Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros

Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros, So it is true or rubbish

Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros

Updated March 2023

George Soros is Far from a Good Person, but while Russia Banned various Soros organizations and charities, no warrant has been issued for Soros or the Rothschilds.

In 2015, the Russian government did ban Soros’ charities, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute, claiming they represented a threat to the country’s security:

So we would have to conclude that the story of Putin issuing an Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros is most likely fake.

The system of robber capitalism that has taken hold in Russia is so iniquitous that people may well turn to a charismatic leader promising national revival at the cost of civil liberties,” Soros wrote in 1997

However, Soros fails to acknowledge that, compared to those he criticizes as terrible presidents, he may be deemed the worst among them. Soros’s actions make many of the world’s notorious gang leaders appear more honourable. When it comes to morality, freedom, and civil liberties, Soros lacks any grounds to stand on, and his preaching on these matters holds no credibility.

Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Soros: Setting The Record Straight 

No Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued Against Soros or the Rothschilds. While Russia banned various Soros organizations and charities in 2015, claiming they posed a threat to national security, no warrant has been issued for Soros or his family. The rumours of an arrest warrant appear unfounded and not based on factual evidence.

A Complex Relationship

Soros has been a vocal critic of Putin and Russia’s authoritarian tendencies for decades. In 1997, Soros wrote that Russia needed “a charismatic leader promising national revival at the cost of civil liberties.” However, Soros has been criticized for allegedly undermining civil societies through his political activities and funding of organizations promoting his liberal agendas. While Soros is far from a “good” person, the rumours of an arrest warrant against him by Russia seem false and unverified.

Both Putin and Soros have been accused of overreach and acting in ways threatening civil liberties and democratic values. Neither figure is seen as a true champion of democracy, and both represent systems of power that many view as problematic and self-serving. The focus should be on promoting policies that lift up all people and strengthen democracy, the rule of law and human rights – not on the personalities involved.

Neither Figure a Champion of Democracy

Both Putin and Soros have been accused of acting in authoritarian and undemocratic ways to promote their agendas and interests. Putin has systematically cracked down on political dissent, jailed opposition leaders, and manipulated elections in Russia to extend his grip on power. Soros has been accused of using his vast wealth to meddle in the politics of foreign nations and promote his liberal ideology. While Soros criticizes Russia’s lack of civil liberties, he has been criticized for undermining civil societies through his political funding and activities.

Neither Putin nor Soros can credibly claim to be champions of democracy and civil liberties given their records and behaviors. The focus should remain on promoting policies that strengthen democracy, transparency, human rights and the rule of law – regardless of who proposes them. Personality cults and hero worship only distract from addressing the real issues facing Russia and the world.



Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild – Setting the Record Straight

No Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued

While Russia has been hostile towards Western oligarchs and billionaires, no arrest warrant has actually been issued by Putin against the Rothschild family. Claims that Putin issued an arrest warrant for the Rothschilds appear to be unfounded rumors without factual evidence to support them. The story has circulated in conspiracy theory circles for years but has never been verified by reputable news sources.

Russia’s Strained Relations with the West

Russia under Putin has had strained and complex relations with the West, especially Western banks and financial institutions. The Kremlin has accused Western powers of meddling in Russia’s internal affairs and seeking to undermine its economy and stability. However, there is no indication that Putin has personally targeted the Rothschild family with an arrest warrant.

Focus on Verified Facts

Without an official statement from the Russian government or the Kremlin confirming an arrest warrant against the Rothschilds, the rumours should be viewed with scepticism. Responsible media and the public should focus on reporting verified facts, not unfounded conspiracy theories. Until credible evidence emerges to substantiate the claims, the story of Putin issuing an arrest warrant for the Rothschilds should be disregarded.

In summary, while Russia’s relations with Western financial institutions are complex and at times hostile, there is no evidence indicating that Putin has issued an arrest warrant for the Rothschild family as some claims suggest. The story appears to be an unverified conspiracy theory.

George Soros: Unveiling America’s Most Dangerous Figure

Renowned author Matt Palumbo uncovers the true menace that 92-year-old financial titan George Soros poses to the United States. Palumbo’s investigation reveals Soros’s strategic investment of over $40 million in left-wing district attorneys (DAs) and officials in major American cities. These Soros-backed figures, including Alvin “Let ‘Em Loose” Bragg, Larry Krasner, George Gascón, and Kim Foxx, have implemented policies resulting in a disturbing rise in crime rates.

Soros’s influence extends beyond politics. He has cunningly established a vast network within the media, enticing notable journalists to join the boards of his nonprofit empire. Additionally, Soros has generously donated at least $131 million to activist media groups, effectively amplifying his left-leaning ideologies while dismissing criticism as anti-Semitic.

Tech Alliances and Censorship

To suppress dissent, Soros has formed alliances with influential tech giants. Collaborating with LinkedIn’s co-founder Reid Hoffman, he created “Good Information Inc,” a disconcerting initiative. Soros also supports the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), advocating for increased censorship on platforms like Facebook. Contributions to organizations like PolitiFact further aim to dismiss legitimate concerns as fake news.

