseethelight (10:37:17 AM): as for India

douseethelight (10:37:20 AM): its a wild card play

douseethelight (10:37:25 AM): meaning its all or nothing

douseethelight (10:37:32 AM): India is a very corrupt place

judyinvestor (10:37:35 AM): That’s what I meant Jay.

douseethelight (10:37:41 AM): and that is what could blow them into hell

jay80888 (10:37:49 AM): big average down guy right here.  Thanks for great advise, as usual, Sol!!!  Love it.

douseethelight (10:37:53 AM): as for china its running huge terrible loans

douseethelight (10:37:59 AM): so they could crash

douseethelight (10:38:06 AM): in the short term

douseethelight (10:38:15 AM): which would be a good opportunity to buy in

douseethelight (10:38:24 AM): greater plays are in places that no one

douseethelight (10:38:29 AM): was looking

douseethelight (10:38:33 AM): for example south Africa

douseethelight (10:38:36 AM): Botswana

judyinvestor (10:38:39 AM): And another thing, CNBC lately talking up China and Chinese stocks big time because the China index was up 100% last year!!!

douseethelight (10:38:42 AM): another country in Africa

douseethelight (10:38:52 AM): countries in eastern Europe

douseethelight (10:38:53 AM): e

douseethelight (10:38:59 AM): when Argentina crashed

douseethelight (10:39:06 AM): i suggested people go in and buy property there

douseethelight (10:39:16 AM): already those properties are up significantly

douseethelight (10:39:22 AM): you don’t want to be where the hive is

douseethelight (10:39:32 AM): if you read about it in the main stream news

douseethelight (10:39:35 AM): the opportunity is over

judyinvestor (10:39:50 AM): Or hear about it on CNBC.

jay80888 (10:40:16 AM): China expansion bubble ready to burst?

douseethelight (10:40:25 AM): that’s the ultimate topping indicator CNBC

douseethelight (10:40:37 AM): in their entire existence they have

douseethelight (10:40:41 AM): an unbelievable record

douseethelight (10:40:45 AM): and being nothing but wrong

mvingion (10:41:05 AM): the bullishness on China is due to speculation on reminibi revaluation

jay80888 (10:41:14 AM): Man, I should apply for a job in CNBC!

douseethelight (10:41:15 AM): they wont revalue

douseethelight (10:41:19 AM): its a dream

mvingion (10:41:27 AM): the Chinese basically toying with us

douseethelight (10:41:29 AM): china is telling America what to do now

douseethelight (10:41:32 AM): not the other way round

judyinvestor (10:41:35 AM): If they did, I believe their stocks would drop.

mvingion (10:41:40 AM): we show are hand to much

douseethelight (10:41:43 AM): they could technically drop a financial bomb in

douseethelight (10:41:46 AM): Australia

douseethelight (10:41:54 AM): to illustrate their power

douseethelight (10:41:55 AM): to the US

douseethelight (10:42:01 AM): they have enough aussie paper

jay80888 (10:42:07 AM): wow!

douseethelight (10:42:08 AM): to destroy the system if they unload it

douseethelight (10:42:17 AM): so china is not going to negotiate

douseethelight (10:42:32 AM): they will only re value their currency

jay80888 (10:42:32 AM): Taiwan is  toast?

douseethelight (10:42:40 AM): when they think its in their interest

douseethelight (10:42:43 AM): the rest is just noise

Allies1111 (10:43:04 AM): the white man is living in a fool’s paradise

mvingion (10:43:12 AM): lol

douseethelight (10:43:14 AM): yes good points David

mvingion (10:43:21 AM): thxs

Allies1111 (10:43:21 AM): because it worked for 2 hundred years

douseethelight (10:43:23 AM): actually its not so much as the white man

douseethelight (10:43:27 AM): as the ignorant man

douseethelight (10:43:34 AM): right now, white, black yellow

Allies1111 (10:43:36 AM): does not mean it will continue

douseethelight (10:43:41 AM): and all other shades

douseethelight (10:43:49 AM): are living in a dream world

douseethelight (10:44:15 AM): mega changes are in the works right now as we speak

douseethelight (10:44:27 AM): and there is nothing that can stop them

douseethelight (10:44:31 AM): slow them down maybe

douseethelight (10:44:34 AM): but stop them impossible

Allies1111 (10:44:48 AM): are you saying that the structures we live under are unsustainable

RMBluemel1 (10:45:01 AM): so gold and silver are the only hope?

douseethelight (10:45:04 AM): i don’t like dealing

douseethelight (10:45:14 AM): in gloom and doom predictions

douseethelight (10:45:22 AM): those are best left to the witch doctors

Allies1111 (10:45:27 AM): haha

douseethelight (10:45:27 AM): or wall street analysts

douseethelight (10:45:33 AM): what I am saying is this

douseethelight (10:45:37 AM): technically

douseethelight (10:45:42 AM): if I wanted to

douseethelight (10:45:45 AM): but I wont do it

douseethelight (10:45:50 AM): because I have nothing to prove

douseethelight (10:45:57 AM): one could not invest one dollar in gold

douseethelight (10:46:00 AM): and still beat

douseethelight (10:46:08 AM): anyone who invested in gold as it went all the way

douseethelight (10:46:08 AM): up

douseethelight (10:46:16 AM): so its not about making money

douseethelight (10:46:24 AM): so much as how much do u have to suffer to make it

douseethelight (10:46:37 AM): i don’t want to increase my stress levels  to make a few extra points

douseethelight (10:46:43 AM): its not worth it

douseethelight (10:46:51 AM): i want to actually be able to spend time reading

douseethelight (10:46:54 AM): traveling

douseethelight (10:47:02 AM): enjoying various types of foods

douseethelight (10:47:08 AM): so just making money and putting it in the bank

douseethelight (10:47:13 AM): is a fools dream

jay80888 (10:47:21 AM): why do people like me ready to suffer so much  to make money?  is that  a sickness?

mvingion (10:47:24 AM): that’s too simple for most people

douseethelight (10:47:25 AM): it becomes a vicious cycle and before you know it you are over and dead

douseethelight (10:47:57 AM): its called programming

jay80888 (10:48:00 AM): is it possible to  find pleasure in trading?

Allies1111 (10:48:25 AM): the pleasure is in winning

Allies1111 (10:48:36 AM): most people don’t

douseethelight (10:48:38 AM): programming to lose

jay80888 (10:48:39 AM): that explains it!  LOL

douseethelight (10:48:42 AM): school

douseethelight (10:48:45 AM): your friends

douseethelight (10:48:47 AM): work

douseethelight (10:49:04 AM): they all are agents of mental destruction

douseethelight (10:49:19 AM): not all your friends but most of them

douseethelight (10:49:29 AM): what you have to do is evaluate what you want in life

douseethelight (10:49:32 AM): why do u trade

douseethelight (10:49:35 AM): what are your reasons

douseethelight (10:49:44 AM): what do u intend to do with the money

douseethelight (10:49:47 AM): once you get it

douseethelight (10:49:49 AM): don’t wish for it

douseethelight (10:49:52 AM): plan for it now

jay80888 (10:49:53 AM): to become rich is a bad reason for trading?

douseethelight (10:49:58 AM): if you don’t plan for it means you know

alll2go (10:50:03 AM): a certain amount of money is required to do the things you suggest Sol

douseethelight (10:50:05 AM): that you have no hope in hell of getting it

douseethelight (10:50:08 AM): yes

douseethelight (10:50:18 AM): that’s why you trade slowly but surely

RMBluemel1 (10:50:26 AM): so how do I change this programming

douseethelight (10:50:27 AM): do not go for the long shots

jay80888 (10:50:30 AM): wow!  Sol, you are scaring me.

douseethelight (10:50:33 AM): we all want

douseethelight (10:50:39 AM): to get this one big winner

douseethelight (10:50:46 AM): and yet we will take a 1000 small losers

douseethelight (10:50:49 AM): which actually

douseethelight (10:51:01 AM): add up to 10 big mega winners

douseethelight (10:51:09 AM): so we will actually get one winner but it will amount to nothing

douseethelight (10:51:13 AM): how do u change it

douseethelight (10:51:22 AM): its a step by step procedure

douseethelight (10:51:26 AM): just like we learnt to walk

douseethelight (10:51:29 AM): we can re learn to think

douseethelight (10:51:32 AM): one step at a time

douseethelight (10:51:42 AM): first thing is to assess your priorities

douseethelight (10:51:45 AM): what are your goals

douseethelight (10:51:47 AM): if you have none

douseethelight (10:51:51 AM): u r in big trouble

douseethelight (10:51:56 AM): make sure you have some

douseethelight (10:52:05 AM): take time to dream a little but do not get tied up in

douseethelight (10:52:06 AM): it

douseethelight (10:52:13 AM): when you think you have no time to relax

douseethelight (10:52:19 AM): that is precisely when you should get on a plan

douseethelight (10:52:20 AM): e

douseethelight (10:52:26 AM): and fly down to a quiet spot

douseethelight (10:52:33 AM): and do nothing but think

Allies1111 (10:52:39 AM): when I was farming

douseethelight (10:52:40 AM): we all have time but we have decided that making money

douseethelight (10:52:44 AM): is the most important thing

Allies1111 (10:52:45 AM): I knew that when

Allies1111 (10:52:54 AM): I started to hurt myself

Allies1111 (10:53:04 AM): it was time to rest

alll2go (10:53:20 AM): I just want to make a living, have freedom and enjoy my kids. I lose as much as I make so far…that’s why I joined…to improve our life and income

douseethelight (10:53:43 AM): you will notice that i spend a lot of time

douseethelight (10:53:48 AM): talking about investing as a way of life

Allies1111 (10:53:49 AM): and improve the thought processes?

douseethelight (10:53:59 AM): we are doing things at the tactical investor that on the surface

douseethelight (10:54:04 AM): appear to have nothing to do with investing

douseethelight (10:54:07 AM): but in reality

douseethelight (10:54:13 AM): if you do not invest in yourself

douseethelight (10:54:18 AM): you are destined to lose

douseethelight (10:54:25 AM): doomed to lose is a better way of putting it

douseethelight (10:54:30 AM): that is why 90% lose

douseethelight (10:54:41 AM): because they have not taken the time to invest in themselves

douseethelight (10:54:44 AM): i put this question to you

jay80888 (10:54:48 AM): Sol, my greatest regret is not finding you earlier.  I truly appreciate your insights.  I think they are invaluable.

