The Organic Food Scam; Everything Is Not What It Seems


The Organic Food Scam; Everything Is Not What It Seems

The Organic Food Scam

Too many people blindly assume the label organic means the food is perfect. They forget that most organic produce contains pesticides so that 10-dollar cucumber you thought you could just eat by rinsing it with water could be loaded with a whole lot of poison.  95% of consumers bought organic because they thought no pesticides were used. Talk about ignorance, pesticides and fungicides are used to prevent wildlife from destroying the crops.

The Organic Food Scam: Is organic really better

This video discusses the issue quite well and in great detail. In general, consumers assume organic means perfect and that is not the case. You still have to wash your veggies with a special rinse if you want to remove all the residual chemicals that were used during the growth cycle.

Random Article

The market has resisted all attempts to correct. We know why it’s not crashing; this has to do with mass psychology, but what’s preventing it from letting out a meaningful dose of steam.  The table below might hold the answer.   We looked at all 30 components of the Dow on the weekly and monthly timelines utilising our indicators, and the results were quite surprising, to say the least. This Bull Market still has a lot of steam and the data below confirms this hypothesis.

What’s making this Stock market so resilient

Focus on the monthly section and you will notice that 28 components of the Dow are in various oversold conditions ranging from mild to extremely oversold. Conventional logic would have you believe that all the components would be trading in the overbought ranges.

The strength the Dow 30 stocks are showing on the monthly charts, clearly indicates that the most hated stock market bull still has plenty of room to run before it drops dead from exhaustion.  However, at the moment the stock market is rather overbought and so it would not surprise us if it let us some steam.  What’s making this Current Stock Market Bull So Resilient

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The Organic Food Scam will continue until people wakeup


Joseph Ravick

What a pile of …. nonsense. Not one fact but lots of assumptions and suppositions. And if the creator of this article and ex Senator now pundit Brown believe that Trump’s amoral comment should be applauded, i would question the authors’ intelligence, cognitive abilities, and possibly, their actual sanity. But hope springs eternal so that may be the cause of their delusions. And i’m being, or trying to be kind. Unfortunately for the US and the world, there are many more like this Senator and author who are too wrapped up in their own self-assessed godliness to look at the more critical issues at stake. Thank God that they are the minority and will likely die out like the dinosaurs they are.

Samuel Saint

Do you still feel the same way after the Wikileaks emails that show Hillary has been lying through her teeth. Now she is busted looking down on Americans and accepting money from Saudi an ISIS sponsor. The dirty list of laundry is endless. His amoral comments were just locker room talk. Men have a tendency to talk like that in private so get of your high horse. It is you who is full of Rubbish

Joseph Ravick

You obviously look at the situation through another end of the tunnel, and depend on different information than i do, Samuel Saint. I hope for your sake that you are guessing accurately. Lol.

Tactical Investor

The key thing to keep in mind is that for the 1st time we have two politicians that are extremely polar. Now in all fairness Hillary has committed acts that would land any regular American in Jail. Having said that it would have been great if we had a third choice, perhaps someone like Ron Paul.

Bernie sanders would have been a far better democratic candidate than Hillary. Hillary has too much baggage and some of it is simply too heavy