The puzzling query emerges: why would Soros, who flourished in a capitalist democracy, strive to undermine the very system that bestowed him with riches and influence? His backing of lenient prosecutors, a submissive press, and educational endeavours that fuel animosity provoke significant concerns. However, due to his association with journalists and academics, the actual consequences of his actions on American society often go unreported or are unjustly disregarded as mere conspiracy theories.

As Soros passes on his wealth to his son Alexander, the repercussions of his influence are poised to persist long after he is gone.

Soros’s Reach in High Places

Soros’s influence reaches the highest echelons of power, with key figures in the Biden administration boasting direct connections to Soros-funded organizations. During President Biden’s transition, 17 team members had significant ties to Soros, highlighting his sway at the highest levels of governance.

Soros seeks to shape future generations through substantial funding of initiatives in higher education. His Open Society Foundations dedicated $63 million in 2020 alone to moulding academia, with programs aiming to radicalize the judiciary and indoctrinate young minds. Pledges of $500 million to Bard College ensure the longevity of his ideals. nypost

Who is George Soros? Is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

In 1997, George Soros expressed his concerns about the emergence of a corrupt system of robber capitalism in Russia, which he deemed deeply malevolent. He foresaw a potential scenario where people might gravitate towards a charismatic leader who promises national revival at the expense of civil liberties. Little did he know that just three years later, a former KGB colonel named Vladimir Putin would rise from relative obscurity to become the president of that troubled nation. Soros further emphasized that the prevailing global open society, as it stands, may only be a temporary phenomenon.

Undoubtedly, the United States could greatly benefit from the unwavering advocate of political inquiry and free thought that George Soros has been, and continues to be, in Eastern Europe. However, in the American context, Soros opted for a different approach by supporting a particular team rather than a broader mission. Unfortunately, this choice aligns him with some forces of illiberalism that pose a threat to the very fabric of an open society, similar to how individuals on the opposite end of the political spectrum are eroding it in Europe. Full  Story

Unlikely Partnership: George Soros and Charles Koch

Renowned left-wing figure George Soros and right-wing advocate Charles Koch have joined forces to fund the newly established Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, a Washington-based anti-war think tank. This institute aims to promote peaceful resolutions and challenge the prevailing status quo, often favouring military intervention. Despite their differing political ideologies, Soros and Koch share the goal of shifting America’s foreign policy direction. Trita Parsi, co-founder and Executive Vice President of the Quincy Institute, emphasizes the urgent need to reevaluate and break free from the cycle of perpetual war caused by continued military dominance. ”Full Story


Why do we cover so many topics?

The concise answer is that these fields are interconnected, as free market forces no longer exist. Manipulation permeates everything, from the food to the information we receive. Being aware of this manipulation allows for better planning and decision-making. Understanding the problem is a significant part of finding a solution, which is why many people struggle because they lack this understanding.

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Conclusion: Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros: Separating Fact from Fiction

As of the latest update in March 2023, there is no credible evidence to support the claim that Putin has issued an arrest warrant for George Soros or the Rothschilds. While it is true that Russia banned Soros’ charities, the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute, in 2015, no official arrest warrant has been issued.

George Soros remains controversial, with varying opinions about his character and actions. Many individuals view him as despicable, while others may have a more favourable opinion.

Our financial website covers a broad range of seemingly unrelated topics because we recognize the interconnected nature of these fields. From financial markets to mass psychology, understanding manipulation and its influence on various aspects of our lives can help us make more informed decisions and plans for the future.

While the alleged Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros story should be approached with scepticism, discussions about George Soros and his influence continue to evoke strong opinions.


Originally published on November 11, 2016, this article has been periodically updated. The most recent update was conducted in March 2023.

FAQ: Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros

Q: Putin issues an arrest warrant for Rothschild &  Soros?
A: No, there is no credible evidence to support the claim that Putin issued an arrest warrant for Rothschild and Soros. While Russia banned Soros’ charities in 2015, no arrest warrant has been issued for Soros or the Rothschilds.

Q: Who is George Soros, and what is his reputation?
A: George Soros is a controversial figure known for his involvement in financial markets and philanthropy. While some criticize his actions and views, forming opinions based on reliable information is important.

Q: What is the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft?
A: The Quincy Institute is a think tank established through an unexpected collaboration between George Soros and Charles Koch. It aims to promote peace and diplomacy over military intervention, challenging the prevailing status quo in American foreign policy.

Q: Why does our financial website cover various topics seemingly unrelated?
A: Our website covers a wide array of related topics because we recognize the influence of manipulation in today’s world. From financial markets to mass psychology, understanding these connections helps make informed decisions and plans for the future.

Q: What is the significance of Plato’s allegory of the cave?
A: Plato’s allegory of the cave is a philosophical concept highlighting the power of perception and the need to question our understanding of reality. Familiarizing oneself with this concept can aid in recognizing and asking about the manipulation imposed on society.

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