douseethelight (10:54:52 AM): finally you make the million dollars you wanted

douseethelight (10:55:00 AM): you are rich beyond

douseethelight (10:55:07 AM): beyond your wildest dreams

douseethelight (10:55:11 AM): you have everything money can buy

douseethelight (10:55:18 AM): the next week the doctor tells you

douseethelight (10:55:27 AM): you have cancer you only have 3 weeks left

douseethelight (10:55:37 AM): the reason you have cancer is because you failed to take care of yourself

douseethelight (10:55:48 AM): you failed to invest in the one thing that really mattered the most

douseethelight (10:55:50 AM): yourself

douseethelight (10:55:57 AM): you did everything the wrong way

douseethelight (10:56:01 AM): now is it worth

douseethelight (10:56:02 AM): it

douseethelight (10:56:05 AM): can you say you won

douseethelight (10:56:09 AM): no you lost miserably

douseethelight (10:56:19 AM): you finally have what you want but you cannot live to enjoy it

douseethelight (10:56:30 AM): there fore make sure you understand the word desperate

douseethelight (10:56:50 AM): least your are forced into  situation where it has to seared into your forehead

douseethelight (10:57:03 AM): we are not hear just to make money but to do the most we can and the best we can

douseethelight (10:57:08 AM): with the little we have

douseethelight (10:57:12 AM): if you take this thinking

douseethelight (10:57:15 AM): you can but only win

douseethelight (10:57:23 AM): u never fail until you give up

douseethelight (10:57:38 AM): until then every failure is to be viewed as stepping stone to success

douseethelight (10:57:48 AM): i cannot emphasize how important it is that

douseethelight (10:57:56 AM): you spend time learning to understand yourself

douseethelight (10:58:08 AM): getting to care about yourself and treating yourself with respect

douseethelight (10:58:14 AM): the respect that you deserve

douseethelight (10:58:19 AM): for if you cannot respect yourself

douseethelight (10:58:28 AM): no one will or even bother to attempt to do something that

douseethelight (10:58:32 AM): you have completely failed to do

Allies1111 (10:58:43 AM): the definition of experience that i like

Allies1111 (10:58:57 AM): is when you can recognize that

Allies1111 (10:59:14 AM): you have made the same mistake again

benkeytrade (10:59:20 AM): I’ve been at the calmest of my short trading carrier since I got into mkt update…your style and commentary just transformed me in a more relaxed and confident trader…I’m not going for the homerun anymore and enjoy every moment of

douseethelight (10:59:36 AM): thank you but

jay80888 (10:59:40 AM): I love what you said about best things in life being free or little cost.  I thought about that as gold shares collapsed.  It really helped.

douseethelight (10:59:50 AM): you deserve credit because u decided to implement suggested changes

douseethelight (10:59:55 AM): so its not a one way street

douseethelight (11:00:02 AM): only a fool claims to be a god

douseethelight (11:00:06 AM): and only god makes fools

RMBluemel1 (11:00:34 AM): thanks for your time and insights

douseethelight (11:00:53 AM): since we have more people than i thought i will stick around for another 30 minutes

Allies1111 (11:01:06 AM): cool

douseethelight (11:01:08 AM): as the market updates will not be as lengthy as before

mvingion (11:01:14 AM): appreciate that

douseethelight (11:01:15 AM): i mean i will be doing less

douseethelight (11:01:23 AM): philosophizing

jay80888 (11:01:27 AM): Keep sharing.  This is the best hour I spent in a long, long time

douseethelight (11:01:44 AM): its only good because we all made it good

douseethelight (11:01:52 AM): nothing great is ever done or achieved alone

douseethelight (11:02:11 AM): you might succeed in inventing something

douseethelight (11:02:17 AM): but for it to be appreciated it has to be shared

douseethelight (11:02:24 AM): so if you invent the best computer in the world

douseethelight (11:02:26 AM): and hide it

douseethelight (11:02:30 AM): its totally useless

douseethelight (11:02:53 AM): no one will know about it, no one will thank you and you will be in the same place u were

douseethelight (11:02:57 AM): before

douseethelight (11:03:08 AM): to move up is always confused with the concept of money

douseethelight (11:03:18 AM): the day you realize that you know absolutely nothing

douseethelight (11:03:22 AM): that you are nothing

douseethelight (11:03:25 AM): and will always be nothing

douseethelight (11:03:34 AM): but are someone who is trying to be someone and something

douseethelight (11:03:38 AM): is the day everything will work for you

douseethelight (11:03:46 AM): when you stop chasing

douseethelight (11:03:55 AM): and desperately trying to get things they elude you

douseethelight (11:04:38 AM): we will email everyone a transcript

douseethelight (11:04:41 AM): of this conversation

douseethelight (11:04:46 AM): as many of the others

douseethelight (11:04:58 AM): are working and its not fair that just because they have to work they

douseethelight (11:05:02 AM): should not get the info

douseethelight (11:05:52 AM): Alan can speak a bit about trading

alll2go (11:05:53 AM): a lonely heart wandering free, a hungering aching thing to be, a groveling shadow an anguished soul, is that the ultimate and only goal?

douseethelight (11:06:09 AM): he knew nothing a year ago

douseethelight (11:06:10 AM): no

jay80888 (11:06:15 AM): do fundamental convictions create dangerous prejudice?  People may hold on to mining shares while collapsing till pain gets stronger than their funda convictions?

douseethelight (11:06:20 AM): you should never grovel

alll2go (11:06:22 AM): Not if you make some money and leave it to your kids

douseethelight (11:06:25 AM): u should never beg

douseethelight (11:06:29 AM): you should never look down

douseethelight (11:06:39 AM): u should never stop believing in yourself

douseethelight (11:06:51 AM): you should never accept that someone is better than you

douseethelight (11:06:53 AM): if they tell you that

douseethelight (11:07:00 AM): fight till the end to prove them

douseethelight (11:07:08 AM): wrong we only lose when we accept the terms people chose to give us

douseethelight (11:10:01 AM): if they decide to attack me tomorrow

benkeytrade (11:10:02 AM): he who is nobody is somebody!

douseethelight (11:10:10 AM): or say i am no one now, it wont matter

douseethelight (11:10:18 AM): because my perception of myself

douseethelight (11:10:20 AM): never changed

douseethelight (11:10:48 AM): that’s why when people fight so hard to be someone they usually get to be someone for a little while

douseethelight (11:10:52 AM): but then fall down to being no one again

douseethelight (11:10:57 AM): and the fall is hard to take

Allies1111 (11:11:05 AM): the power of positive thinking is truly amazing

douseethelight (11:11:08 AM): i have no where to fall i am on flat stable road

douseethelight (11:11:30 AM): its also the  theory of paradoxes

douseethelight (11:11:36 AM): you get that which you do not chase

douseethelight (11:11:38 AM): but seek

douseethelight (11:11:41 AM): seeking the truth

douseethelight (11:11:44 AM): seeking riches

douseethelight (11:11:46 AM): is all fine

douseethelight (11:11:50 AM): because you have a goal

jay80888 (11:11:57 AM): what is the difference? Between seeking and chasing?

douseethelight (11:11:58 AM): chasing is not fine its an act of desperation

douseethelight (11:12:06 AM): seeking means you have a mission

douseethelight (11:12:16 AM): you are willing to take the time to learn and understand

douseethelight (11:12:26 AM): the tools and equipment you

douseethelight (11:12:35 AM): will need for this journey

douseethelight (11:12:43 AM): chasing is simply jumping in your car

douseethelight (11:12:54 AM): and going about trying to get something like a mad man with no plan

douseethelight (11:13:00 AM): and only one thought i need it

douseethelight (11:13:02 AM): and i deserve it

douseethelight (11:13:12 AM): that which is not planned for will never

douseethelight (11:13:13 AM): occur

jay80888 (11:13:44 AM): name it and claim it?  LOL

judyinvestor (11:14:17 AM): The ZEN trader.

douseethelight (11:14:41 AM): you should strive to do the things in life

douseethelight (11:14:44 AM): that bring you peace

douseethelight (11:14:53 AM): and not live up to someone else’s

douseethelight (11:14:57 AM): expectations

douseethelight (11:15:03 AM): or what society deems

douseethelight (11:15:08 AM): adequate

douseethelight (11:15:14 AM): so what i am trying to say

douseethelight (11:15:20 AM): is there is nothing wrong one can really do

douseethelight (11:15:24 AM): if one takes time to think about

douseethelight (11:15:25 AM): it

judyinvestor (11:15:42 AM): There is always a way — Louise Hay.

douseethelight (11:15:43 AM): if you decide that dedicating your life to digging graves

douseethelight (11:15:46 AM): is what you want to do

douseethelight (11:15:52 AM): that is perfectly

douseethelight (11:15:54 AM): normal and fine

douseethelight (11:15:58 AM): as long as you are okay with it

douseethelight (11:16:30 AM): Judy abp

jay80888 (11:16:30 AM): Should I continue with trading despite all the pain it brought me?  is it worth it?

douseethelight (11:16:33 AM): just took out resistance

douseethelight (11:16:36 AM): as i told you it would

douseethelight (11:16:39 AM): its now at 1.75

douseethelight (11:16:49 AM): what must go up will go up till it stops going up

douseethelight (11:16:50 AM): lol

judyinvestor (11:16:51 AM): I know.

judyinvestor (11:17:02 AM): I am still a silly person who watches a daily chart.

judyinvestor (11:17:15 AM): You used to day trade futures.  Why did you stop?

douseethelight (11:18:02 AM): I actually care about my body

douseethelight (11:18:19 AM): and my body did not like futures, stocks

douseethelight (11:18:21 AM): and writing

douseethelight (11:18:24 AM): and trading currencies

douseethelight (11:18:31 AM): so i could trade futures and stocks etc

judyinvestor (11:18:34 AM): too much, I know.

douseethelight (11:18:37 AM): but i would have to stop writing

douseethelight (11:18:40 AM): so i made a choice

douseethelight (11:18:43 AM): take the money

douseethelight (11:18:46 AM): or take some joy

douseethelight (11:18:54 AM): fortunately joy won

judyinvestor (11:19:03 AM): Yes.

douseethelight (11:19:35 AM): otherwise i would have not had time to write a single article

douseethelight (11:19:50 AM): and gold eagle and all the other sites would never know who i was

douseethelight (11:20:03 AM): i sometimes don’t think my coming out of hiding

douseethelight (11:20:06 AM): was such a good idea

douseethelight (11:20:08 AM): but its to late

douseethelight (11:20:14 AM): to cry over spilt milk

douseethelight (11:20:21 AM): so one has to live with it and make the best of it

mvingion (11:20:49 AM): be careful of what you pursue you jus might get it

judyinvestor (11:21:02 AM): I believe you are extremely intelligent and appreciate all of the help you have given me and others.

