China Targets Muslim Parents with religion rules in Xinjiang

China targets muslim parents with religion rules in Xinjiang

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

China Targets Muslim Parents

Records seem to indicate that China is targeting Muslim parents and enforcing their idealogy in an almost brutal manner.  In one town more than 400 children’s parents are in jail or in some training camp.  China maintains Iron control in Xinjiang. Foreign journalists are followed like hound dogs 24/7, and this prevents them from gathering any solid evidence as no one is willing to talk to them for risk of being reprimanded.

“I don’t know who is looking after them,” one mother says, pointing to a picture of her three young daughters, “there is no contact at all.”

Another mother, holding a photo of three sons and a daughter, wipes away her tears. “I heard that they’ve been taken to an orphanage,” she says.

In 60 separate interviews, in wave after wave of anxious, grief-ridden testimony, parents and other relatives give details of the disappearance in Xinjiang of more than 100 children. BBC

These testimonies clearly indicate that China targets Muslim parents harshly

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