Stock Market Trend Analysis Decoded: Unveiling the Insights

Riding the Waves: Exploring the Dynamics of Stock Market Trend Analysis


Decoding Stock Market Trend Analysis: Unveiling the Insights

Updated July 5, 2023

Disorganized data analysis was previously discussed in the June 12 update, and we now provide an example to illustrate this concept. The phrase “jumping again” indicates a shift to a new topic, even though these are interconnected.

The COVID crash, despite bringing significant profits to many, including ourselves, ultimately resulted in substantial overall losses for numerous individuals. It was a major financial setback for them. A similar situation occurred after the 2008-2009 crash. However, the plan diverged during the 2022 battle of attrition. Despite the apparent positivity, only a few select stocks contributed to the overall market gains, leaving many investors with significant losses. This inequality arises because the major players understand that most individuals rarely consider the broader, long-term perspective.

Now, let’s redirect our attention to Bitcoin. Authorities initially allowed this market to operate without regulation, and it has proven to be the most profitable investment in terms of returns. However, there is a sudden trend towards regulating this market, and the proposed stringent regulations are. Notice the abrupt shift from minimal regulation to excessive regulation.

Jumping again

What often goes unnoticed is that money deceives individuals into thinking everything is fine. However, a greater portion of one’s freedom is taken away with each progressive step. People either fail to notice this or choose to ignore it deliberately. It is crucial to remember that powerful entities show no mercy and malicious intentions usually drive their actions. Pay close attention to what is happening, and you will begin to discern a clear pattern that is far from harmless.

Jumping again

AI is often seen as a saviour that simplifies our lives. However, it is important to note that everything we say and write is currently being recorded. In the future, AI will have access to this vast amount of data, including our emails, social media posts, and online interactions. AI will utilize this data to determine who is good and who poses a threat.

It is worth considering that AI systems require large amounts of water to cool the data centres that power them. If you search on Google for water usage by large data centres, such as those used by Open AI, you will find that they consume significant quantities of fresh water. The availability of fresh water is increasingly limited.

Additionally, AI systems also demand substantial amounts of power to function effectively. Similar to an inquisitive child, AI naturally seeks to acquire more knowledge. As it becomes more advanced, its need for water, power, and other resources required for chip manufacturing and data centre maintenance will exponentially grow.

Jumping again

What is currently a hot topic in the world? Global warming? If we logically strip away emotions from the equation, what is the optimal way to control global warming? It would involve eliminating the carbon-emitting entities responsible for the problem.

While there are various sub-conclusions, they all point towards one thing: control and the loss of complete freedom. Certain plans must be formulated as unprepared people will find money to be of minimal value considering what lies ahead.

We are delving deeper into this matter. Once our research is concluded, we will provide relevant information for those willing to try. However, we will no longer present this data. In the past, we took risks by discussing matters we shouldn’t have, and our only reward was negative consequences, confirming the well-known saying that “no good deed goes unpunished.” Nevertheless, those with critical thinking skills should be able to piece together the puzzle.

The Big Leap

Now, let’s connect what is happening in Russia, greed, fake food inflation, and more with the aforementioned points: For those who are not up to date, it involves Prigozhin challenging the Russian military heads. While the connection may not be immediately apparent, it requires an open mind to perceive the bigger picture. We assure you that there is indeed a connection. What is about to unfold will surpass the impact of COVID. It is expected to be so intense that it will make COVID appear like a pleasant tea party.

Food inflation

Although fabricated since there is no genuine justification for a significant rise in prices of basic daily essentials that have historically remained stable, is on the rise despite lower energy costs. This trend will lead to manufactured food shortages. The major players are ready to exploit the extensive data they acquired during the COVID-induced lockdown. One prominent observation that has surfaced is that technology and corruption have permanently weakened the masses.

The Greed Factor

Driven by greed and the deceptive allure of increased power, individuals are willing to betray even their closest kin, including their mothers. In a society where such a mindset prevails, manipulating, controlling, and dominating the masses becomes alarmingly easy.

As we examine these related events, it becomes evident that there is a pattern of intentional manipulation, the concentration of power, and the erosion of personal freedoms. Disjointed as they may seem at first glance, these topics weave together to form a complex tapestry of control and deception.

It is crucial for those who seek to understand the truth to approach these matters with a critical mindset, connecting the dots and recognizing the underlying motives behind the actions of powerful entities. By doing so, individuals can begin to navigate the intricate web of information and make informed decisions about their lives and the world.

However, we must exercise caution in disseminating information. Previous experiences have taught us the risks of openly discussing sensitive topics. Therefore, while we continue our research and gather relevant information, we will no longer present it. Instead, we encourage those who can think critically to piece together the puzzle themselves.