douseethelight (11:21:07 AM): yes well in my case i did not want it so the paradox

douseethelight (11:21:11 AM): theory kicked in

jay80888 (11:21:14 AM): price of fame?  At least you are not as well known – say as Sinclair or that indian astrology guy.

douseethelight (11:21:17 AM): you get that which u do not seek

douseethelight (11:21:27 AM): sorry chase

mvingion (11:21:33 AM): true

douseethelight (11:21:52 AM): ironically

douseethelight (11:21:59 AM): the less i want to be known

douseethelight (11:22:10 AM): the more known i get

douseethelight (11:22:23 AM): oh well such is the bitter sweet pill of life

mvingion (11:22:37 AM): that’s are culture, why shows like celebrities uncensored are so popular

alll2go (11:22:50 AM): sorry to change subject. what’s up with gold all of a sudden? it just spiked while we were talking it touched 405 and bounced

douseethelight (11:23:09 AM): the powers to be are probably mounting an attack

jay80888 (11:23:15 AM): 50 day moving average bounce?

douseethelight (11:23:17 AM): with gold priced in Rands

douseethelight (11:23:25 AM): it is 125 dollars lower than Feb. 2003

douseethelight (11:23:28 AM): Feb. 2003

douseethelight (11:23:36 AM): gold was about 300-330

douseethelight (11:23:42 AM): so add 125

douseethelight (11:23:46 AM): to 300 you get 425

douseethelight (11:23:49 AM): to 455

douseethelight (11:23:57 AM): this is where they will mount an attack as the

douseethelight (11:24:02 AM): advantage they created

jay80888 (11:24:08 AM): computing market averages in rand, etc.  is that really meaningful?  Isn’t dollar the main story?

douseethelight (11:24:08 AM): loses its value

douseethelight (11:24:23 AM): main because you have been told to think so

douseethelight (11:24:28 AM): nothing is important

douseethelight (11:24:35 AM): if you are going to assign a value

douseethelight (11:24:41 AM): either do it equally

douseethelight (11:24:46 AM): or say that they all are useless

douseethelight (11:24:51 AM): in reality

douseethelight (11:24:57 AM): all currencies are garbage

douseethelight (11:25:10 AM): so we should treat them all with equal disrespect

douseethelight (11:25:36 AM): gold is topping

douseethelight (11:25:44 AM): while dollar is bottoming

douseethelight (11:25:48 AM): depending on how

douseethelight (11:25:56 AM): carried away the big speculators get

douseethelight (11:26:03 AM): this could be a short term fast rally

douseethelight (11:26:09 AM): or a multi quarter rally

douseethelight (11:27:05 AM): for this quarter

douseethelight (11:27:09 AM): the main themes

douseethelight (11:27:15 AM): will be oil service stocks

douseethelight (11:27:18 AM): natural gas stocks

douseethelight (11:27:25 AM): biotechnology

douseethelight (11:27:30 AM): nano technology

douseethelight (11:27:48 AM): independent oil and natural gas exploration

douseethelight (11:27:51 AM): and drilling sectors

benkeytrade (11:27:57 AM): do you see any new nano plays in future

shauntyndaleb (11:27:57 AM): thx Sol and all, v interesting, hv to dash unfortunately – bye

jay80888 (11:28:01 AM): when do you see this bull market topping out?  a few more months?

douseethelight (11:28:12 AM): u  r welcome Shaun

douseethelight (11:28:13 AM): take care

douseethelight (11:28:27 AM): as far as nano tech goes

douseethelight (11:28:36 AM): yes they will pull back and we will buy more

douseethelight (11:28:44 AM): as of now they have all taken of like rocket

douseethelight (11:28:49 AM): NNPP looks interesting

douseethelight (11:29:08 AM): its a bonus play on the vip service

douseethelight (11:29:17 AM): so its okay to give it out here as it is  not one of the main plays

benkeytrade (11:29:36 AM): what do you think of DROOY

douseethelight (11:29:39 AM): one of the few nano tech stocks that is not overbought het

douseethelight (11:29:42 AM): yet i mean

(11:29:45 AM) shauntyndaleb has left the room.

douseethelight (11:29:51 AM): to much noise about drooy

douseethelight (11:29:55 AM): so i stopped thinking about it

douseethelight (11:30:01 AM): when people start putting up charts

douseethelight (11:30:10 AM): and talking about diamond patterns

douseethelight (11:30:15 AM): i don’t want to be in the game

douseethelight (11:30:35 AM): the surprise theme is actually US gold Stocks

RMarchetta (11:30:35 AM): Do you know of a company that offers protection against identity theft?

benkeytrade (11:30:47 AM): agora play

jay80888 (11:30:50 AM): how about big  triangle pattern in KGC?

douseethelight (11:30:50 AM): we will be putting

douseethelight (11:30:57 AM): a page up soon

douseethelight (11:31:01 AM): with this kind of info

douseethelight (11:31:06 AM): it will start free

douseethelight (11:31:11 AM): but then have a small fee as we have some

douseethelight (11:31:19 AM): one specifically for that area

douseethelight (11:31:28 AM): we will show you how to communicate online

douseethelight (11:31:32 AM): with encrypted

douseethelight (11:31:37 AM): messengers services

douseethelight (11:31:42 AM): self destructive emails

douseethelight (11:31:51 AM): emails send from anonymous servers

jay80888 (11:32:00 AM): aren’t you being too paranoid?

douseethelight (11:32:13 AM): actually i am not advocating anything

douseethelight (11:32:17 AM): just providing the info

douseethelight (11:32:22 AM): how people chose to use it

douseethelight (11:32:24 AM): is up to them

douseethelight (11:32:36 AM): i don’t deal in paranoia type situations

douseethelight (11:32:41 AM): but if a service is out there

douseethelight (11:32:45 AM): there must be a reason

jay80888 (11:32:45 AM): are you a libertarian?

douseethelight (11:32:48 AM): otherwise

douseethelight (11:32:50 AM): it would not exist

douseethelight (11:33:05 AM): i don’t fall into any one neat category

Allies1111 (11:33:12 AM): the easiest way to find out about a person is hacking into their computer

douseethelight (11:33:15 AM): i only have one principle

douseethelight (11:33:22 AM): people should mind their own business

Allies1111 (11:33:23 AM): electronic spying

douseethelight (11:33:45 AM): yes and its very easy to do these days

Allies1111 (11:33:51 AM): don’t we need some privacy

douseethelight (11:33:58 AM): yes firewalls

douseethelight (11:34:03 AM): anti spy software

jay80888 (11:34:11 AM): that i agree

douseethelight (11:34:18 AM): that prevents spy ware from getting on your computer

douseethelight (11:34:21 AM): anti virus

douseethelight (11:34:23 AM): programs

douseethelight (11:34:33 AM): if you are going to play in this online world

douseethelight (11:34:37 AM): u have to arm yourself

douseethelight (11:34:43 AM): with the right tools

douseethelight (11:34:49 AM): and right now you have no choice

douseethelight (11:34:59 AM): u have to protect yourself because almost everything is online

Allies1111 (11:35:47 AM): I have taken a step backwards

Allies1111 (11:36:03 AM): I now write to a floppy disc

douseethelight (11:36:09 AM): we have an extensive section on our site on TA and there is one site that covers some aspects of mass psychology

douseethelight (11:36:19 AM): yes well do that

douseethelight (11:36:22 AM): or have a firewall

douseethelight (11:36:29 AM): and anti spy ware

douseethelight (11:36:36 AM): we will slowly but surely cover all this

jay80888 (11:37:49 AM): Personal question: I have been a losing trader. What is the best way to transform myself to be  a success?

Allies1111 (11:38:04 AM): study hard

jay80888 (11:38:24 AM): Yep, I agree.

douseethelight (11:38:27 AM):

douseethelight (11:38:30 AM): this is a link

douseethelight (11:38:38 AM): to help you protect against identity theft

douseethelight (11:38:42 AM): they offer a service

douseethelight (11:39:08 AM): reasonably priced

judyinvestor (11:39:17 AM): I like the articles by Tactical Tracey.  They are humorous and also invormative and she gives some common sense advice.  For everyone, not only women.

douseethelight (11:39:18 AM): its one of the links that was going to be put up

douseethelight (11:39:42 AM): study hard

douseethelight (11:39:47 AM): and make sure you

douseethelight (11:39:52 AM): have goals

douseethelight (11:39:59 AM): and don’t just jump

douseethelight (11:40:04 AM): from investment to investment

douseethelight (11:40:11 AM): take time to read almost nothing on

douseethelight (11:40:13 AM): investing

douseethelight (11:40:18 AM): and more time to read on philosophy

douseethelight (11:40:23 AM): we have taken a lot of time

douseethelight (11:40:27 AM): to find the right books

douseethelight (11:40:33 AM): and list them in our book store

douseethelight (11:40:50 AM): you will notice there are very few books

douseethelight (11:40:54 AM): that deal directly with investing

douseethelight (11:40:55 AM): there

mvingion (11:41:10 AM): The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

mvingion (11:41:47 AM): my favorite

mvingion (11:42:01 AM): nothing to do with investing

douseethelight (11:42:05 AM): very good

alll2go (11:42:07 AM): all his books are good

jay80888 (11:42:07 AM): buying a retirement house on a beach?  Is that a good goal?

douseethelight (11:42:13 AM): there are so many good books

douseethelight (11:42:28 AM): goals are for you to decide

douseethelight (11:42:38 AM): no one can tell u whether it is bad or good

douseethelight (11:42:51 AM): in reality there is no good or bad goal

douseethelight (11:42:58 AM): everything is a perception

douseethelight (11:43:02 AM): religion

douseethelight (11:43:04 AM): education

douseethelight (11:43:06 AM): politics

douseethelight (11:43:11 AM): its our perceptions that kill us

douseethelight (11:43:20 AM): so as long as you have a goal

douseethelight (11:43:25 AM): and you are happy with it

douseethelight (11:43:32 AM): don’t worry what others might think

douseethelight (11:43:36 AM): or not think about it

douseethelight (11:43:39 AM): its not important

mvingion (11:43:48 AM): my goal is to understand what freedom really is, then be free

douseethelight (11:44:06 AM): freedom is actually in the mind

douseethelight (11:44:09 AM): free your mind

douseethelight (11:44:22 AM): and you will never be a prisoner again

douseethelight (11:44:32 AM): never accept anything

mvingion (11:44:37 AM): $ has something to do with it i believe, most people are to busy “earning” a living to actually live

douseethelight (11:44:45 AM): very true

douseethelight (11:44:47 AM): money is a tool

alll2go (11:44:48 AM): yeah, once you understand freedom you will be free

douseethelight (11:44:59 AM): to enable you to enjoy freedom

douseethelight (11:45:07 AM): in reality i could actually argue

douseethelight (11:45:11 AM): that the fed is good

douseethelight (11:45:16 AM): for the smart investor

mvingion (11:45:16 AM): ???

