Why Is the NYT Ignoring One of the Biggest Political Realities in America

Why Is the NYT Ignoring One of the Biggest Political Realities in America

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

One of the Biggest Political Realities in America?

In the arc of American history, Donald Trump’s election as the next president of the United States is no shock. The functional preamble remains that all white men are created superior and those who subscribe to it are periodically compelled to stick it in the face of black folks — and now brown and Muslim folks, too — even if it comes at considerable cost to the nation and world standing.

A nation that went to war over slavery, and to this day has neither apologized for the “peculiar institution” nor considered economic remedies remotely equal to the value of the free labor that built this country, will endlessly remain at risk for racist convulsions, even as the U.S. Census projects a nation in which the majority of people will be of color in 27 years. A cancerous core of the white American experience is the fear that equal opportunity is a zero-sum game for them. Once more, such fears — pun intended — trumped equality. Full story

Originally published in Sept 2016, this content has been periodically updated over the years, with the latest update being completed in June 2023.

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