F 35 Problems: F 35 Bursts Into Flames On The Runway

F 35 Problems: F 35 Bursts Into Flames On The Runway

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F 35 Problems

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According to Defense News, an F-35 burst into flames on the Runway:

“The pilot had to egress the aircraft during engine start due to a fire from the aft section of the aircraft,” Air Force spokesman Capt. Mark Graff said in an email. “The fire was extinguished quickly. As a precautionary measure, four 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit Airmen, three Airmen from the 366th Maintenance Group and the 61st Fighter Squadron pilot were transported to the base medical centre for standard evaluation.” 

“We are aware of an incident involving an F-35A jet from Luke Air Force Base operating at Mountain Home Air Force Base, but we do not have any further details at this time,” said Pratt & Whitney spokesman Matthew Bates. “We are ready to assist the U.S. Air Force and the F-35 Joint Program Office in their investigation.”

According to Airforce news, another F-35 caught on Fire during takeoff in 2015.

The June 23 fire — on an Air Force F-35A assigned to the 58th Fighter Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida — prompted a brief grounding of the F-35 fleet and caused the Pentagon to cancel the F-35’s appearance at the 2014 Farnborough Airshow in England.

The pilot was able to abort the takeoff and exit the aircraft. Emergency crews were able to extinguish the fire.

Total damage is estimated to be more than $50 million, according to AETC.

Bloomberg states that the 10 F-35s will be grounded due to improper insulation. Unreal and this plane costs over $100 million apiece, and the insulation does not even work.

Seven weeks after the Air Force declared its first F-35 jets combat ready, 10 of the aircraft aren’t flying after service mechanics discovered “peeling and crumbling” insulation wrapped around lines that carry liquid to cool combat systems and computers.

The poor insulation is suspected on 57 aircraft, including 42 on Lockheed Martin Corp.’s production line. The issue is not a design flaw with the aircraft but instead caused by manufacturing quality glitches with one of two subcontractors which make the 18 lines through which the coolant flows, according to an Air Force statement and an interview with a service official, who asked not to be identified.

If not fixed, the crumbling insulation could become lodged in the lines connecting the aircraft’s wing and fuselage fuel tanks causing potential overpressure or underpressure that “may cause structural damage to the fuel tanks,” according to a statement sent Friday to House and Senate defense committees.

Additional Notes on the F 35

The one thing that usually downrates the F-35 the most is its huge price tag. The unit cost is currently about $150 million (for the VTOL version) and a maintenance cost of about $31 000 per flight hour is extremely expensive compared to the very capable 4.5 generation fighters out there. For instance, the Eurofighter Typhoon costs about $110 million dollars per unit, with a much lower maintenance cost ($18 000 per hour). So the price is currently very high, but we must remember that the cost is (partially) this high because the engineers basically developed three different aircraft in the project. The price per unit will be reduced when all the planned fighters have been built – currently 2400 to the US and a couple of hundreds more to foreign buyers. This was the original idea of the F-35; produce many, giving it a lower unit cost. Full Story

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