douseethelight (11:45:24 AM): i could argue that inflation is excellent

douseethelight (11:45:30 AM): and i could argue that we need this

douseethelight (11:45:32 AM): division

douseethelight (11:45:38 AM): because in the end

douseethelight (11:45:41 AM): its all a market

douseethelight (11:45:48 AM): and in a market someone needs to win

mvingion (11:45:50 AM): the only way I can validate that is the zero sum theory

douseethelight (11:45:51 AM): and someone needs to lose

mvingion (11:46:02 AM): exactly where I was going

jay80888 (11:46:08 AM): I think we need the Fed.. I am still reading that Jekill island book, though.

mvingion (11:46:19 AM): great book

douseethelight (11:46:19 AM): we don’t need the fed

douseethelight (11:46:21 AM): they need us

douseethelight (11:46:25 AM): but that’s another story

douseethelight (11:46:29 AM): that would take a long time to end

douseethelight (11:46:46 AM): however what you want to do is find out what the trouble makers are doing

douseethelight (11:46:50 AM): and then jump on their backs

douseethelight (11:46:54 AM): and ride for free

douseethelight (11:47:09 AM): its a very simple game

jay80888 (11:47:14 AM): don’t fight the Fed, i say

douseethelight (11:47:16 AM): no money was lost in the stock market

douseethelight (11:47:22 AM): it was just moved around

Allies1111 (11:47:26 AM): exactly

douseethelight (11:47:28 AM): they say all that nonsense

douseethelight (11:47:33 AM): to make u think you have to fight someone

douseethelight (11:47:41 AM): then you are to busy looking for an enemy

douseethelight (11:47:43 AM): to think

judyinvestor (11:47:53 AM): I am so glad you did not advise us to load up on Puts this year.

douseethelight (11:47:57 AM): money is never lost

douseethelight (11:48:00 AM): it is just moved

douseethelight (11:48:10 AM): from many pockets

jay80888 (11:48:17 AM): I advised myself! and got killed.

douseethelight (11:48:20 AM): to a few big pockets

douseethelight (11:48:42 AM): well i am still constantly studying mass psychology and that’s why

douseethelight (11:48:45 AM): i like the markets

douseethelight (11:48:54 AM): if the markets were run by computers or rational beings

douseethelight (11:49:03 AM):  i think i would lose interest rather fast

douseethelight (11:49:36 AM): you get what you secretly hope for

douseethelight (11:49:46 AM): notice how we never get happy when someone wins

douseethelight (11:49:55 AM): or for that matter when we win we do not get so happy

Allies1111 (11:50:03 AM): I want to get the money

douseethelight (11:50:04 AM): to the point that we start to look for other winners

douseethelight (11:50:10 AM): to share our experience

douseethelight (11:50:13 AM): but the moment we lose

douseethelight (11:50:17 AM): we get so dam happy

douseethelight (11:50:20 AM): if someone else lost to

douseethelight (11:50:25 AM): we sit like junkies

douseethelight (11:50:29 AM): comparing notes

douseethelight (11:50:36 AM): and pushing ourselves into the pits of misery

judyinvestor (11:50:37 AM): My goodness.

judyinvestor (11:51:21 AM): We have a discussion room open every day for those of you who like to commiserate, compare notes, share experiences, or even sit like junkies.

jay80888 (11:51:29 AM): Am  I really seeking misery?  for companionship?

Allies1111 (11:51:35 AM): real money has time to wait

Allies1111 (11:51:47 AM): many of us don’t have that time

douseethelight (11:51:54 AM): well understanding your problem

douseethelight (11:52:00 AM): is the first step to curing it

mvingion (11:52:10 AM): Not for companionship, its how society programs

douseethelight (11:52:20 AM): as we speak the dollar is roaring

douseethelight (11:52:28 AM): i will share a little secret

douseethelight (11:52:29 AM): here

douseethelight (11:52:44 AM): i am not really interested in becoming as famous as Russell

douseethelight (11:52:54 AM): in fact if it starts to look like that

douseethelight (11:52:57 AM): i will stop

douseethelight (11:53:02 AM): writing and go into obscurity

douseethelight (11:53:06 AM): but i am putting messages

douseethelight (11:53:10 AM): in my writings

douseethelight (11:53:14 AM): they are hidden messages

douseethelight (11:53:17 AM): messages

douseethelight (11:53:21 AM): if you chose to look into them

douseethelight (11:53:27 AM): you will see the big picture

douseethelight (11:53:31 AM): look for the hidden meaning

jay80888 (11:53:33 AM): people love losers and envy winners.  Is that the reason?

douseethelight (11:53:35 AM): i am only doing this

Allies1111 (11:53:38 AM): yes

douseethelight (11:53:43 AM): because there are people out there

douseethelight (11:53:46 AM): that truly have talent

douseethelight (11:53:51 AM): but have been taught

douseethelight (11:53:55 AM): to believe they don’t have it

jay80888 (11:53:57 AM): that is too esoteric!

douseethelight (11:54:00 AM): and i am hoping

douseethelight (11:54:06 AM): to reach a few of them to power them up

douseethelight (11:54:15 AM): so they can carry on from where i started

douseethelight (11:54:21 AM): alone we can achieve nothing

douseethelight (11:54:27 AM): but together we can achieve anything

douseethelight (11:54:33 AM): so the only way to get is to give

douseethelight (11:54:42 AM): the only way to learn it to teach

douseethelight (11:54:53 AM): because when you teach you take time to make sure you know

douseethelight (11:54:58 AM): what it is you are talking about

jay80888 (11:55:02 AM): I  LOVE your writings, Sol.  I WILL read them over and over.  I think they are quite profound.

douseethelight (11:55:08 AM): when you sit listening you don’t’ have to think at all

douseethelight (11:55:12 AM): just suck in the info like a sponge

douseethelight (11:55:17 AM): so push yourself

douseethelight (11:55:24 AM): helping others is not simply writing a check

douseethelight (11:55:31 AM): helping someone is taking the time

douseethelight (11:55:38 AM): to find someone and possibly

douseethelight (11:55:46 AM): enlightening them

douseethelight (11:55:52 AM): to understand that they are not alone

douseethelight (11:55:57 AM): that there is someone

douseethelight (11:56:02 AM): out there that cares

benkeytrade (11:56:13 AM): will you keep on teaching us for a while longer? I hope…I’m not ready to be alone

douseethelight (11:56:13 AM): you will be amazed how much a few kinds

douseethelight (11:56:18 AM): words  can help

douseethelight (11:56:28 AM): money has only limited use

douseethelight (11:56:37 AM): but kinds words can make the difference of life death

douseethelight (11:56:41 AM): in some cases

Allies1111 (11:56:46 AM): I like your theory of paradoxes

douseethelight (11:56:50 AM): or the difference between failure and success

douseethelight (11:57:00 AM): what i will do is this

douseethelight (11:57:05 AM): i wont abandon those

douseethelight (11:57:09 AM): that are with us

douseethelight (11:57:14 AM): if i decide to move into obscurity

douseethelight (11:57:20 AM): i will let you know of my new site or

douseethelight (11:57:25 AM): my new email or whatever i chose

douseethelight (11:57:33 AM): but  i will no longer advertise

douseethelight (11:57:34 AM): it

douseethelight (11:57:41 AM): i am not at that stage

douseethelight (11:57:43 AM): yet

douseethelight (11:57:49 AM): so nothing to worry about

douseethelight (11:57:57 AM): but understand that what i do know i do only because

douseethelight (11:58:00 AM): i have a mission

jay80888 (11:58:05 AM): Great !   I need that beach house!  LOL

douseethelight (11:58:16 AM): and that is to touch as many open minds as possible

douseethelight (11:58:38 AM): at some point in time i might want to spend more time learning aspects of mediation

douseethelight (11:58:41 AM): discipline

douseethelight (11:58:44 AM): traveling etc

Allies1111 (11:58:50 AM): I am teaching my Russian stepdaughter to drive

douseethelight (11:58:51 AM): money has only purpose for me

douseethelight (11:58:55 AM): and that is to spend it

benkeytrade (11:58:56 AM): you changed me already in about 2 months

douseethelight (11:59:07 AM): or use it to help myself get better

douseethelight (11:59:15 AM): good Alan

Allies1111 (11:59:16 AM): English technically is not a valid medium

judyinvestor (11:59:17 AM): meditation, Sol?

jay80888 (11:59:23 AM): how do  I open my mind?   All i know so far is getting beat up by the market.

douseethelight (11:59:31 AM): forget the markets

judyinvestor (11:59:31 AM): mediation is like dispute resolution.

douseethelight (11:59:37 AM): and take time to

douseethelight (11:59:40 AM): look at yourself

Allies1111 (11:59:42 AM): so she teaches herself

douseethelight (11:59:46 AM): only you can understand yourself

Allies1111 (11:59:49 AM): and i sit there

jay80888 (11:59:57 AM): you changed me in two weeks!  Internally that is.  not  in my trading successes yet.

douseethelight (12:00:02 PM): u r not a failure

douseethelight (12:00:08 PM): because u got smashed in the markets

mvingion (12:00:14 PM): why do you keep getting beat jay?

douseethelight (12:00:14 PM): u r a failure because u think u r a failure

douseethelight (12:00:17 PM): change that

douseethelight (12:00:21 PM): and you will be a winner

Allies1111 (12:01:04 PM): yes

douseethelight (12:01:17 PM): actually its so dam cold i don’t feel like going out and the merchandise iw as supposed to buy they are going to deliver to me for no extra charge i guess

Allies1111 (12:01:18 PM): give yourself space to grow

douseethelight (12:01:23 PM): good things come when you don’t expect them lol

mvingion (12:01:29 PM): until you know why it will keep happening

jay80888 (12:01:47 PM): how do i get comfortable being a winner?  I was up more than 100% this year and then I made stupid trades shorting the market and long gold and gave all  back.. 🙁

douseethelight (12:01:52 PM): so i will stay here til my hands stop working lol

jay80888 (12:02:34 PM): Sol. this has been the best hour for me.

Allies1111 (12:02:41 PM): jay

Allies1111 (12:02:51 PM): you got comfortable

Allies1111 (12:03:03 PM): and relaxed your standards

benkeytrade (12:03:09 PM): Sol those it mean Sun

benkeytrade (12:03:20 PM): Does

judyinvestor (12:03:23 PM): yes it does.

jay80888 (12:03:47 PM): yes,  I got sloppy…  I got overconfident

benkeytrade (12:03:56 PM): well you are bringing sun into all of our lives

mvingion (12:04:13 PM): that’s cute

judyinvestor (12:04:19 PM): Jay, when I stopped having a financial or dollar goal on my trades (not long term holds or Sol’s picks) I found myself losing.

