Psychological Deception Wall Street’s Weapon of Choice

Psychological Deception is what wall street used to fleece the masses

A man has free choice to the extent that he is rational.  St. Thomas Aquinas

Unveiling Wall Street’s Weapon of Choice: The Power of Psychological Deception

Why? Because these weapons are straightforward to deploy, cost very little and are ignored by the masses. This creates a win-win situation for the big players, as such tricks can be employed for decades to come.  In fact, if one goes back in time, one can see that similar strategies were employed during the times of the tulip mania.

It is possible to make money if one takes the right actions and remains relatively unscathed in such an environment. One cannot say the same for the masses because they walk with their eyes wide shut. In other words, they do not see what’s happening; their heads are stuck in the sand. They are oblivious to what’s going around, and if you try to warn them, they are apt to strangle you. This situation is similar to “Plato’s allegory of the Cave.”

The Art of Cognitive Manipulation: Unmasking Psychological Deception

Updated Dec 2022 

It is being used ubiquitously to control the masses and their perceptions.  The goal is to alter the perception, modify the perception, and change reality. In other words, if one limits the angle of observation, what was once deemed a lie can be twisted and made to appear as the truth. To deal with this kind of manipulation, you have to refrain from accepting data. The media tries to shove down your throat in the hopes of altering your perception.

Almost all the information you can glean from commercial outlets should be examined from a contrarian perspective. You need to start positioning yourself to be in the land of neutrality when taking a stance. One should be able to look at the situation from all angles without getting attached to the picture one observes from a particular angle.

Embrace Adaptability: Stay Open to Change Without Committing

When you commit yourself to a certain position, you hamper your ability to see the full picture as you have willingly reduced your range of observation by 50%.  One can apply this principle to the stock markets. How would you do this?  You should not forcefully commit yourself to one camp; the perm-bull or the perma-bear camp, for in doing so you only have access to 50% of the data;

Data is there to be used, not to be blocked, and that is where the top players are getting the masses; they are forcing them to make permanent choices or take permanent positions that are detrimental to their welfare. The players doing the pushing, though, are not plagued with these handicaps; they easily navigate from one camp to another, never forming any attachment with any of these camps.

Unmasking the Intricacies of Economic and Psychological Deception with Hot Money

The current economic recovery has relied heavily on debt as its source of funding. According to some experts, the Federal Reserve injects 2-3 dollars to generate a mere 1 dollar in returns. If a regular business were to employ such a methodology, it would not sustain itself for long, but the Fed operates without such constraints. They possess the ability to create five dollars with the same ease as they can conjure up five billion.

When it comes to controlling a formidable entity, inducing a sense of helplessness is crucial. Once the entity feels powerless, it enters a state referred to as “learned helplessness,” where even the most fierce creatures become submissive. Experiments have revealed that rats, when subjected to feelings of helplessness, tend to give up and drown quickly when placed in a pool of water. Instead of persistently swimming for hours in an effort to survive, they surrender almost immediately and succumb to the water.


Central bankers are utilising the same strategy

However, in this instance, the Federal Reserve is no longer conducting experiments on mice but rather on human subjects. Their objective is to induce a sense of helplessness among the majority, and if you observe the current landscape, it is evident that we are nearing that point. Strangely, there seems to be a lack of resistance compared to previous decades like the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, rendering the current state of affairs pitiful in nature.

It is crucial for individuals to comprehend that the influx of hot money will persist because the masses have not raised concerns about it; their silence encourages further exploitation. Brace yourself, for things are going to intensify even further. The heat will reach such unbearable levels that it would be futile to delve into the specifics at this stage; it would be hard for you to believe. As we approach these critical thresholds, we will delve into the details more comprehensively.

Furthermore, you are correct in noting that this experiment will not culminate well, but even more alarming is the uncertainty surrounding its conclusion. It will only cease when the masses have reached a point they consider “enough.” However, what if one could manipulate or alter their perception of what constitutes “enough”? In such a scenario, the word takes on an entirely new significance.


Since the departure from the Gold standard, the Federal Reserve’s primary objective no longer revolves around controlling interest rates for the betterment of the general populace. Instead, their aim has been to employ interest rates as a weapon, deliberately triggering cycles of economic growth and collapse. Regrettably, the majority of people remain oblivious to these machinations, and with each passing day, fewer individuals comprehend the perils of Fiat currency. It has taken roughly a century for our national debt to escalate from zero to one trillion dollars, but now we accumulate that same amount of debt annually.

This situation appears absurd, yet the masses remain eerily silent, leaving us uncertain as to when they will eventually rise up and declare “Enough is enough.” Previous attempts to predict the awakening of the masses have all been proven wrong, suggesting that this experiment will persist for quite some time. With minimal resistance, the Federal Reserve will continue to inject vast amounts of money into the market. Consequently, it would be prudent to perceive significant market corrections as lucrative buying opportunities, and it may be advisable to allocate a portion of one’s funds to precious metals, as a precaution against the possibility of a catastrophic “black swan” type event.

A person usually has two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.

Thomas Carlyle

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