Hypersonic missiles are unstoppable. Are we ready for them

Hypersonic missiles are unstoppable.

Hypersonic missiles are unstoppable

Hypersonic missiles are not just very fast, they are manoeuvrable and stealthy. This combination of speed and furtiveness means they can surprise an adversary in ways that conventional missiles cannot, while also evading radar detection. And they have injected an additional level of risk and ambiguity into what was already an accelerating arms race between nuclear-armed rivals.

If you could put the two birds together you would have one formidable bird of prey: fast and maneuverable. And that is what hypersonic weapon systems developers have done. There will soon be the capability to launch weapons – conventional or nuclear – that travel faster than the speed of sound and can change course unpredictably and very quickly, making them much harder to track and intercept.

“They (our adversaries) have systems that try to deny our domain dominance,” Mike White, assistant director for hypersonics in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, told a recent Pentagon press conference. “It really is those threats and those targets that’s driving our investment in hypersonic strike capabilities.” The Defense Department has requested $3.2 billion for hypersonic-related research in the 2021 fiscal budget.   Full Story

Russia’s Hypersonic missiles are unstoppable?

– A now operational “high-precision hypersonic aircraft missile system” called the Kinzhal, which is capable of “delivering nuclear and conventional warheads in a range of over 2,000-km.” The Chief of the Russian Aerospace Force (Air Force) called it an “aeroballistic missile.”

It is reportedly a derivative of the Iskander-M. In 2018, the Deputy Russian Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that ten Kinzhals are operational on the Mig-31 fighters and TASS, the main official Russian news agency, reports that an “aeroballistic missile,” obviously the Kinzhal, will be carried by the Su-34 long-range strike fighter. State-run TASS and Sputnik News report that the Backfire bomber will also carry the Kinzhal.  Full story

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