RMarchetta (12:04:22 PM): I’ve gotta go, bye all…have a nice vacation, Sol. Thanks

arvilgar (12:04:27 PM): over confident or greed?

arvilgar (12:04:33 PM): greedy in my case

Allies1111 (12:04:33 PM): go for each trade individually

judyinvestor (12:04:34 PM): So I am going back to the goals and had 2 good trades today.

Allies1111 (12:04:54 PM): set the same standards for each

judyinvestor (12:05:01 PM): Yes.

(12:05:02 PM) RMarchetta has left the room.

judyinvestor (12:05:25 PM): But with the market update picks, I am letting Sol determine when to exit.

judyinvestor (12:05:33 PM): Hope that is the right strategy.

Allies1111 (12:05:34 PM):  set limits when u enter

Allies1111 (12:06:00 PM): if you have sols limits

Allies1111 (12:06:03 PM): fine

jay80888 (12:06:08 PM): Had I followed Sol’s advise on gold…. even after the first wee of subscription.  I didn’t know how good he was.

Allies1111 (12:06:10 PM): but set them

douseethelight (12:06:29 PM): thanks Ben

douseethelight (12:06:30 PM): had a call

judyinvestor (12:07:03 PM): Was a great call on those gold stocks, and when GSS hit and bounced off of it’s 50 day ema, I was going to buy.

judyinvestor (12:07:07 PM): Glad I didn’t.

douseethelight (12:07:37 PM): dollar is silently rallying

jay80888 (12:07:44 PM): I see this as a new beginning – not just in trading but in understanding myself  and life.

judyinvestor (12:07:47 PM): I don’t think there is anyone out there that is better on commodity stocks than Sol.

Allies1111 (12:08:02 PM): any stocks

judyinvestor (12:08:03 PM): oil, gas, gold, silver, etc.

douseethelight (12:08:06 PM): i would not say that

mvingion (12:08:13 PM): yeah all sites was bullish on GSS when it was close to 8 couple weeks back, look where it is now

douseethelight (12:08:17 PM): eventually someone will decide to look at the markets with clean eyes

douseethelight (12:08:21 PM): and beat me hands down

douseethelight (12:08:26 PM): i look forward to that day

douseethelight (12:08:35 PM): one should never hope to be the best at anything

douseethelight (12:08:39 PM): but do the best they can

Allies1111 (12:08:44 PM): it is people that make markets

jay80888 (12:08:47 PM): you are very reality oriented, Sol   It is awesome.

Allies1111 (12:08:53 PM): understand people

Allies1111 (12:09:11 PM): understand yourself

Allies1111 (12:09:31 PM): I was seriously ill with depression

Allies1111 (12:09:42 PM): I took time to learn about me

douseethelight (12:09:56 PM): yes David if u keep up

douseethelight (12:10:02 PM): you are young enough to

douseethelight (12:10:09 PM): become a real good trader fast

douseethelight (12:10:18 PM): simply because you have not corrupted your mind

douseethelight (12:10:21 PM): enough yet

judyinvestor (12:10:23 PM): at 6.81 GSS hit the 50 day.

judyinvestor (12:10:28 PM): it is now $5.41.

mvingion (12:10:32 PM): you sure about that LOL

douseethelight (12:10:47 PM): it usually takes 33 plus years of contamination

douseethelight (12:10:51 PM): to put a dent into you

douseethelight (12:11:07 PM): if you can catch the disease before that period its easier to cure

judyinvestor (12:11:09 PM): David, I am sorry I called you Jay before, but you are both bright yellow on my computer.

douseethelight (12:11:13 PM): its always curable

douseethelight (12:11:19 PM): but the earlier the better

mvingion (12:11:26 PM): seriously I’m glad I cam across u when I did

douseethelight (12:11:28 PM): and the faster it is to cure

douseethelight (12:11:39 PM): i am just a messenger

douseethelight (12:11:47 PM): delivering an old an ancient message

douseethelight (12:11:54 PM): the art of using ones common sense

jay80888 (12:12:07 PM): same here.  Only regret is not finding you before I lost all that money.

Allies1111 (12:12:26 PM): if u had not lost it

douseethelight (12:12:31 PM): in reality if you had not lost that money u would not be here

douseethelight (12:12:34 PM): exactly alan

Allies1111 (12:12:37 PM): would have gone looking for help

douseethelight (12:12:50 PM): so you can chose to look at it as a positive

jay80888 (12:12:51 PM): correctomundo.

douseethelight (12:12:53 PM): or a negative

douseethelight (12:13:01 PM): if you are looking for enlightenment

douseethelight (12:13:09 PM): i would look at it as a positive

douseethelight (12:13:18 PM): because now you know money is not everything

douseethelight (12:13:28 PM): while as before you were convinced it was everything

jay80888 (12:13:29 PM): ancient message?  Do you have philosophy you follow?  Aristotle?

douseethelight (12:13:36 PM): none i open my mind

douseethelight (12:13:43 PM): and don’t let anyone close it for me

douseethelight (12:13:50 PM): its my mind and i should close it if i want to

douseethelight (12:14:02 PM): so its always open i try not to judge

douseethelight (12:14:07 PM): i try to act great

douseethelight (12:14:16 PM): i try very hard to look at things as an observer

douseethelight (12:14:20 PM): rather than as a preacher

douseethelight (12:14:37 PM): that is why i am quite willing to stand by and watch someone jump of a cliff

douseethelight (12:14:45 PM): without offering any assistance unless they ask for

judyinvestor (12:14:45 PM): I didn’t mean to sound like a smart a, with my question.  You do not want to judge so you want to meditate, right?

jay80888 (12:14:48 PM): is that what you mean by being nobody who knows something?

douseethelight (12:14:56 PM): if you force yourself to help them they might take you down with them

douseethelight (12:15:38 PM): you should have asked him

Allies1111 (12:15:40 PM): I’m from New Zealand

judyinvestor (12:15:43 PM): The first time I heard someone write that he was from OZ, I thought it was a joke.  Like the Wizard of OZ

Allies1111 (12:15:51 PM): does that make me different?

douseethelight (12:15:56 PM): do u have any words of wisdom to offer

jay80888 (12:15:59 PM): Sol, i needed help badly.  I am sure glad I found you.  Very glad!

douseethelight (12:16:02 PM): if not he might as well be from mars

douseethelight (12:16:08 PM): or another galaxy

mvingion (12:16:14 PM): He was cool, and intelligent

douseethelight (12:16:15 PM): fools are  in the millions

douseethelight (12:16:27 PM): then perhaps he deserves to be from another planet

mvingion (12:16:29 PM): I said he should bring more of his people to earth

douseethelight (12:16:32 PM): as this one is over loaded with idiots

benkeytrade (12:16:48 PM): LOL

douseethelight (12:17:27 PM): if u really look at it from an aliens eyes

douseethelight (12:17:32 PM): we are a sorry bunch of losers

douseethelight (12:17:36 PM): we get up in the morning

douseethelight (12:17:39 PM): run to work from 9-5

douseethelight (12:17:43 PM): or trade the markets

douseethelight (12:17:48 PM): from 9-4.30

jay80888 (12:17:55 PM): Sol, do you feel like the proverbial ‘one eyed man in the land of blinds’?

douseethelight (12:17:55 PM): work for 20-30 years

douseethelight (12:17:58 PM): to save

douseethelight (12:18:02 PM): for a time in our lives

douseethelight (12:18:08 PM): where almost nothing works properly

douseethelight (12:18:12 PM): and we call that retirement

mvingion (12:18:13 PM): its sheer madness

douseethelight (12:18:19 PM): and we look forward to that

douseethelight (12:18:21 PM): i call it death

douseethelight (12:18:50 PM): i try not to feel like that but sometimes i cannot help but feel lost

douseethelight (12:18:53 PM): and out of place

douseethelight (12:19:02 PM): so i spend more time with children

douseethelight (12:19:11 PM): they are very easy to understand and get along with

douseethelight (12:19:18 PM): if they like you they tell  you immediately

judyinvestor (12:19:22 PM): Like your niece?

douseethelight (12:19:23 PM): and if they don’t u know in seconds

douseethelight (12:19:27 PM): no nonsense

douseethelight (12:19:32 PM): well with my friends kids

douseethelight (12:19:36 PM): and when i go to Ukraine

douseethelight (12:19:43 PM): i spend time with a lot of them

douseethelight (12:19:58 PM): or i spend time with very old people

douseethelight (12:20:02 PM): they are to old to worry

douseethelight (12:20:05 PM): about lying anymore

judyinvestor (12:20:10 PM): true.

douseethelight (12:20:13 PM): so they tell you it as it is

douseethelight (12:20:19 PM): at least you feel normal with them

benkeytrade (12:20:45 PM): no b.s.

Allies1111 (12:20:54 PM): Sol may remember, but a year ago I went looking for common sense

Allies1111 (12:20:59 PM): what I found

Allies1111 (12:21:05 PM): was an education

Allies1111 (12:22:06 PM): a belief in myself

jay80888 (12:22:16 PM): Sol, Have you ever heard of Delta theory espoused by Wilder (he invented RSI ) ?  Is there anything to  that  moon cycle idea?

douseethelight (12:22:45 PM): i am sorry to say that i have not heard about it therefore

douseethelight (12:22:51 PM): would be a fool to comment on it

douseethelight (12:22:55 PM): so i won’t

Allies1111 (12:23:08 PM): the earth is a magnet

Allies1111 (12:23:19 PM): polarity

mvingion (12:23:24 PM): does that have anything with Bush’s NASA proposal?

Allies1111 (12:23:25 PM): is a force

Allies1111 (12:23:39 PM): there could be something to it

mvingion (12:23:54 PM): worth another Billion or two

douseethelight (12:24:37 PM): oh yeah alternative energy sources might see

Allies1111 (12:24:38 PM): I remember a cry

douseethelight (12:24:42 PM): a spike

Allies1111 (12:24:44 PM): a few years ago

jay80888 (12:24:45 PM): On long bond, it came down hard last June and have been tracing out gigantic triangle.  bears expected it to break to the downside. and surprise, it is breaking upside. is this a fake move up?

