Sleeping Myths: The Real Story Behind These Myths

Sleeping Myths:: Why Americans need more sleep

Sleeping Myths

Is snoring harmful; Generally no, unless its Sleep Apnea

Unless you are suffering from sleep apnea which is a life-threatening condition, then you are more of a nuisance to others than a danger to yourself. Snoring, however does indicate that you have some breathing disorder, but you are not going to die from it.

If sleepy while driving, opening the window or pumping the AC will keep your awake

These ploys might buy you a few minutes but you are only going to get even more tired, which means the odds of you dozing off without even knowing it, will rise significantly. The best option is to pull over and catch a nice power nap.


Sleeping Myths: Teens who fall asleep in class are lazy

Teens need a lot of sleep, much more than the average adult. On average they need 8 to 10 hours, with the midpoint being 9. However, with today’s stressful schedule many teens don’t get their full share of sleep. Hence, the end result is that they could end up catching a siesta while in class.

If you don’t fall asleep easily, it means you have insomnia

This is a big load of B.S.  Insomnia is a disorder and it can be due to a host of reasons ranging from medical to psychological. The sleep foundation states that 58% of adults in the U.S.A reported at least one incident of insomnia over the past 12 months.

Is it possible to catch up on missed sleep 

To some degree you can; when you miss out on sleep this is known as sleep deficit or sleep debt and it accumulates. However, if it is not a common occurrence, you can make up for it over the weekend.  However, if this is a recurring event then you will have to change your sleep patterns.  And by watching TV or playing on your smartphone does not help you to fall asleep. In fact, it keeps you awake as you are stimulating your brain instead of relaxing it.


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