Trump Trumps Clinton in Third Debate

Trump Trumps Clinton in Third Debate

Trump Trumps Clinton in Third Debate

In The third debate, Trump apparently came standing on top; Clinton repeated the same robotic text that made anyone who listened to it want to throw up. To top it up she had the goofy, silly smile all over her face and unfortunately, she smiled exactly at times when she should have been serious, clearly illustrating to the American people that she thinks she is above them. A four-star general could face prison time for one lie, while she has told thousands and deleted emails she was not supposed to and yet she is running for president. She had no defence when she was confronted with this.

Washington post Jumps on the Trump Bandwagon 

Washington post which has not supported Trump at all, went out of its way to state that they thought Trump won the third debate.

Donald Trump won tonight’s debate. He didn’t implode; he didn’t blither, he didn’t continually interrupt Hillary Clinton, and he didn’t even sniff much. And, frankly, he had the best retorts and one-liners. Clinton was on her heels much of the night, and several times, she had to reset by resorting to tired, hollow platitudes — which only drove home the point that she lacks authenticity and appears to be a typical politician who is, therefore, dishonest. That said, Clinton was an able, informed politician, but Trump — for the first time — appeared to be a worthy opponent.

The Washington Post was also not too king to Hillary. She sounded like a slick snake-oil salesman, one that gives most that queasy filling. You want to get out of the place ASAP, for if you don’t move the person will talk you to death in the hopes of making a sale.

Clinton, on the other hand, was overprepared and over-rehearsed. As a result, she missed the bull’s eye during much of the night. Clinton’s forced smiles during some of Trump’s most effective lines, while probably the best she could do, did not fit the moment

Trump Trumps Clinton in Third Debate according to Online Polls

The drudge report shows that 84% of individuals thought Trump won the debate

Trump won the third debate hands down according to Drudge Report

Source:Drudge Report

Pollster Frank Lutz stated that 14 members of his focus group thought Trump won the debate

Pollster Frank Lutz states Trump won 3rd debate

Here are some random tweets from undecided voters who sided with Trump


Tweeters thought Trump win 3rd debate


Trump won 3rd presidential debate


Now watch what a Trump wins means for the stock market


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