Allies1111 (12:24:54 PM): when the high voltage

douseethelight (12:25:00 PM): to be more precise hybrid engines

Allies1111 (12:25:01 PM): transmission lines

douseethelight (12:25:15 PM): nothing is fake

Allies1111 (12:25:17 PM): were accused of

douseethelight (12:25:21 PM): everything is real

douseethelight (12:25:24 PM): we are the only fakes

Allies1111 (12:25:38 PM): upsetting child development

douseethelight (12:25:50 PM): ABP just set a new

douseethelight (12:25:54 PM): 52 week high

judyinvestor (12:26:03 PM): Yes it did.

douseethelight (12:26:19 PM): most likely it will be another 100%

douseethelight (12:26:21 PM): winner

douseethelight (12:26:30 PM): sometimes this gets to be boring

alll2go (12:26:40 PM): bore ME!!

douseethelight (12:26:42 PM): but we will talk about that another day

douseethelight (12:26:43 PM): lol

RMBluemel1 (12:26:51 PM): need to go, but i am so grateful in finding this group of people to learn from

(12:26:57 PM) RMBluemel1 has left the room.

jay80888 (12:26:59 PM): boring win is good.  I had too many exciting loses!!!

mvingion (12:27:21 PM): u seem to focus on loss a lot

Allies1111 (12:27:42 PM): yes

douseethelight (12:27:55 PM): try to embrace your loses

Allies1111 (12:27:56 PM): look at what you did right with the winners

jay80888 (12:27:58 PM): i have a lifelong record …  i am ready to change.

douseethelight (12:28:08 PM): the same way you will embrace your winnings

douseethelight (12:28:14 PM): tomorrow beings today

mvingion (12:28:20 PM): jay is a winner

douseethelight (12:28:24 PM): for tomorrow never comes unless today is changed

jay80888 (12:28:37 PM): you are like a zen master, Sol.. LOL

douseethelight (12:28:45 PM): i am no master

douseethelight (12:28:52 PM): i am actually  a student

judyinvestor (12:28:58 PM): I had an article called Zen Trading, but can’t find it.

douseethelight (12:29:01 PM): maybe i would allow the title advanced student

douseethelight (12:29:03 PM): but no more

alll2go (12:29:16 PM): Why is silver climbing while gold falls?

douseethelight (12:29:26 PM): silver has

judyinvestor (12:29:27 PM): I know I kept it because it had a lot of things in it that Sol has said.

douseethelight (12:29:31 PM): other reasons

douseethelight (12:29:41 PM): one being when it is used it is forever gone

jay80888 (12:29:43 PM): did the silver speculation mark the end of bull move?

douseethelight (12:29:52 PM): unlike gold which just changes hands or shape

douseethelight (12:29:55 PM): but remains here

douseethelight (12:30:01 PM): there is a critical shortage of silver

Allies1111 (12:30:07 PM): tomorrow is options day

benkeytrade (12:30:08 PM): china’s demand

Allies1111 (12:30:17 PM): gold always gets hit

douseethelight (12:30:20 PM): so it is acting like a currency and as a commodity that has

douseethelight (12:30:26 PM): critical shortage problems

jay80888 (12:30:29 PM): photo is going digital.  negative on silver?

douseethelight (12:30:43 PM): not for the Chinese

mvingion (12:30:43 PM): silver has many other uses

douseethelight (12:31:03 PM): one billion Chinese will more than make up for whatever slack the americans provide

douseethelight (12:31:07 PM): don’t forget India to

douseethelight (12:31:19 PM): another billion there that cannot afford digital cameras

jay80888 (12:31:24 PM): do you subscribe to 16:1 gold silver ratio?

douseethelight (12:31:28 PM): so it’s a BS story

douseethelight (12:31:38 PM):  i don’t waste time with that

douseethelight (12:31:41 PM): keep life simple

douseethelight (12:31:43 PM): make money

douseethelight (12:31:47 PM): and take time of

douseethelight (12:31:54 PM): forget the rest of the garbage

douseethelight (12:32:04 PM): leave all the number pushing to the wall street experts

jay80888 (12:32:07 PM): isn’t supply tight on gold side as well.. Mining situation etc.

douseethelight (12:32:09 PM): they have to do something

douseethelight (12:32:13 PM): meaningless

douseethelight (12:32:38 PM): perceptions

douseethelight (12:32:44 PM): being right never meant you made money

douseethelight (12:32:47 PM): that’s why all professors

douseethelight (12:32:51 PM): teach

Allies1111 (12:32:58 PM): the way to win this gold/silver war is to buy physical metal

Allies1111 (12:33:16 PM): take it out of the exuasion

douseethelight (12:33:30 PM): read to investment articles

Allies1111 (12:33:30 PM): equation

douseethelight (12:33:35 PM): when u need to amuse yourself

mvingion (12:33:38 PM): I bought bullion in Feb ’03, wish I bought shares

douseethelight (12:33:56 PM): think like this at least you bought something

douseethelight (12:34:01 PM): and it has made money

mvingion (12:34:04 PM): true

douseethelight (12:34:04 PM): so have done well

jay80888 (12:34:15 PM): are fundamental convictions dangerous prejudices?    should we just focus on technical market actions?

douseethelight (12:34:17 PM): no one ever broke making small profits

mvingion (12:34:30 PM): yeah that’s one of my problems I admit

douseethelight (12:34:33 PM): i don’t want to tell you how you should think

douseethelight (12:34:39 PM): i can tell you how  i think

douseethelight (12:34:50 PM): its no ones right to tell others how to think

douseethelight (12:34:55 PM): its your right

douseethelight (12:35:00 PM): so exercise it

douseethelight (12:35:07 PM): as far as i am concerned

douseethelight (12:35:14 PM): fundamentals to me personally mean nothing

douseethelight (12:35:17 PM): and never will

douseethelight (12:35:49 PM): would all of you like to be on

douseethelight (12:35:51 PM): financial sense

douseethelight (12:36:03 PM): perhaps Mary  might find this transcript amusing and post it

douseethelight (12:36:04 PM): lol

mvingion (12:36:12 PM): u never know

Allies1111 (12:36:13 PM): aha

douseethelight (12:36:22 PM): and the rest of the world can see the fun we had

douseethelight (12:36:22 PM): lol

jay80888 (12:36:35 PM): this has been the best educational 2 hours in my life.

jay80888 (12:36:57 PM): do you try to find joy in trading and investing life?  is that the attitude?

douseethelight (12:36:59 PM): we are what we think we are change the thought process

judyinvestor (12:37:05 PM): I market open all day today?  Does anyone know or care?

douseethelight (12:37:08 PM): and the possibilities are endless

Allies1111 (12:37:14 PM): see, good things come in small packets

judyinvestor (12:37:22 PM): It is closed on Monday.

douseethelight (12:37:49 PM): i find joy in looking at investing as way of living

douseethelight (12:37:55 PM): and not as means to make money

douseethelight (12:38:05 PM): for me investing involves every facet of my life

douseethelight (12:38:18 PM): the least important one is the financial side

douseethelight (12:38:28 PM): i would rather be poor

douseethelight (12:38:31 PM): with great health

douseethelight (12:38:32 PM): good food

douseethelight (12:38:36 PM): and some nice books

douseethelight (12:38:39 PM): books sorry

douseethelight (12:38:42 PM): then rich fat

douseethelight (12:38:52 PM): sick and mentally insane

jay80888 (12:38:57 PM): LOL

jay80888 (12:39:16 PM): I liked the insane part!

mvingion (12:39:23 PM): I want to be rich and healthy

douseethelight (12:39:23 PM): lol

douseethelight (12:39:36 PM): sure that is the ultimate goal

douseethelight (12:39:44 PM): only 1% of this world will ever come close

douseethelight (12:39:47 PM): to getting that

douseethelight (12:39:56 PM): should that number put you of

douseethelight (12:40:10 PM): no it should push you to rise and meet the challenge

douseethelight (12:40:17 PM): to show that you can and will do it

jay80888 (12:42:01 PM): by ‘open mind’,  do you mean like no strong convictions?

mvingion (12:42:17 PM): I think you need some convictions

mvingion (12:42:24 PM): in life

mvingion (12:42:36 PM): principles, you know

douseethelight (12:42:38 PM): no i mean being flexible

jay80888 (12:42:46 PM): oriented towards calm observations rather than  prejudices?

douseethelight (12:42:54 PM): not being fixed in the way you look at things

douseethelight (12:43:08 PM): understanding that there exists the possibility that you might be wrong

douseethelight (12:43:14 PM): even while you think you are right

douseethelight (12:43:22 PM): and be open to admitting your wrong if

douseethelight (12:43:24 PM): proven so

jay80888 (12:43:50 PM): I take too big a position and get scared to think that i may be wrong.

Allies1111 (12:43:54 PM): where does logic end and emotion begin

jay80888 (12:44:06 PM): until the pain convince me…

douseethelight (12:44:06 PM): then you have the answer

douseethelight (12:44:11 PM): don’t take a big position

douseethelight (12:44:16 PM): take a small position

douseethelight (12:44:20 PM): take many small positions

douseethelight (12:44:39 PM): why do something unless its fun

douseethelight (12:44:51 PM): if you feel pain maybe your mind is trying to warn you in advance

douseethelight (12:44:57 PM): that you might be doing something wrong

jay80888 (12:45:02 PM): chasing to be rich…

douseethelight (12:45:05 PM): it also re enforces the theory

douseethelight (12:45:09 PM): of our grandparents

douseethelight (12:45:15 PM): of not putting all your eggs in one basket

benkeytrade (12:45:39 PM): that is exactly what I have been doing…thanks to you

douseethelight (12:45:53 PM): actually you should thank yourself

douseethelight (12:46:00 PM): don’t be afraid to thank yourself

jay80888 (12:46:01 PM): get rich slowly and enjoy the process?

douseethelight (12:46:03 PM): i did not do it

douseethelight (12:46:04 PM): you did it

benkeytrade (12:46:28 PM): I got a little gun shy after my biased thinking in October..

douseethelight (12:46:47 PM): well you have changed so be glad

douseethelight (12:46:55 PM): once more learning and investing can be fun for you

douseethelight (12:47:04 PM): remember everything must be fun

douseethelight (12:47:08 PM): if not don’t do it

douseethelight (12:47:13 PM): if i stop having fun here

douseethelight (12:47:16 PM): this game is over

douseethelight (12:47:17 PM): for m

douseethelight (12:47:18 PM): e

jay80888 (12:47:46 PM): I am  changed since  I discovered you, Sol.   I hope you continue to have fun!!!

jay80888 (12:47:55 PM): LOL

douseethelight (12:48:04 PM): once again do not be afraid to take credit

Allies1111 (12:48:09 PM): sorry guys, I must reboot

douseethelight (12:48:13 PM): i simply put forward message

mvingion (12:48:15 PM): Sol what’s up with your book?

douseethelight (12:48:20 PM): you decided to act on it

Allies1111 (12:48:21 PM): will someone bring me back in?

douseethelight (12:48:26 PM): yes Alan

douseethelight (12:48:27 PM): i will

douseethelight (12:48:28 PM): if you did not

jay80888 (12:48:34 PM): wait… I want to save this session.

