Legal Pot in Massachusetts-Voters on the Edge

Legal pot in Massachusetts for real

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Legal Pot in Massachusetts

The following excerpt makes for a compelling read

Psychological warfare is here to stay whether you like it or not and it’s being employed with ruthless precision in the financial industry. How many times have you run into services or a service that guarantees they have found the holy grail, and after you lost a ton of money all you can do is say Holy S**T.  This is psychological warfare; they create stories and scenarios that will elicit a reaction from you and instead of focusing on the facts your mind wanders off and starts imagining what it’s going to do with all this future money you are destined to make.

The mass media are conducting the other part of the psychological warfare; they are changing the masses angle of observation and in doing so recreating an alternate reality. They see what they want to see, and it reminds us of  “Plato’s allegory of the cave.”

Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve and get to the point where you can examine any situation from at least two angles.  When your temper starts to rise, understand that the strong stance you are taking is being taken adopted by the person with an opposing view. He is not wrong because he thinks he is right just because you feel you are right. The smart player decides to call it quits at this point; it does not pay to bash the truth in. If you do is you are likely to face the same treatment in the future. Mainstream media has an agenda now; they want to polarize the crowd. If you look at the world right now, you can see that the trend of polarisation is going ballistic. Emotional Manipulation is aking to Psychological warfare


Legal Pot in Massachusetts

Pot is big business so when Massachusetts approved sales of pot, thousands of people waited hours to purchase it.  Finally, these individuals would not have to go through shady neighbourhoods or risk being arrested for buying a joint.  The video below covers this issue quite well

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