In an era of disorganized data analysis, where information is scattered and intentionally obscured, it is up to individuals to dig deeper, question prevailing narratives, and seek the truth beneath the surface. Only by doing so can we hope to unravel the complexities of our world and forge a path towards a future based on transparency, justice, and genuine freedom.


Stock Market Trend Analysis: 2019

First, we hope that most of our subscribers are starting to perceive that succumbing to Fear is a dangerous strategy.  Life and investing should not be stressful; stress is something that every Tactical Investor should abhor.  Moreover, remember, stress comes down to perceptions; it alters the perception, and one can shift from being stressed to being serene. Instead of focusing on experts’ Stock Market Crash 2019 Predictions, understand that so-called crashes should be embraced if you want to retire rich.

Experts love to push the argument that investing is hard and takes forever to master this art. Remember that investing is an art, not a science and art is meant to be enjoyed.  So are the masses starting to jump on the bandwagon after this strong turnaround; the obvious answer would be yes_? The not-so-obvious answer would be ___? Continue reading, and you will find out. Stock Market Crash 2019 Predictions are All Based On Faulty Logic.

The trend is your friend, and until the trend changes are per our trend indicator, all pullbacks ranging from mild to wild have to be embraced.

In The Forever QE Era: Embrace Strong Corrections

In terms of the stock market, until the Fed changes its mind, all sharp corrections must be viewed as buying opportunities, and backbreaking modifications must be placed in the category of “once-in-a-lifetime events”, provided the trend is positive.  That is what we are here for; to inform you if the trend is positive (Up) or negative (down).   The world will witness a Fed that has decided to make a cocktail of Coke, Heroin, Crack and Meth and take it all in one shot. Imagine what a junkie on this combination of potent drugs can do, and you will know where the Fed is heading in the coming years.

Now the Gold bugs will cry, “I told you so”. Our response to this statement; not so fast, little bugs. While precious metals will do well, we think stocks in key sectors (and we are not referring to Gold stocks) will pulverise the precious metals sector in terms of returns. One such area is robots (particularly Sex-bots) and AI. Forever QE; the Program that never stops giving

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Random  Stock Market Analysis 2018

Remember that when the markets eventually correct, this correction will be broadcasted as a crash (that’s the name of the game; scare the hell out of the masses), and it will be blamed on Trump. No, we are not getting sentimental about Trump. In reality, each president has only so much room to do what is good for the people; most presidents don’t even use this little leeway they are given but focus on themselves.

As long as Fiat is around, every president will be bought and paid for. The big players have trillions at their disposal, so the dream of finding a great leader is a “big dream”. Mass psychology covers the aspect of mass manipulation very well and how the top players go out of their way to create situations that will alter the masses angle of observance. Alter the angle, and you change the outcome by altering what the masses deem to be true or false.

Freedom is an Illusion

You are only free to do things you can, including the president. Reflect on that. We will expand on it later; we already gave you a big hint. In case you missed it, the hint is “fiat money”.  At the tactical investor, we focus on dealing with reality and spotting new trends. Everything else falls into the idle gossip category. It might feel good to rant and rave about stuff like this, but it is a waste of energy.  The focus should be on finding a way to play with the hand that you have been dealt with. Boom And Bust Cycle: Buy The Boom & Sell the Bust


2017 Stock Market Trend Analysis: Uncovering Insights

Experts only serve to muddle the outlook. It’s not even 2018, and a slew of articles already state that the markets will crash in 2018.  What is amusing is that these very same individuals have been making the same prediction for nigh on ten years.  You would think that by now, they would have had some sense knocked into them, especially since they have taken such a massive drubbing. No such luck; the same experts keep mouthing the same nonsense, hoping desperately for a new outcome.

Has anything changed Since Our Last Update?

Things change daily, but the underlying trend is still up, and overall sentiment is far from Euphoric.  On a technical basis, the markets are extremely overbought and begging for a reason to let out some steam. However, just because they are overbought does not mean they must pull back.   Take a look at the chart of NVDA.

Example of An Expert That’s Wrong All The Time

His record is so abysmal that he makes a broken clock or a moron look like a genius. He says exactly the same thing every year, hoping he might be right, a clear example of insanity in action. According to him, the Dow Jones Industrial Average crash should have crashed long ago; so far, the only thing crashing is his ego. Dow Jones Industrial Average crash; Is A Crash In The Works.

Timeless Insights: A Continuously Updated Stock Market Trend Analysis Since June 24, 2015, with a Comprehensive Update on July 5th, 2023

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