Allies1111 (12:48:36 PM): thanks

douseethelight (12:48:38 PM): then nothing would have happened

douseethelight (12:48:44 PM): David i am working on it

(12:48:48 PM) Allies1111 has left the room.

douseethelight (12:48:50 PM): it is fully written in my mind

douseethelight (12:48:55 PM): now i have to put in paper

douseethelight (12:48:56 PM): lol

alll2go (12:49:07 PM): Someone look at NONT and help me understand. .003 to $3 in a short time….Are those profits possible?

douseethelight (12:49:18 PM): yes

douseethelight (12:49:23 PM): let me take a look

alll2go (12:49:23 PM): wow

douseethelight (12:49:25 PM): one sec

douseethelight (12:49:57 PM): however the reason

douseethelight (12:49:59 PM): is pure madness

douseethelight (12:50:11 PM): its the feeding frenzy stage

douseethelight (12:50:15 PM): look at jmar

douseethelight (12:50:22 PM): we mentioned it as 1.75 or so

douseethelight (12:50:27 PM): in the high risk plays

douseethelight (12:50:32 PM): its up to 4 plus now

jay80888 (12:50:40 PM): I was too late to get into nano plays.

douseethelight (12:50:49 PM): 4.29

alll2go (12:50:49 PM): 4.29 now impressive

douseethelight (12:50:57 PM): in less than 2 months i think

douseethelight (12:51:00 PM): alti also

douseethelight (12:51:02 PM): up huge

douseethelight (12:51:20 PM): impressive is a rather long word

jay80888 (12:51:23 PM): I guess I should be happy for others making money.

benkeytrade (12:51:27 PM): what do you think of BIPH

alll2go (12:51:29 PM): I had all these on a watch list and was too scared to enter

douseethelight (12:51:34 PM): with a meaning that only brings joy to fools lol

douseethelight (12:52:04 PM): by the way if  you guys do your research

douseethelight (12:52:08 PM): and find oversold stocks

jay80888 (12:52:13 PM): it beats me how you could call ‘cycle bottom’ on nano stocks.

douseethelight (12:52:14 PM): you can send them to Alan

douseethelight (12:52:17 PM): let me look

douseethelight (12:52:20 PM): at that stock

douseethelight (12:52:46 PM): great play

douseethelight (12:52:50 PM): but to late to get in now

jay80888 (12:52:54 PM): great call nonetheless.

douseethelight (12:53:12 PM): i think of it as rather simple

douseethelight (12:53:20 PM): actually and don’t think its anything great

douseethelight (12:53:31 PM): the world categorizes us

douseethelight (12:53:35 PM): we remain constant

douseethelight (12:53:45 PM): however the fool believes what the world chooses to make him or her

douseethelight (12:53:57 PM): the wise man or woman pays no heed

douseethelight (12:54:19 PM): after all if you are the smartest one in a group of

douseethelight (12:54:25 PM): idiots

douseethelight (12:54:28 PM): are u really smart

douseethelight (12:54:32 PM): or just less of an idiot

douseethelight (12:54:48 PM): or maybe more of an idiot to believe what the other idiots think of you

douseethelight (12:54:58 PM): perhaps you are better of being the dumbest person

douseethelight (12:55:06 PM): in a room of extremely smart individuals

douseethelight (12:55:14 PM): personally that’s where i would rather be

douseethelight (12:55:21 PM): then at least i have something to aim for

jay80888 (12:55:25 PM): Socrates may be applauding.. lol

douseethelight (12:55:27 PM): aim for the sky and not the floor

jay80888 (12:57:10 PM):  BTW, i love your saying ‘think not, want not, relax a lot’…  is the exact opposite to my investing life so far.

mvingion (12:57:31 PM): Has anyone got any fills on the new plays besides MSSN

douseethelight (12:57:55 PM): judy u might have to bring alan in

douseethelight (12:57:57 PM): i cannot get him in

jay80888 (12:58:37 PM): sol, do you advise subscribers to take positions in all you recommendations ?  Like equal amounts?

douseethelight (12:58:51 PM): generally that is the way to play till

douseethelight (12:58:57 PM): u run out of cash

douseethelight (12:59:04 PM): then wait till we issue sells

douseethelight (12:59:11 PM): and buy the next plays

benkeytrade (12:59:14 PM): I got filled on ENY at 1.07

douseethelight (12:59:30 PM): yes most should have gotten fills on that one

benkeytrade (12:59:36 PM): about a week ago

douseethelight (12:59:42 PM): by the way i have purposely chosen to put range orders

jay80888 (12:59:47 PM): some of these small caps with debt.  Do you every worry about them going belly up?

douseethelight (12:59:50 PM): this teaches  you how to real with your

(12:59:50 PM) Allies1111 has entered the room.

douseethelight (12:59:53 PM): greed

Allies1111 (12:59:55 PM): thanks

douseethelight (1:00:00 PM): no i don’t

douseethelight (1:00:02 PM): because

douseethelight (1:00:09 PM): i don’t put all my eggs in one basket

douseethelight (1:00:13 PM): so if one or two goes up

douseethelight (1:00:16 PM): who cares

douseethelight (1:00:25 PM): we are playing a hard game

judyinvestor (1:00:30 PM): Great about the fill on Eny, Ben.

douseethelight (1:00:34 PM): bound to be some casualties

judyinvestor (1:00:38 PM): I bet I got filled too then.

douseethelight (1:00:44 PM): nothing good comes easy if it does it was not worth it

jay80888 (1:00:47 PM): do you see recommending larger cap better known names in future?

douseethelight (1:00:55 PM): no idea

douseethelight (1:01:07 PM): don’t want to waste time thinking what i might do

douseethelight (1:01:13 PM): when i have so much to do now

douseethelight (1:01:18 PM): waste of good resources

benkeytrade (1:01:25 PM): I’m a bit of a junky like you Judy, I like to watch the screen…but no more stress now..

douseethelight (1:01:25 PM): to deal with the might

judyinvestor (1:01:27 PM): I’m sorry about not bringing Alan in.

judyinvestor (1:01:39 PM): I turned off the blinker.

douseethelight (1:01:44 PM): perhaps you are perhaps not

douseethelight (1:01:45 PM): lol

judyinvestor (1:01:50 PM): because of the Yak Yak Yak.

douseethelight (1:02:10 PM): by the way understand selfishness is a good virtue

douseethelight (1:02:16 PM): to have in moderation

judyinvestor (1:02:25 PM): I actually am about back to where I started the year today.

jay80888 (1:02:42 PM): what do yo think of standard technical analysis – trend lines, double tops. type of things?

douseethelight (1:02:43 PM): try to make sure you don’t re wind the tape again

judyinvestor (1:02:44 PM): finally getting trades and limiting the gains though.

douseethelight (1:02:51 PM): otherwise your live has already been lived

douseethelight (1:03:03 PM): trend lines i like

douseethelight (1:03:07 PM): macds yes

douseethelight (1:03:09 PM): stochastics yes

douseethelight (1:03:19 PM): RSI index

douseethelight (1:03:20 PM): yes

jay80888 (1:03:32 PM): do you believe in fixed length cycles?

douseethelight (1:03:33 PM): % Williams R  yes to

douseethelight (1:03:40 PM): nothing is fixed

douseethelight (1:03:44 PM): nothing is written in stone

douseethelight (1:03:51 PM): promises are made to be broken

douseethelight (1:03:56 PM): and lies are just waiting to be told

jay80888 (1:04:02 PM): LOL

judyinvestor (1:04:19 PM): Like the VIX at 15.02.

judyinvestor (1:04:27 PM): We used to watch it every day in here.

judyinvestor (1:04:35 PM): Waiting for that correction.

douseethelight (1:04:39 PM): then everyone started to watch it to

judyinvestor (1:04:41 PM): that never really came.

douseethelight (1:04:41 PM): so i stopped

douseethelight (1:04:47 PM): CNBC

douseethelight (1:04:50 PM): jinxed it

douseethelight (1:04:54 PM): so it was time to get out

judyinvestor (1:04:55 PM): I guess so.

douseethelight (1:05:00 PM): they did the same with put call ration

douseethelight (1:05:12 PM): by the way from the charts it looks like the VIX could go to 10

judyinvestor (1:05:13 PM): somebody told me you can get the P/C ratio Emailed to you.

judyinvestor (1:05:16 PM): Hourly?

douseethelight (1:05:19 PM): before we correct

douseethelight (1:05:21 PM): hard

jay80888 (1:05:29 PM): wow!!!

douseethelight (1:05:38 PM): that should screw up some great minds

judyinvestor (1:05:53 PM): the small caps at new high again.

judyinvestor (1:05:56 PM): $RUT.

douseethelight (1:06:02 PM): its fantastic when everything you believe is

judyinvestor (1:06:06 PM): Biotech’s at new 52 week high.

douseethelight (1:06:07 PM): shred into pieces

jay80888 (1:06:16 PM): do you subscribe to DOW 4000?

douseethelight (1:06:19 PM): and you have to spend time learning new concepts

douseethelight (1:06:23 PM): not yet

douseethelight (1:06:37 PM): eventually Dow 1500

douseethelight (1:06:40 PM): is possible

douseethelight (1:06:45 PM): but that is a long way of

jay80888 (1:06:48 PM): wow!!

judyinvestor (1:06:51 PM): Sol?

jay80888 (1:07:33 PM): like 5 years?

