Death Of Moral Values: Workers Kill Boy By Inserting Hose In His Rectum

Death Of Moral Values: Workers Kill Boy By Inserting Hose In His Rectum


Death Of Moral Values

The end of morality as we know it; this is a concept we have spoken off many times in the past and we are now in the most dangerous part of this transition; the 50% mark. It is at this level where things go from bizarre to insane. So expect unbelievable things from politicians, corporations, and people in general. The world is fast moving into a phase, where human life is worth absolutely nothing, and image and power equate to everything. How could these Workers Insert High-Pressure Nozzle into 10 Year old’s rectum and kill the poor child in the process?

A 10-year-old boy who worked in a spinning mill in Bangladesh has died after other workers inserted a high-pressure nozzle into his rectum and activated it, local media reports say. Police in Narayanganj say it is unclear why Sagar Barman was assaulted. Last year, a 13-year-old boy was killed in the same way in a vehicle workshop in another part of the country. Two men were sentenced to death over the case, which sparked massive protests. Full Story

This is exactly what is taking place in the stock market, and while many will not see the connection, it is all but obvious if you examine the situation with clear eyes.  Negative rates and the running the press to the limit is pushing more and more individuals into the dog house.  Central Bankers have forced many into desperation because they have the power to continuously devalue any currency without suffering any repercussions. However, the average person will never manage to compensate for this hidden tax. His or her salary will not rise but in most cases will remain stagnant or even decline.

Death Of Moral Values: Workers Kill Boy By Inserting Hose In His Rectum

Thus you have a deadly combination of forces at work; that systematically push people closer and closer to the grave. Now imagine how individuals in the 3rd world country, some of whom are still struggling to make a $1 a day feel. They mostly reduced to acting and behaving like animals.  One can thus conclude that the masters of misery are central bankers. Their elimination would restore order, for it would allow someone to work and receive a fair salary for their labour; today you are paid with worthless instruments of debt and the rate is far from fair. [/color-box]

The situation below is tragic and those that performed this cowardly act should be punished, but the real culprits who deserve to be strung by their fat necks are the central bankers of the world, that inflict misery willingly on millions and millions of individuals.

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