Allies1111 (1:07:38 PM): How do u stay focused when as individuals we go off on tangents

douseethelight (1:08:05 PM): the answer might

douseethelight (1:08:08 PM): amaze you

judyinvestor (1:08:09 PM): I won’t ask a question unless I know I have his attention.

douseethelight (1:08:16 PM): are you sure you want me to answer that

jay80888 (1:08:29 PM): yes!!

douseethelight (1:08:36 PM): i focus on nothing

douseethelight (1:08:39 PM): and enjoy everything

douseethelight (1:09:06 PM): there are so many things to enjoy so why over kill myself in one specific area

douseethelight (1:09:09 PM): life is to short

douseethelight (1:09:15 PM): now if you told me i had 500 years

douseethelight (1:09:25 PM): then i might decide to give 100 years to the mkt only

douseethelight (1:09:46 PM): take Alan he wont talk about it much

douseethelight (1:09:52 PM): he was no one last year

douseethelight (1:09:59 PM): did not know anything about stocks

douseethelight (1:10:01 PM): or futures

douseethelight (1:10:07 PM): or for that matter much about the markets

douseethelight (1:10:20 PM): today he has understood those principles really well

douseethelight (1:10:23 PM): in one year

douseethelight (1:10:28 PM): no he trades futures

douseethelight (1:10:34 PM): very successfully

douseethelight (1:10:47 PM): and will be eventually running the scorpion trading room

douseethelight (1:10:51 PM): with my guidance

douseethelight (1:11:07 PM): he has also managed to write well enough to

douseethelight (1:11:14 PM): be published on financial sense

douseethelight (1:11:22 PM): so anything is possible

douseethelight (1:11:25 PM): if you truly want it

douseethelight (1:11:28 PM): aim high

douseethelight (1:11:32 PM): for anyone can aim low

judyinvestor (1:12:10 PM): Yes, that is great!

jay80888 (1:12:17 PM): Allan is the Kiwi guy?  maybe he is real smart?

douseethelight (1:12:29 PM): nope he was a sheep farmer

Allies1111 (1:12:29 PM): I got my education at the age of 49

douseethelight (1:12:35 PM): once upon time

jay80888 (1:12:46 PM): less than a year?   do you offer tutoring??

douseethelight (1:12:52 PM): not right now

douseethelight (1:12:56 PM): but we will see

douseethelight (1:13:05 PM): one day maybe i don’t plan everything i do

douseethelight (1:13:12 PM): i like to leave some randomness

alll2go (1:13:13 PM): I’m 48 and just starting mine…so there is hope I guess

douseethelight (1:13:21 PM): in there just to make things interesting

douseethelight (1:13:32 PM): there is always hope

douseethelight (1:13:34 PM): even at 90

douseethelight (1:13:36 PM): there is hope

douseethelight (1:13:43 PM): i taught a 80 year old nun

douseethelight (1:13:46 PM): how to use the internet

douseethelight (1:13:49 PM): she wanted to learn

douseethelight (1:13:51 PM): and she did

douseethelight (1:13:58 PM): now she is 81 years old

douseethelight (1:14:12 PM): and the only one in her age group who knows how to use the net

douseethelight (1:14:15 PM): well

Allies1111 (1:14:18 PM): an 81-year-old surfer

douseethelight (1:14:21 PM): yes

douseethelight (1:14:23 PM): and she loves it

mvingion (1:14:27 PM): lol

jay80888 (1:14:28 PM): life is amazing…

douseethelight (1:14:32 PM): tells me it has brought a lot of joy to her life

douseethelight (1:14:36 PM): she is a very smart lady

douseethelight (1:14:46 PM): one of my best advisors

(1:14:49 PM) judyinvestor has left the room.

jay80888 (1:15:39 PM): i love what you say about women and investing.  I sensed it elliptically before.  but i was afraid to admit it.

douseethelight (1:16:01 PM): well

douseethelight (1:16:07 PM): the wise man

douseethelight (1:16:11 PM): and woman

douseethelight (1:16:20 PM): will see i am talking about the general male

douseethelight (1:16:26 PM): and the general or average

douseethelight (1:16:28 PM): female

douseethelight (1:16:37 PM): i am not taking the cream of the crop

douseethelight (1:16:41 PM): from both categories

douseethelight (1:16:55 PM): the wise woman and man realize that

douseethelight (1:17:01 PM): it takes two to tango

douseethelight (1:17:05 PM): so there is no better

douseethelight (1:17:07 PM): one

douseethelight (1:17:17 PM): there is a way to take two and make a better

alll2go (1:17:17 PM): Sol, the first time I read your name here I thought it was douse the light. It is in perception and state of mind. Glass half full or half empty.

douseethelight (1:17:18 PM): one

mvingion (1:17:29 PM): I used to fly for a previous job.  Majority of male passengers age 40-50

mvingion (1:17:43 PM): majority of female passgrs 30-40

mvingion (1:17:48 PM): business flights

mvingion (1:17:58 PM): changing of the guard

douseethelight (1:17:59 PM): yes its all about perceptions

douseethelight (1:18:11 PM): is the glass full or half empty

douseethelight (1:18:16 PM): in reality who gives a dam

douseethelight (1:18:19 PM): i am thirsty

douseethelight (1:18:21 PM): and i need water

douseethelight (1:18:23 PM): that’s it

douseethelight (1:18:26 PM): the rest is junk

douseethelight (1:19:32 PM): believe this conversation

douseethelight (1:19:35 PM): is just as useful

jay80888 (1:19:38 PM): you seemed to have your perception focused on reality.  is that like the zen training? try ot get rid fo preconception and to have fresh eye?

douseethelight (1:19:39 PM): to me as it is to you

douseethelight (1:19:49 PM): no one is getting a better deal here

douseethelight (1:19:54 PM): we are all getting a good deal

douseethelight (1:20:13 PM): try to have no fixed notions

douseethelight (1:20:18 PM): be flexible

douseethelight (1:20:25 PM): and you won’t have any problems

douseethelight (1:20:31 PM): don’ think u r great

douseethelight (1:20:41 PM): because if you do u r a bigger idiot then your neighbor

douseethelight (1:20:56 PM): don’t go out shouting how smart you are

douseethelight (1:21:01 PM): let the world recognize you

douseethelight (1:21:09 PM): and if they decide to call you wise smile

douseethelight (1:21:15 PM): when you realize how stupid they really are

douseethelight (1:21:22 PM): to be wasting their time worshiping you

douseethelight (1:21:24 PM): you sorry

douseethelight (1:21:46 PM): when there are so many better ways they could spend their time

jay80888 (1:22:00 PM): well there is wisdom there…

jay80888 (1:22:07 PM): do you think one should try to get rich slowly?  is process more important than monetary goal?

douseethelight (1:22:13 PM): there is what you want there to be

douseethelight (1:22:28 PM): by asking that question

douseethelight (1:22:34 PM): you are indicating that you are still lost

douseethelight (1:22:37 PM): which is fine

douseethelight (1:22:46 PM): wait till you don’t have to ask that question anymore

douseethelight (1:22:52 PM): find your equilibrium

douseethelight (1:23:00 PM): there is no right or wrong answer

douseethelight (1:23:07 PM): there are only right or wrong perceptions

jay80888 (1:23:08 PM): you mean, I should be content where I am?

douseethelight (1:23:22 PM): no u still don’t know who u really are

douseethelight (1:23:25 PM): get to know yourself

douseethelight (1:23:33 PM): then you will have your answer

jay80888 (1:23:41 PM): how do I do that?

douseethelight (1:23:41 PM): learn to believe in yourself

douseethelight (1:23:45 PM): very slowly at first

douseethelight (1:23:58 PM): just like when you learned to walk

douseethelight (1:24:00 PM): it took time

douseethelight (1:24:09 PM): when you got your first job

douseethelight (1:24:14 PM): it was a low paying

douseethelight (1:24:23 PM): one slowly but surely you climbed up

douseethelight (1:24:29 PM): you will reach a point

douseethelight (1:24:34 PM): when it will start to happen fast

douseethelight (1:24:40 PM): but u need to take the first step

douseethelight (1:24:54 PM): try to spend less time in looking for ways to be better

douseethelight (1:24:59 PM): and more time in actually doing something

douseethelight (1:25:04 PM): action speaks louder than words

mvingion (1:26:25 PM): Loved the zen-fest, fellas, gotta take off. Happy trading.

douseethelight (1:26:38 PM): yes me to

douseethelight (1:26:40 PM): in a few minutes

(1:26:46 PM) mvingion has left the room.

douseethelight (1:26:51 PM): so any last questions before i hit the road

douseethelight (1:27:01 PM): we will email this transcript to everyone

jay80888 (1:27:05 PM): certainly a lot ot think about.   A lot better than following wiggles in the market day after day…

douseethelight (1:27:07 PM): and if financial sense

douseethelight (1:27:12 PM): deems it worthy

douseethelight (1:27:16 PM): it might be appear there

douseethelight (1:27:18 PM): lol

douseethelight (1:27:30 PM): then the whole world can see how we the foolish

douseethelight (1:27:33 PM): are trying to be wise

jay80888 (1:27:34 PM): you may get too famous, Sol!!

douseethelight (1:27:35 PM): lol

douseethelight (1:27:48 PM): what is meant to be is meant to be

douseethelight (1:27:59 PM): however we can change the outcome if its bad

douseethelight (1:28:06 PM): but if its not bad then don’t waste time

douseethelight (1:28:10 PM): thinking about it

douseethelight (1:28:13 PM): i might

douseethelight (1:28:22 PM): or they might just think i am a fool

jay80888 (1:28:34 PM): well, certainly  this has been best educational hours in my life.  I really appreciate you sharing your insights in so many areas.

douseethelight (1:29:09 PM): u r welcome

douseethelight (1:29:19 PM): any last questions

douseethelight (1:29:23 PM): you guys can stay around

benkeytrade (1:29:24 PM): thank you very much for your time

douseethelight (1:29:33 PM): and chat amongst yourselves

jay80888 (1:29:34 PM): i hope they do.  i want to be one of the few that  pay attention to your market insights.

alll2go (1:29:44 PM): Thanks Sol and all, bye for now.

Allies1111 (1:29:46 PM): yes thanks sol

douseethelight (1:29:48 PM): i will keep this widow open so i can email the whole conversation to everyone

douseethelight (1:29:59 PM): and show them what a day in the discussion room is like

jay80888 (1:30:02 PM): last questions…. do you think USA will survive?

douseethelight (1:30:09 PM): yes

douseethelight (1:30:17 PM): it will

jay80888 (1:30:19 PM): Phew!!

douseethelight (1:30:33 PM): nice talking to everyone

douseethelight (1:30:36 PM): and have a great day

douseethelight (1:30:42 PM): remember spend time relaxing

benkeytrade (1:30:42 PM): thanks

douseethelight (1:30:44 PM): it costs u nothing

douseethelight (1:30:48 PM): but just time

jay80888 (1:30:49 PM): thanks a million, Sol.

douseethelight (1:30:54 PM): u r welcome

douseethelight (1:30:58 PM): bye

jay80888 (1:31:11 PM): bye,,,  and hooray for Sol!!

(1:31:20 PM) judyinvestor has entered the room.

judyinvestor (1:31:31 PM): Thanks, Alan.

judyinvestor (1:31:35 PM): Computer problems.

judyinvestor (1:32:30 PM): Going for a cuppa.  Be back soon.

Allies1111 (1:32:42 PM): tell me how this $rut works judy

benkeytrade (1:32:54 PM): judy, the other day i closed this chat window by mistake during the day…what do i do to get back into the room

arvilgar (1:33:04 PM): most of the large cap reco’s are up today

judyinvestor (1:33:16 PM): Oh my.

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